como hacer un perro con un globo – globoflexia facil – como hacer perritos con globos

hi friends i’m gustavo today we will make fantastic puppies with balloons we will do them with a single balloon, let’s see them Take your balloon 260 and inflate it by measuring seven fingers begins on the side of the beak and makes a round bubble for the nose now a bubble of two fingers, a little bit longer than the previous one you can suggest it so that it does not disarm makes two three-finger bubbles press the balloon to make it softer. Measure three fingers and we do the same fold it this way twist here now take this small bubble and insert it between these two bubbles place it like this and then press in in this way separating these two bubbles only the smallest bubble must pass let’s continue with a bubble of three fingers then a bubble of 7 fingers, we will press the balloon so that it is soft another of 7 fingers equal to the previous one finally another three fingers equal to this review, 3 fingers, 7 fingers, 7 fingers, 3 fingers now twist here and also here Pass the rest of the globe between the two bubbles of 7 fingers these ears will be placed on the outside of the head it looks like this: nose; snout; Here are the eyes and these are the ears to the ears we put them on the outside it will stay like this with the rest we will make a small body this will be the neck here two legs we twist here a small body and two legs more it must be all small because the head uses a lot of balloon so, and then twist that and so is our puppy now add colors a base of white violet for the iris. and black for the details ready the eyes go through the eyebrows the whiskers I’m going to paint the nose in black and I’ll cut the beak so it does not look and so are the very beautiful puppies I thank tuky balloons and edding markers I like it, subscribe to the channel and share with your friends; I wait for you in the next video

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