Comparing our cats

These are our cats. They’re a bit unique. This is Haku. He’s a big boye. You’re so big. You’re so big. Haku likes watching things. Which side do you want? And he’s obsessed with sticks. ANY kind of stick. That’s mine! Haku? Haku? I mean, I can drink without a straw but you know you don’t have to ruin it just for fun. Thanks. What? What? Oh nonono Can I eat? Whenever we shower he has to rub his face
on our hair and try to eat it. He likes to smoosh his face when he sleeps. And he’s got a bit of a thing for armpits. Bud… This is Poki. We found him on the expressway and now he’s
obsessed with food. You ready for food? Last time we checked in with Poki he kept
climbing into the trash can but now he’s evolved. He knows that if he climbs into the trash
can he can’t get out, so now he sits on so now he sits on the side and tries to pull
things out with his paws and mouth. Please don’t eat that, bud. Please don’t eat that. Poki, what are you doing? nothing I was just staring out this window Don’t act like you weren’t doing anything!
I just saw you! He’s also very licky. He likes to cuddle and sleeps in between our
pillows every night. This is Nagi. He’s a good boye who follows the rules. We adopted him when no one else would because
he needed a little tummy surgery. When he wants to play he trills to let me
know he’s ready. Is this what you want? This what you want? He really, really likes plastic wrappers. Bring the plastic What, you wanna play? He also gets really sad when he finds a bug
but can’t reach it. We have to be careful to vacuum a lot because
if he finds fur on the floor he eats it. Stop! Will you stop eating that! He doesn’t like being pet during the day
but sometimes in the early morning he comes to cuddle in bed with us and purrs himself
to sleep for a little bit. Cats vs playtime Poki is a little over-enthusiastic. Nagi plays to kill. Even though Haku is the biggest and strongest,
he’s too scared to play with toys when the other two are out. …which is understandable. That is, unless I get out a stick. Poki doesn’t really care about the vacuum
cleaner. Nagi is extremely terrified. Haku… is pretty into it. Cats vs box Haku loves boxes. Poki doesn’t really care Nagi is curious… but only a little. Let’s see what happens if I turn the box sideways. Poki still doesn’t really care. Haku still really loves boxes And Nagi is still curious… but only a little. I decided to see if Nagi would go in the box
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100 Responses

  1. Itz_AuroraPlays X says:

    How could it be Swedish text when you talk?

  2. XxCristal AngelxX says:

    Save the turtles! D:

  3. Hania Mania ;3 says:

    0:31 Haku is a vsco cat. He oops and he sksksksksks


  4. Polish Potatoh UωU says:

    The prophecy is true…
    nagi is a warrior cat

  5. 老妖婆 says:

    Poki is a little too enthusiastic
    (As poki bang the life out of that door)

  6. Artemis The Geek says:

    “They’re a bit unique.”

    Poki: ihyiyfAgjdUtdhRe$tfhvhgdhkjvUksjhhsgahhshshghshhhhzjzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkskzkzk

  7. mara groome says:

    not to be dramatic or anything but i would die for Haku and Nagi

  8. Amiel Singo says:

    What normal people see: Chopsticks are for eating
    What Haku sees: Chop sticks are for eat ing able

  9. 8bit Blueblur says:

    Haku=T H I C C

  10. Jamis Win says:

    Locki Pocki

  11. minecraft oyuncusu 1234 12345678900 says:


  12. GD Wijaya says:

    Nagi is cute as hell

  13. Ömer Yiğit Bütüner says:

    İs so good,il like it so muc

  14. damn it arsolnex. says:

    0:01 yes

  15. S0LEVIDEN says:


  16. WõlfyWørłd says:

    My cat is like poki but in this case my cat is a migit

  17. Michael King says:

    Haku is best boy

  18. moshigal156 says:

    Rachel and Jun are just calmer, less chaotic, versions of Jenna and Julien.

  19. Artemis says:

    Ngl I'm subscribing for the cats

  20. L says:

    Our cat is very much like Nagi in behaviour, she also had an operation, to fix a hernia, when we got her.

  21. L says:

    Pity nord vpn has had some security issues…

  22. Hare kuna says:

    Can definitely woof

  23. Nach says:

    TEAM NAGI <3

  24. ZacEchizenGamer says:

    Looks at rachels cat
    Looks at my cat
    Me: reality can be dissappointing

  25. Samuel Jonckheere says:

    I love your cats.

  26. Shadow Flame says:



  27. John says:

    Maine Coon Cats are the best. I may be biased, being born and raised in Maine 😛

  28. FANgirl 2.o says:


    Rachel and Jun: Nuuuuuuuu

    Poki's mind: Trash. Me like it.

    Rachel and Jun: Stop It.

    Nagi's mind: I'm a good boi

    Rachel and Jun / everyone else: Awwww

  29. desireaa7 AA says:

    Haku : Enter box
    Me: Haku you’re a Ventriloquist😱🥰😂

  30. HysticSenju says:

    Just realized haku is a character from naruto

  31. Hi :p says:

    This is cat logic

  32. Fem! Young Xehanort [Xehafoox] says:

    Poki is a silly cat and a smart one at the same time Ahem poki is me in a nutshell XD

  33. UwU Productions says:

    I hate male cats…. Sorry

  34. Rainbow cat Plays says:

    I love the thumbnail! One like = one good thumbnail

  35. Your Name Here says:

    Which one is the cuddliest

  36. Artur Maszczyk says:

    As people say…

    You can take the cat of the street,

    But you can’t take the street out the cat.

  37. Guen Sumire says:

    I'm convinced that Nagi is short for Nagisa
    (Nagisa Shiota from "Assassination Classroom", I mean)

  38. Ronnie Wurz 2 says:


  39. a friendly corgo says:

    4:19 secute

  40. enigmaprism says:

    poki's such a goblin and i love that.

  41. Mona Khaled Naeimi Farid says:

    Is haku a boy or a girl and poki

  42. Lone Woof Can Meow says:

    Rachel: plays with plastic wrap
    Every Nagi in a 10 mile radius:
    Someone has plastic wrap

  43. Sahra Gul says:

    the thumbnail tho

  44. Sara Marlow says:

    Me:I’ll give u bug


  45. TheCyanDragon says:

    “They’re a bit unique”

    shows Poki literally flying across the apartment

  46. Mitchinatr says:

    Haku: …
    Nagi: Mrrrrrow.


  47. Mitchinatr says:

    Nagi: *has toy in mouth*

    Nagi: Grrrrrrr…

  48. Stove says:


  49. Nathalie Bäck says:

    Haku: Smart and handsome big boy
    Nagi: cute and curious

  50. Hannah Austin says:

    My cat Toby likes to drink out of my toilet eww🤣

  51. Тоша Волк says:

    купите лазерную указку, коты будут в восторге

  52. Sister Lilia's Armoury says:

    wow your less disciplined with your cats, mine aren't allowed on the surface i am eating at

  53. Tekoha Moke-Brown says:

    Me realising theirs 2.6k of dislikes 👿

  54. Tina Nguyen says:

    “ Haku is a big boye”
    “Haku likes sticks, any kind of stick”

  55. Orij says:

    We have 2 Poki's and 1 Haku

  56. Hussain Alduris says:

    Sorry but, they are all perfect, wtf are you gonna compare?

  57. Vi Jay says:

    Poki is basically a racoon.

  58. gay furry says:

    Jun: oh boy, i can't wait to eat my food with chopsticks
    Haku: smticks

  59. Phoenix Tehcat says:

    Haku Big Boyeeeeee

    Poki Chubby Butt

    Nagi Squirrel Butt

  60. Amp727 says:

    for some reason one of our cats steals straws out of our glasses when we're not looking, and proceeds to hide them

  61. John Romero says:

    Nagi- lawful
    Haku- neutral
    Poki- Chaotic

  62. Edie Flurry says:

    My cat waffles looks and acts exactly like haku

  63. Dawid 7899 says:

    Poki in a nutshell: ITS EVOLVING JUST BACKWARDS

  64. It's Mamix says:


  65. Lydia Polk says:

    Peep the royalty free Jenna Marbles music at 6:25

  66. AyanamiRei5kyu says:

    nagi is such a sweet cute good boy 😍

  67. David Cassidy-Garcia says:

    the reason poki keeps trying to take stuff out of the trash can is because he was a stray most of his life and that is how he got his food

  68. Tyler Black says:

    Haku, more like Hako

    (Box in Japanese)

  69. Bridget Brennan says:

    Haku: Floof
    Nagi: Smol
    Poki: Probably a weapon of mass destruction idk

  70. Riko Saikawa says:


  71. Tekoha Moke-Brown says:

    2:41 poki : I will lick off yo finger

  72. Abigail Hancock says:

    My heart is melting by Nagi bc he is a Gud boi

  73. GirlyDestroyer222 says:

    4 Words that Poki despises:

    We eat at 7:00

  74. Keiirū ケイル says:

    Choose your fighter


  75. mea says:

    Haku is like the oldest sibling nagi is the middle child and poki is youngest sibling

  76. Ajith Kumar says:

    Haku reminds me of myself

  77. Razor 2 says:

    0:01 Maeow

  78. LunaJana_야나 says:

    Please make a compilation of Haku vs Stick

  79. Elza Ģemze says:

    4:43 poor couch

  80. Ekjot Kaur says:

    Hey Rachel and Jun can you please do the cat VS invisible wall

  81. R i says:


  82. Clover Exe says:

    Is it just me or I love Nagi’s Trills?

  83. Ly_roblox _xoxo says:

    1:09 i think hes doing that off sadnes because he did not get a stick to play whit or hes depressed😑

  84. Ly_roblox _xoxo says:

    Poki doesnt care about alot off things😂

  85. Ly_roblox _xoxo says:

    YOUR CATS ARE SO CUTE!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Jonathan Dehner says:

    5:09 sounds like a bowling pin getting knocked down

  87. Mary Winchester says:

    I LOVE YOUR CATS!!! So cute! 😆 🐈

  88. Floofy Oof says:

    Nagi – I'm a good boi. Sometimes
    Poki – FOOD

  89. OWL INSTINIT says:

    Очень умные коты и милые хозяева!

  90. OWL INSTINIT says:

    Коты, которые не боятся пылесоса, ничего себе!)

  91. Matt Lyons says:

    Your cats are so weird

    I would die for any and all of them

  92. bean xoxo says:

    poki is my spirit animal

  93. MaGiCMushroomClouds says:

    Haku, Haku-lite with 50% less teeth and NEW Cookies & Cream flavored Haku.

  94. Yuu Mei says:

    Congratulations on watching this video for the 100th time !

  95. Dead Inside says:

    You should never compare your childeren.

  96. Ory says:

    One has stick obsession
    One has plastic obsession
    One has trash obsession

  97. Slacc 2 says:

    B i g T H I C C B o i

  98. Hayley Smith says:

    2:54 pause here and look to see why people didn’t want him

  99. Raziel García Chávez says:

    Please send me a Haku in a box NOW!!! :3 pls again

  100. Secretdu Lanka says:

    Poki is wild nasty cat 🥴

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