Collar VS Harness, Which is Better?

– Hmm, collar or harness? (wooden percussion music) (moves into bass guitar music) – [Dog Voiceover] Hey,
hurry up and pick one. We been here 15 minutes. (upbeat pop music) – If this is your first time
owning a pooch or if you’ve always had one then at
one point you’ve probably thought about buying a
collar to be able to walk it. But should you get a collar or a harness? Hmm, decisions, decisions. – [Dog Voiceover] Please
tell them what you know so you won’t make them wait like me. It’s been literally 15 minutes. – Okay, dude, we get it. – [Dog Voiceover] Making me wait ’cause he can’t make a collar or harness, growl. – Dude. – [Dog Voiceover] Sorry, I’ll shut up. – Now first things first. Each one has its benefits
and each one has its purpose. But, depending on the breed of
your pooch you might pick one over the other for walking
and identification purposes. – [Dog Voiceover] So what
would you choose for me? – Well for brachycephalic dogs
like frenchies, like pugs, like English bulldogs,
a collar might not be the best choice for walking
as they can be a bit chokey and could lead to issues
like heat stroke and neck injuries and you really want to avoid that with those type of dogs. – [Dog Voiceover] That would
suck so no collar for me. – Not quite but let me finish. – [Dog Voiceover] All right. – Bigger, more athletic
dogs can pretty much wear either one but remember
harnesses encourage pulling so it’s a lot harder to control
a bigger dog with a harness. – [Dog Voiceover] So a harness for me? – Yes and still not quite. – [Dog Voiceover] I don’t get it. – Some people prefer
to use collars to teach their dogs basic obedience commands. And it restricts them
from jumping on people and pulling, which a harness encourages. It’s perfectly fine to use either a collar or a harness but
for this particular purpose a collar might be more suited. Still, keep the breed in mind. – [Dog Voiceover] You still
haven’t answered my question. – I’m getting to that. – [Dog Voiceover] Oh, okay. – Still undecided? What
about the ease of use? A big turnoff from harnesses
over collars is the fact that harnesses aren’t meant
to be worn at all times. They can cause rashes and bald spots if they’re never taken off. – [Dog Voiceover] Yeah
rashes are terrible for naps. They itch. – Yeah, also collars are
readily available and they’re relatively comfortable for
pooches to wear all the time. Since you have to take the
harness off after every walk it increases the chances of
you losing the harness and then not having the tool to be
able to walk your dog later. So collars definitely win
the battle in this aspect. – [Dog Voiceover] Still
waiting on an answer. – So what’s the verdict? Well in our honest
opinion you should always buy both a collar and a harness. – [Dog Voiceover] What? Really? – Yeah, collars can be worn at all times, meaning your dog can keep
an ID tag at all times, which is one of the most important things about a collar, if not the most important. As for walking, both are awesome tools. But remember, if you have
a brachycephalic dog, like an English bulldog
or a frenchie or a pug, then a harness is always the
better option for walking. So just keep that in mind. – [Dog Voiceover] So why’d you make me wait if I’m using both? – Well, all good things
take time, I guess. – [Dog Voiceover] Uh, that makes no sense. – I know, I just really don’t have a reason why I made you wait. – [Dog Voiceover] Not funny man. – It’s a little bit funny. – [Dog Voiceover] No. – Can’t win ’em all. (upbeat r&b music)

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  1. sa bailey says:

    I love your videos! Keep it up♥

  2. Hussnain Sherazi says:

    I own a Kangal, which is better

  3. Moon Child says:

    This is an amazing video. It really helped me.

  4. Nathalie Grieves says:

    Harness more control and safer

  5. Brianna Isa says:

    Lol your puppy sounds like Batman ??

  6. calandoful says:

    This video was unexpectedly very high quality. It's the best arguments I have heard on the issue

  7. MEELO says:

    Im looking for a harness my dog can wear all day

  8. Aniket Joshi says:

    Best for ROTTWEILER

  9. Armchair Gamer says:

    good video

  10. Oratile Mash'Ego says:

    Harness is the best for my dog but i also use both collar and harness

  11. degu 13 says:

    What is good for a corgi

  12. lana kebrič says:

    Can you help me? My dog is Border collie and he HATES collars . It is worth to buy him a harness? I don't know if he'd like the harness. Please help me!!!

  13. TIME says:

    why does the dog sound like a Batman tho?

  14. sarah kak says:

    Harness for me

  15. estelle Pin Young Sen says:

    I'm having a Dachshund and having done some research, most harnesses don't fit the doxies properly. I believe that a collar is a better choice? I'm no real expert tbh ?

  16. Jaclyn nally says:

    My dog started running in the beginning of the walk and ran out of her collar CD I'm considering a harness

  17. Tyre smoke Tv says:

    I just use a collar I’ve got a German short haired pointer and He walks at heel most of the time so very rarely pulls so I don’t see a point on getting a harness

  18. Doc Avenue says:

    you look like your dog's brother

  19. Tiara of Love says:

    This is so funny, this should be more popular

  20. Libby’s autism Vlog says:

    What is better for a bearded collie

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