Coconut Oil is Good for Dogs, But What About Coconuts? 🐶🌴

– Hey, I’m Rocky Kanaka
and this is my dog Zoe and today we’re gonna answer
a very important question. You may know that coconut
oil is good for your dog but what about actual coconut fruit? The fruit, the meat inside the coconut. Today, I’m gonna answer that question. We’re gonna go over other
ways to feed your dog coconut and we’re gonna cover just why coconut is so great for your dog. Okay, let’s get started. So, I don’t know about you but if you’ve ever tried
coconut oil with your dog, a lot of dogs love it. Zoe, she kind of likes it. My other dog Flip, he’ll go crazy for it. I mean even if you have coconut lotion on, he’ll lick the lotion right off of you. Full disclosure, I’m not
wearing coconut lotion but I would hope you
wouldn’t judge me if I was. And then, one of my dogs, Snoop, he is a little more
apprehensive about coconut. You have to give it to him in the right texture at the right time and if you do, he really goes for it. So, like I said when I
first started this video, you probably know that coconut
oil is great for your dogs. You probably heard that. It’s been all the buzz lately but you many not know why and what about the actual fruit? Can you give the actual
coconut fruit to your dog? You may have noticed that
your dog likes some fruits and some vegetables but not… Dogs are just like us. They have things that they
like and that they don’t like. So, the very important question. Can you give this actual
coconut to your dog? Look, the whole thing, yes you can. I mean if you’ve ever been on an island or in a tropical area, you’ve
probably seen some dogs even chewing on a coconut. It would be no different than them chewing on a stick or a log. Some dogs are just gonna do that. Other dogs may not and you know what? At the end of the day, you know your dog. It could be dangerous. These little fibers,
they can choke on them and the actual coconut can splinter. Just as you’d be mindful
of you dog chewing a stick, you wanna be mindful
of the entire coconut. But, if they’re good with it, if they just gnaw on it a little bit and toss it aside, no big deal. But most of the time, the important stuff, the meat on inside is
what you wanna get to. And yes, you can absolutely feed that to you dog and you should because it provides even more nutrients than coconut oil and isn’t as condensed in the saturated fat. Now, what’s the difference, coconut oil… (laughs) See how excited
she’s gettin’ (laughs). So, coconut oil is usually
in more of a solid state. It’s really hot. I live in Los Angeles right now so you can tell this is a bit of a liquid. The coconut oil is really great for dogs and it provides a couple
different nutrients but it can be high in saturated fat. The actual coconut in its rawest form is gonna give them all of them. From electrolytes to lauric acid. We’ll go over all those
benefits in a minute but first, I say we
crack into this coconut and see what she thinks. (grunting) I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to open up a coconut but it may not be as easy as you think. Now, I even grew up on an island in Hawaii and it’s still a challenge
to open a coconut. You can go break it over a rock. There are all kinds of different tricks but I do have a surefire modern way of tools that you can
just use at the house. Watch this. The three things you’ll need: a drill, a hammer, and a dog water bowl. Now some dogs like the taste of the actual coconut
water inside the coconut so I wanna make sure I use that. There are natural three
points on a coconut that you can easily drill into. (drilling) Take that, and empty out the juice. You wanna help? (chuckles) She’s my little helper. I think she knows she’s gonna
get some of the coconut. Alright, that’s almost empty. I do three holes ’cause one hole actually lets the juice out, the other hole is the air hole and the third hole is
just for good measures. Alright, once all the juice is out, then comes the fun part. The actual cracking of the coconut. So it’s real simple. Just takes a little bit of time and a little bit of accuracy but you just take the hammer and you just work your way
around the center of the coconut and it will eventually crack just in half. It’ll be perfect, watch. (tapping) There it is. Perfectly cracked coconut. Hoot. Hew. Alright now, let’s see what the dog.. It smells good too. You can actually smell… Oh, look, we have a visitor. Come here, up. (laughs) What’d I tell you
about Flip and coconut? He loves it. You like that? Tastes good, huh? Tastes good. Yeah, Flip’s a big fan of coconut. We’re gonna pull out
some of the actual meat and feed it to the dogs. Okay, so I’ve got a knife. You can soak the coconut. There are other different ways you can actually work the meat out. It doesn’t come out the
easiest all the time. Okay. Wait, check that out. That’s the actual meat. Okay Zozo, come here. (jazzy flute music) You wanna piece? Come here. Come here. Come here. See Snoop works… Snoop’s not as stoked about coconut. Come here. Alright so Snoop’s not taking it right now but I think Zoe will have his piece. Up, up. Come on. Good boy. He’d do just about
anything for some coconut. (laughs) Success. So, the actual coconut, you can absolutely feed it to the dogs. They love it. The coconut meat is really good for them and you can give ’em a fair amount too. You know, you don’t have to be
extremely moderate with this. Of course, you again, you know your dogs so don’t give ’em too much. You don’t want ’em to have a belly ache or the runs the next day. Okay, so that’s the actual coconut and in its rarest form, it’s
the absolute best hands down. Now I’m gonna tell you
why it’s so good for ’em and then I’m gonna give you
some alternative options because goodness knows, if
you’re anything like me, you don’t wanna crack
open a coconut every day. So you now know that the
coconut fruit is good for dogs but why is coconut good for dogs? Well, one it has a substantial
amount of lauric acid. This helps them with fighting off viruses, keeps the immune system strong amongst doing other things. Coconut is great for
clearing up skin conditions. It can clear up flee
allergies and even itchy skin. Here’s a little secret about coconut: it can help with bad breath so puppy breath or if your
dog’s just got some bad breath, a little coconut will go a long way. It’s believed that coconut
can even help dogs heal faster so if they have an open
wound, a cut or a bruise, coconut can come in handy. Coconut contains albumin which helps in the formation of red blood cells. One question that does
come up a lot with coconut is that it’s high in saturated fat. Yes, but it’s a different
kind of saturated fat. And when you balance out all
the electrolytes and nutrition that coconut has, it far
exceeds that saturated fat. Just use in moderation. Now, how can you use coconut oil? Well there are a couple different ways. One, if it’s in its liquid state, because it’s really hot outside like it is in Los Angeles right now then you can pour it
over some of their food. My dog loves coconut on her food. Or if it’s in more of a solid state, you can take a spoonful of it and let them lick it off the spoon. They absolutely love it. If you wanna take the
time to crack a coconut, this is the great way to do it and this is the way I would recommend if they have bad breath because then, not only are they eating coconut but they’re chewing it
and that abrasion helps with keeping their teeth clean. The good news is, there
are other, easier ways to get your dog coconut without the… Now, I’m gonna put the links down below to some of the products
that I get for my dogs that I would definitely recommend. Go check it out. But here are just some different examples. Coconut flakes. I buy these all the time. They’re easy to keep in a treat bag. You can give your dog a
coconut flake as a treat and it’s a really good low calorie treat so I would highly
recommend coconut flakes. Just make sure you’re
getting natural ones. You don’t want any
extra additives in there that you dog doesn’t need like sugar. Here’s another great example,
toasted coconut flakes. Now, this has been known to
reduce the nutritional level just a little bit but
it increases the taste so my dog snoop, who
didn’t eat the raw coconut, will definitely go after these. Another great item to give
them is actual coconut water. When it’s hot in the summer time, I like to put little ice
cubes in their water, add a little coconut water in there and it’s a nice refreshing treat. Another one you can do
is actual coconut milk. It’s dense and thicker and it’s got even more
coconut nutrients in there. Okay, one helpful tip, and
you’ll thank me for this later. If you are gonna start on coconut oil and you haven’t done this with your dog, the general rule of thumb is one teaspoon for every ten pounds of dog or one tablespoon for
every 30 pounds of dog. Just be careful. If you overdo it, the next day, don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Okay guys, thanks for watching this. Make sure you comment down below. Let me know if you’re
giving your dog coconut and if you have any other ideas that you can share with
this group, let us know. We’d love to see the comments. As always, if you haven’t subscribed, make sure you hit that subscribe button and like if you wanna
see more videos like this and share this with everyone
because I truly believe that we should feed our
dogs like they’re family because I don’t know about you, but I want them around much longer. Did you get the, when I opened
the coconut, with he lime? You know, who put that in there? ♫ The lime in the coconut (“Coconut” by Harry Nilsson) I’m so proud of myself for that one. I hope you got that one. I enjoyed it. Okay. I’m gonna go give the
dogs all this coconut. They’re gonna be super excited. See you tomorrow. (“Coconut” by Hary Nilsson)

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  2. Rosa LaPlant says:

    Oh yes!!! I love coconut! As a Mexican I love putting lime with some salt and chili powder 🙂 I didn't know dogs could have coconut. Thanks for the info! Hey how come Flip didn't talk? Was he being shy? Lol love your kidos.

  3. Ange 076 Truth Seeker says:

    Yeah its really great if your dog is having fitts. My Sister in law gives it to her poodle in the form off coconut cream in the mouth n it fixes the poor puppy really quick.
    Bless u dude.🙏✌💙

  4. islnder102 says:

    How about raw dehydrated organic chicken breast strips? Is that a good snack for dogs?

  5. David Goodridge says:

    Cool, I'm going to give this a try. I've been giving Viva goat milk on her food, she likes it, and it has helped her digest her food. Guess I'll be getting a coconut tomorrow. Thank you! A veterinarian told me once that a couple spoons of canned pumpkin in their food will help when your dogs gets the runs, it does.

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    Awwww Rockey you kill me!! Da' Lime in the Coconut! Its 3:40a.m. and Im howlin with laughter. Lol. I keep coconut milk and oil on hand for soapmaking so Ill see if my Skyler or Shadow like it at all.

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    Wow! LOVED your video . THANK YOU for teaching healthy food for our fur babies. LOVE RULES.

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  17. totalutternutter says:

    I treated an inoperable hystio sytoma (button tumor) on my dogs elbow with a coconut oil, turmeric and lecithin tincture. it's amazing stuff. completely healed in ten days and no scars. way better than surgery.

  18. James Kent says:

    Already use coconut oil but you have great ideas for other ways to enrich my furbuddy's diet with coconut.

  19. Cherrybabys says:

    Great idea❤ will try it with the two Dobermans we adopted they tend to have dry skin. Do you think it is safe to give to an older dog with cancer we are having a hard time trying to find stuff he will eat? 🌴

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