CODFISH | Grand Beatbox Battle Champion 2018 Compilation

the solo champion. Grand Beatbox Battle 10th Edition 2018 Ladies and Gentlemen,please give, a drumroll… (I look for to the gbb, woah woah sing all the beatbox family, woah woah tonight we make history, in Switzerland, No, with our friends, bep po nee Whoa Black Betty, bam da dam Whoa Black Betty, bam da dam Black Betty had a child, bam da dam The damn thing go wild, bam da dam Said I’m bored out my mind, bam da dam The damn thing go blind, bam da dam I said whoa Black Betty, bam da dam whoa Black Betty, bam da dam whoa Black Betty, bam da dam whoa Black Betty, bam da dam I want my money back Money back [music], money back Make some noies for Codfish from Australia, the 2018 Grand Beatbox Battle Champion solo

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100 Responses

  1. Codfish - Boots n' cats! says:

    Just performing the music I love. 🐇

  2. Kerem Uçar says:

    5:13 that mans face 😂😂


    -amazing beat

  4. El Primo says:

    You could do anything… Except win

  5. Jacqueline Russell says:



    codfish throat bass is lit

  7. Frozen_ Cloudz says:

    10:00 codfish goes supersayen

  8. Iram Ali says:

    My opinion
    1 D Low
    2 Berywam
    3 codfish

  9. perrito kawaii says:

    Este man es el puto amo

  10. JackDReaper says:

    Whats the name of codfish laser sound ? The one he uses vs bataco

  11. JKLGamingYT says:


  12. JKLGamingYT says:

    Napom is a good man

  13. BorreMAN YT says:


  14. Rayan Hamamy says:

    10:02 that's when he realised he couldn't beat him

  15. LemonBreezy1 says:

    10:16 would be good in forza horizon

  16. LemonBreezy1 says:

    I played 12:46 on my big sony speakers, walked outside, turned it up max, then play
    Luckily my mum wasn’t in the house 😂

  17. RogierGamerXL says:


  18. Red -Ash- says:

    0:47 that's the face i make when i tasted a something i didn't like.


  19. Pro Man says:

    3:03 my Favorite part
    We Love You CODFISH
    you are the best in the world
    W E L O V E Y O U C O D F I S H

  20. Tety Hartanti says:

    I like this

  21. MSG says:

    I just came here to see Napom do his things..

  22. Rendy Saputra says:

    I love you coodfish

  23. Tony Nemr says:

    I discovered him like a week ago and i want him to upload bcz hes insane

  24. Qlorify ;D says:

    CODFISH beatboxes…….

    God: I think its time I retire

  25. Esteban faundez says:

    Codfish is the boss

  26. royalz says:

    Codfish has such a good voice when he isn’t in a robot voice and it just goes so well with the beat and everything else

  27. Awesomeidiot Gaming says:

    If he keeps this speed up for much longer he’s gonna explode

  28. Ignitable Virus says:

    Codfish should do a lazer show

  29. さいはらしゅいち says:

    Except for Codfish .

    I always come back here for Napom and BBK's faces

  30. Broderss says:

    👌 5:48 👌

  31. Manuel Crepulja says:

    i think the half of the 14 million views are from me🙃

  32. matygames 9088 says:


  33. NOAH KEMPFER says:

    so dope

  34. jojo joestar says:

    one guy was recording with a laptop

  35. esnejider antraxteck says:

    4:42 Oh my fucking god.

  36. Taylor Superior says:

    YO 12:46 HE AINT HUMAN

  37. Janly Dave Sayman says:

    wow this is so amaze

  38. PPGANG Roblox says:

    so close to 15m views bois

  39. Antonia Lehmann says:

    What my brain is thinking in an math test

  40. σѕнαуɴ says:

    Congrat's 1 000 000 subscribers ⭐

  41. Walison sousa says:

    tô vendo pela quinta vez

  42. ARKAN FARROBI says:

    OMG COD❤️

  43. Kelly Johnson says:

    I'm daddy mom

  44. NN says:


  45. Alex Sander says:

    Like a gangster

  46. zheer miran says:

    and I'm sorry naPoM for saying that
    I just realized that how epic your beatbox is😮

  47. DARK Ember says:

    10:02 ok someone please explain

  48. Good Airplane962 says:

    That second judge loves codfish

  49. Joaquín Chayle says:

    this is real ?

  50. epic clan natnat says:

    Codfish a legend

  51. John Wick says:

    Codfish you already won mate

  52. Misanthropic Trilobite says:

    judge want to suck off performer or make babies with i see. ok well maybe not on camera next time thank

  53. Hope Wood says:

    Does anybody else find this scary

  54. Travis Trang says:

    Let’s go codfish

  55. nika gamkrelidze says:

    Gooo codfish wooo

  56. Ralph Christian Vergara says:

    Who's where because of cs:go

  57. philip b teves says:

    OMG its so amazinggggggg 😱😱😱

  58. 1000 subs with no video? says:

    Well we got a god here

  59. Hakaaan YT says:

    Codfish kızdırmayın ebeniizi siker 😁😜

  60. Geez Green says:

    Someone watches it at 5:52AM?

    Me: i am

  61. jersongaming YTRip says:

    Codfish is my IDOL

  62. Anthony Garcia says:


  63. Эльдар Насипов says:

    I look a farword to the GBB

  64. KurtSandford says:

    12:47 WAT

  65. OompaLoompa222 says:

    Codfish u r amazingggggggg

  66. Ace Jovanovski says:

    Enjoying every second in his beatbox …..

  67. Lizzy Brown says:

    I just love how the guy all the way on the left doesn’t like it

  68. Abbas_Ali72 says:


  69. Rhob Ross says:

    my fav is no diggity

  70. Ivan says:

    I know nothing about beatboxing but this guy fucked everyone up!

  71. Azailicy 123 says:

    2:45 head bobbing sync 😂😂😂

  72. Azailicy 123 says:

    4:44 so fire

  73. Blyerry says:

    my dad said if i get 100 subs he would buy a turtle guys please help me out on this one

  74. Naliwhift says:

    Last year Codfish was Fire 🔥But 2019 he didn't performed well 😞
    I hope he will be ready for the 2020 GBB

  75. el3mendoPedro YT says:

    Grand v-buck battle

  76. The cool Kids says:

    Codfish does nothing napom: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  77. Yoga Samudra says:

    Ngentot kok gak bisa di dowload si bangsat

  78. RobbertsTyler 2006 says:

    1:29 when you feeling it and you love it😂

  79. Emmanuel Reyes says:

    Qué pro pero yo le ganó xd

  80. can we get 6,000 subs with few videos? says:

    codfish had his PRIME HERE!

  81. Nuestros pasos hablan says:

    Si era de Wos no mames

  82. Marc Agustin says:

    That Napom reaction thoo😍😵

  83. SUBIR NAG says:

    Poof we gooo again….
    Coming here for literally the 100th time!!!😅😄

  84. Talha Mohammed says:

    who's here in August 2019😂

  85. P A R A H M E N says:


  86. Skullyton says:

    This will forever be the most rememberable championship run

  87. harvey avis says:

    Black Betty is a great song you done good performing it

  88. Miika Stenberg says:

    5:14 :O

  89. RP20072003 says:

    Goosebumps every single time i hear this compilation💯💯

  90. adrian rp says:


  91. ItsTypicalBen says:

    Codfish: introduces himself
    Napom: 🤭🤭😀😀😯😯😌😌😱😱

  92. Kinox Haiiro says:

    12:45 This song stay in your head omg That is sick af damn (Replay this moment)

  93. jake reid says:


  94. jake reid says:


  95. DiamondGuard says:

    Tbh i think this was better than codfishes' 2019 compilation

  96. Pyraz Games says:

    8:00 Don't Poo

  97. Milch Tüte says:

    Killer Bro😉

  98. Abdullah Alhaq says:

    Im still amaze with u

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