Como bañar y peluquear a un perro peludo mediano (Cocker, Poodle, Maltese)

In Today’s video I want to introduce you to this buddy called RUFFO come Ruffo, come he is a very playfull dog and believe it or not, and you see him so dirty he was bathed 6 days ago he is a high maintenance dog. He is the classic case of that furry puppy that someone bought because it was adorable then he got big, and they throw him to the street. Luckily he was adopted by my dear aunt. But when she found him he looked so bad, he was covered in laments dreadloks all over, poor animal really but well, now he is very happy you see him this dirty, but you’ll see how beautiful will look with good grooming and care. And oh! he loves and has an obsession with balls tremendous! I think he belonged to a kid once. Ok, so we have Ruffo here ready to start bathing him and what I always say to everyone is: before even start wetting him, you need to have ready his towel, a brush to wash him that it needs to be plastic and not too soft so you can scrub the coat. the shampoo that you will use, in this case I use a mix of degreaser degreaser pet shampoo and for white coat and the water, we are going to start wetting him the water you use cannot be either too cold or too hot dogs have a body temperature higher than us so, if you use the water as hot as the one you would use for yourself you can hurt him, or dry his skin. Use warm water not hot. So you don’t burn him. Ruffo’s hair is not too hard to get wet It’s like maybe an English Shepard or a giant Poodle those types of hair It’s not hard to get wet. But, it gets dirty very fast The head I wet it at last why? Because it’s what dogs hate the most to feel wet. If I start with the head he will start shaking off He will shake anyways, and splash me but at least I leave it till the end. To make him as least uncomfortable as possible First I will wash the body To leave the white hair clean, you need to scrub very, very good every part of his body, specially the paws the bottom part gets very dirty, you have to scrub every inch. Now I will wet his head and he will possibly splash me out. Remember to NEVER pour water direct to the ear cavity. It’s very important. Water goes from over the ear and very careful so doesn’t fall inside the ear That’s one of the reasons ears get infected on dogs when they are bathed. The ear cavity must be cleaned with tissue or a towel, but never pour water in. Never In him, I will use a conditioner special for dogs remember to always use products made for dogs, don’t use baby shampoo or human. because even if you think it’s better, NO sometimes it causes dry skin or itchiness Always use products made for pets. I will condition his legs because we want to leave the hair long we want to leave the legs with long hair, so it’s easier to detangle with the conditioner Once we dry him very well with the towel removed all water excess. We will follow to dry him with the dryer Now, this is a professional pet dryer you can also use a regular hair dryer but you will take much longer, and you have to be carefull that the air is not too hot or you can burn him these dryers are very powerful but the air is warm, not hot so there is no risk to burn his skin If you are using a human hair dryer be careful to use warm or cold air because those tend to get very hot and remember you are directing the air to his skin, is not the same like when you dry your hair Now we will brush him, he has to be entirely detangled before we can use the clipper or start cutting with the scissors. So if you want to have a dog that looks like this you have to consider that you will have to brush him every week and take him to the pet groomer at least once a month Once it’s dry and detangled I will start cutting the hair of the body I use a professional clipper I really recommend it The price is not much different of those sets that they sell with many accesories and those are worthless. It has to be with detachable metal blade like this one In this case, because I want to leave the hair long, I will use a blade 3 3/4 that leaves the hair like about half inch long to use this blade it’s important that the hair is fully untangled. you can’t use it with tangled hair it won’t go through and allways you have to run the clipper in the direction of hair growth, so from head to tail. and in this direction never in the other direction because it will look uneven, and shorter You can see how it runs easily in the hair this won’t happen with human clippers what I will do in him the type of hair cut I will do I use the clipper for the top part and the legs, I have to use the scissors or it will look too short makes him look like he has skinny legs I even out the top And I start here, where the head starts In the top I pass the blade close to the skin but from the legs to the botom I imagin a line between the legs, like a skirt I start fading, I don’t put the clipper so close to the skin anymore so it starts fading, doesn’t look a harsh line the legs have to have longer hair than the body so I start fading it with the clipper In the part of the neck you have to be careful because they have a crease or skin folded in the lower neck they can be caught by the blade. ok Now we will change the blade I will use the shorter blade, the #10 It’s the one usually comes with the clipper It’s the one included with the clipper and this one I will use it to remove all the hair from the bottom that we don’t need It doesn’t show, and it gets tangled So, with this blade I can clean the belly his private parts and clean also the ears the back I always trim all around the butt I trim it very short so when they poop it doesn’t get dirty If you see in your dog one ear more dirty than the other He might be segregating more earwax in one ear than the other, so it gets more dirty You need to pay attention because it could be getting infected It’s very comun in this types of dogs Cocker or cocker mix that they have the ear so heavy and because they have it facing down they acumulate moisture even with all the precautions we take If you feel the brush gets stuck I use this comb that has blades to help to untangle this doesn’t mean you can remove all If it’s too tangled you can’t do that with all the knots If you see I switch from one comb to the other when I feel that the big tangles are gone, I can use the regular comb and so on until I pass the brush without gettig stuck now that I have ready these 2 legs, we will follow to even out the hair what I do with the sissors is to imagine a line and where you see that the hair looks uneven you start triming the idea is to make it look like like a solid piece So I pull with the fingers, and trim the tips the more time you spend in this part, the prettier it will look. we trim this part I will even it out we remove this knot I’m trying to make it look round so I imagine a circle in the paw, till where the nails end and I cut and then from here that’s my level to make it look like a cylinder Can you see this leg, it is already trimed and it looks very different we will do the same with all the legs When you trim the ear like this you have to make sure you feel where the skin is when the hair is too tangled, you can’t do this because you can mix the knot with the ear to make it easier to clean the ears I use a little bit of powder not too much this is flea powder for dogs but you can use baby powder and this lets me clean easier the earwax and pull the hairs from the ears Sometimes the oil doesn’t let me pull the hairs he has a lot of hair inside The head, so it doesn’t look chopped you have to cut with the scissors straight at eye level you place the scissors, and that’s where you trim not close to the skull And here I imagine a line between the eyes and the ear and that’s where I start trimming trying to fade I want to show you his nails If you see they are very short that’s because he runs on concrete So we can’t to trim them, or they will bleed we only check the back nail that is not too long, I don’t know if you see it but usually dogs have a fifth nail and that nail grows too long and gets coiled But his nail is fine and this is how this baby looks after his bath and groming say hi Ruffo Show us how handsome you are Being this pretty is not easy. As you can see, There are no ugly dogs Only careless owners Before and After Thank you to Ruffo and his owners for their collaboration.

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