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Sean stack stacking them on agree with my partner pics. Right. Real money. Kramer what’s
happening Kramer. Doug Well a couple of things. One unfortunately
we have this man behind us. You’re watching over on YouTube. Dot coms
go home and get your fucking shine box. Sports gambling podcast you would see that the none
other than the Clapper himself former head coach.
Dallas Cowboys Jason. I’ll be. Is this what we’re starting with.
All right. Just shut up. I have some things to say.
Okay well hold on Ryan before I leave we’re going to tease. This is as you heard in the
pretty roll. This is a Jason Garrett Conference Championship recap so everyone wanted your
official statement on Jason Garrett where you’re gonna go what are we gonna do with
this and then we’ll talk about the conference championship games a little early look ahead
to Super Bowl week and the line has been released for the Super Bowl.
I thought we were gonna get away with without picking something for once. But you’re gonna
make me pick something again. Brian stay tuned as we will be releasing our Super Bowl picks.
Probably in Super Bowl week. But it’s never too early to start thinking about the Super
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right now the line is out the San Francisco 49ers a plus one and a half point dog against
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Kramer to mean interrupt. No no that’s fine because what you got me
thinking about props in the Super Bowl. I got very excited again about life and unfortunately.
Unfortunately we come back to reality and that reality has me sitting in a situation
where now Jason Garrett is in play employed by the New York Giants my first thought was
I didn’t have a thought. I’ll tell you exactly what I saw. I know exactly
where I was I was sitting at my desk. I was in a little bit of work and I think we were
getting it. This was on Friday when the news broke. Is that accurate. Yes.
Getting ready to go go head out to the kid’s soccer practice or something in this part
newsbreak and I just start seeing white I legitimately was physically affected by this
because on one hand this is exactly what the Kramer FML tour was created for. It does seem
like it’s going on a bit too long. I didn’t think it was supposed to only be
a three day cruise but the Kramer FML tour got lost at sea.
It’s now been going on I think. Was that the start date when they got their ass kicked
by the Packers in the playoffs a few years back and it really was. It started with the
Bush started tracing back to that well and it’s almost like the Rolling Stones here.
This is our last tour ever. But they just keep extending the tour it keeps going on
and on and on. Well and this is a major stop. This is not a like a night in Poughkeepsie.
This is a festival level Fry festival maybe level stop on the tour here’s how I would
submit my thoughts on this. When this happened I was trying to figure
out a way to cope with it. We tried to look at the audience and I I guess I looked to
the children. My girls. You wouldn’t believe this.
The Giants just hired the former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys to be there their offensive
coach and we actually had a great tweet from contributor Billy Bahati saying that they
must whoever is running the Giants organization must be listening to the podcast because he’s
he’s a great character to the show. You may have. We almost would’ve had to get rid of
the shine box drop but no he lives on and he lives on his back.
We thought we were going to get rid of him but I am what it do baby me.
So I’m just I’m talking to the children I explain this to them and they first are like
Oh let’s get the Cowboys fired the coach. But why are the giants hiring. Why would they
do that. I think my little one actually screamed No
no like slow motion movie. Oh so and she also followed up by asking when
the next time Russell Wilson played. So you’ve already convinced her to be a wrestling
fan. I’ve been well I’ve I started planting the
seeds that if we were gonna maybe have to have to follow a team for a couple months
this would be it. Now I don’t know how long this Jason Garrett thing will last what I
will say now. We’re now 72 hours removed from that news.
A lot of guys do better in their second organizations. A lot of guys the Bill Belichick got fired
from the Browns. A lot of coaches are better leveled down.
We see this a lot in corporate world. We see this a lot in the NFL. Sometimes you get promoted
past your work past your ability to be efficient past your ability to provide value to that
organization. Obviously when he got to the level of head coach he was no longer valuable
hasn’t been valuable for 10 years. When he was coaching the offense and calling plays
wasn’t valuable there either you could argue he has what he has had one of the more talented
rosters in the past six years in the NFL and has done little with it.
Yeah that would be a fair argument. On the flip side. He has shown the ability to operate.
In the NFL for many years and not get fired. So if that’s the positive one that a..
That’s what it’s like out here. They like to keep a coach way too long.
He is going through a situation where he where he will no longer have Jerry Jones his arm
all the way up to the elbow up his ass. He will no longer be a puppet.
He will now be supporting the great Joe judge and if you saw the back of my shirt John court
is in session. All right. This is the worst possible scenario now going on the other side.
And for me Rand This is great. I don’t mean this to be a trial but. Is your age. Is he
gonna be calling plays. I haven’t read that news yet. I don’t judge the special teams
coach who has no idea who is going to be calling plays.
I’m assuming it’s Garrett and I don’t. I haven’t read the news one way or the other but I can’t
imagine a guy who coached special teams is going to be calling the offensive plays. You
got to give that to a guy who got fired from a job where they didn’t even trust him. To
coach the call the pool and make a serious statement.
Sure. That franchise seems a little dysfunctional. Not the Giants franchise doesn’t. But I think
he has to call the plays. I’m not sure who are they going to hire a play caller position.
Are they going to hire are they not their quarterbacks coach call plays. I don’t know.
You know Sean he did go to Princeton. Yeah. He’s Oh he will handle.
Jason Garrett will. Will he develop Daniel. Well I know. Are you still a Daniel Jones
fan. It’s unclear. You haven’t really big Daniel Jones fan. I
think it’s great to have a another white Caucasian on his level for him to relate to. I think
it was a little hard for him to relate to the previous coach is not not going to Ivy
league caliber schools like Duke or Princeton. Yeah that’s good. Daniel Jones reportedly
has a little ginger in him so also good to have someone that can relate to that kind
of minority discrimination. And also important that when you’re kind of a passive little
bitch that you are being coached by someone who can help you relate to those situations.
I don’t know. I don’t know I just don’t understand what Maris saw. This is the problem with these
old football people and they just want to get football people back in the building.
This is how incest started right. Well we don’t want to go to that town next over.
Those people are savages so we’re just gonna keep fucking our cousins. Next thing you know
your mutation happens. That’s what the NFL is Sean and you asked me about being a fan
of the giants. Of course I’m still a fan of the Giants now. Well I take an extra strong
look at the SFL teams coming out this spring. Absolutely. Well I’d take an extra strong
look at this fucking Giants franchise and wonder if you’re John marin.
I assume you haven’t. The Internet and you have to be aware that people aren’t super
happy in your ability to make decisions up AK Dave Gettleman So you think the move is
this just they get them off the scent of settlement by hiring Jason Garrett who is more divisive
and less popular than Dave Gettleman. I know Jason Garrett anyway.
So I’m not super stoked. We fortunately I seem to be a little bit more middle of the
road than some of the folks in the slack channel over slack that sports game or Laura Goff
contributor Steve Sherman ready to hang. And I appreciate his ability to be honest
because in my mind I’m like if I get super hot take you then it’s going to come back
to bite me in the end and plus is. And last. I’ll close with this why are we
surprised the powers are strong the powers of the sports gambling podcast are very strong.
Not only does it influence Jason Garrett to stay in the league. Not only does it influence
the national media picking up on the story of Mike Vrabel wanting to cut off his dick
but you know it’s the Kramer f about F A melts or is such a powerful force.
Justin Fenty was even considered for a head coaching job. But he didn’t take it. Of course
very on brand for the tour. Well Ryan let’s let’s get things a little
happier now. At least the Yankees weren’t caught cheating. The.
Way they were. Wow. There you go Sean. Everything is disgraced.
Everything is in shambles that Ryan Kramer is involved. Except. The sports gambling podcast
and the sports gambling Podcast Network. Here is the Super Bowl. Mere days away weeks. I
can’t believe there’s only one football game left. The best way. The best way to be involved
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Nice. Pretty awesome Aaron. See what I did there.
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your 5 dollar bet. Now if you had your own sportsbook you can
at least go ahead. Here’s your log and here’s your thing. You take care. Yeah. Then you
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you put in a bet for me on the Patriots. First off I’m not going to do that. I’m not going
to sully it with my count. Play you want a separate account. I wish I had my own sports
going then I could have just sent them over there. We’ll get to this chiefs titans recap
in just a second worth noting right. We’ve gone viral. The coach Leach clip of him breaking
down the SCC mascots shot to Fox Sports 24/7 sports a bunch of the other Web sites are
picking it up and yeah we’re almost 40000 views over on YouTube so congrats. Are they
crediting us. Yeah well they just embed the media so you get to see you me and Colby interviewing
Coach Leach. We do look good.
A great day to wear the branded T has shown perfect day and you can see Colby just looking
at his phone a bunch could see me rocking the SGP hat.
Do you think Kobe understands how video works. It is unclear at times. He to his credit he
doesn’t have a laptop to be looking at for pulling information. But yeah it’s it’s a
great clip. I mean Coach Leach is awesome super funny guy hoping to take a trip out
to Starkville a.k.a. Stark Vegas. Promoting this clip on Twitter and social media. I don’t
know what it is about Starkville Mississippi but apparently they’re known as stark Vegas.
So maybe what happens there stays there. I don’t know but we’re definitely in. If a town’s
nickname is Las Vegas I think we owe it to ourselves and the listeners to take a trip
down to Stark Vegas watch a game enjoy some SCC football. I mean we like we like action
all right. Hanging out on the college campus where your good buddy Coach Leach is there.
That’s the other thing we need to do. We need a coach Leach drop. I don’t know. He doesn’t.
I’m trying to think of that interview or interviews we’ve done with him that have been like really
drop worthy. I don’t know how long me.
A lot of hot guys a lot of hot girls drop is but that might have to be a yeah we’ve
got to we’ve got to track that down if you guys have a good Mike Leach drop from his
appearances send that in we’ll hook you up with some merch so apparently this started
with Adidas creating or this this this b Kit Kat started a cascade by Adidas creating shoes
that its stark stark Vegas on it in 2014. Yeah. And and you know put up the deejay bad
signal if there’s anyone that is a Mississippi State fan. A big listen to the podcast hit
us up. We want to know what’s going on. Do you want to know what this is called the
why they call it this. The story goes that the nickname which is now a proud one from
Mississippi State fans emerged from what was once an insult. Critics of the town as well
as rivalry as you see sports fans would ironically call the town Stark Vegas because of its small
size lack of culture and absence of things to do.
The nickname Stark Vegas has been around for at least 25 or 30 years. It started to become.
It started becoming widely used in 1987 according to the New York Times.
Yeah. What. What the heck. Really.
SD now if we didn’t need any more reason to dislike the FCC as the establishment see you’re
you’re you’re using the town of Vegas as an inn to make fun of a town where there’s not
culture and like things to do. Have you been to Vegas. Yeah well there’s
a million things to do in Las Vegas that’s all. It’s awesome.
Here’s this guy. As if as if it doesn’t as if it couldn’t get any better. But a Mississippi
one of the states that’s legalized sports gambling. So I feel like we’ll be setting
some roots in Starkville Mississippi coming up soon. Again if you’re a local hit us up
we want to. We want to be all in on a on the Bulldogs and SCC. Whether we need to do that
yeah. We need we need some locals so Starkville
people who you think I mean we’ve said this before we weren’t sure about Alabama but do
we think people in Mississippi listen to the show. And if so would one of those fans from
Mississippi send us an authentic cowbell. Oh that would be awesome. That would be a
great addition here sitting right next to our suite. Jamison that pinballs forty five
guy who won the listener league hooked us up and someone else reached out and said they
were gonna send some liquor so I like to think that we’re starting a new trend hashtag listener
liquor and we’ll be getting a pretty nice filled out a bar cart here. Yeah just leading
right into March Madness where we will be heading to real Las Vegas March 18th to to
not do much and enjoy no culture. I guess the culture is gambling. Gambling is its own
culture it makes no sense to me around. We’re all friends in Vegas. All right. Let’s talk
about the games that happened. Tennessee fortunately. Well it depends how you look at it but we
will not be hearing any more stories about Mike variable cutting off his dick and for
that just didn’t happen. And as much as we wanted to. Interesting game I mean Tennessee
certainly. Oh man they were in this game for the majority the game. It really felt like
he got away from them. How many care how many carries the Derrick
Henry having the second half not enough free. Yeah I mean that’s really. They got away from
their formula there. And part of it was Kansas City kind of beat them with their own formula
of ball control offense. Right. And they didn’t do it by pounding the rock they did it with.
They had Damien Williams gone in the passing game. I think that was huge. Really the story
the game was Patrick Mahoney’s over rushing yards which you gave on the podcast we liked.
I mean I think there really is something to rushing quarterbacks over in elimination games
especially at home I think they realize hey we just got to put the team on my back. But
what happened was Tennessee was doing a decent job covering their receivers and then now
my Holmes would just go off and run that twenty seven yard touchdown run. Very nice. That
was awesome. I mean that was just it was an all time play. Shout out to my Holmes.
There was definitely a Marshawn Lynch hold my the kind of time by Holmes showtime.
HOLMES Indeed. And the Titans didn’t play horrible. They they kind of made a push there
late. They had that fake punt which was crazy that it worked and it would.
Why does this happen every year in the playoffs when there’s a critical moment where it’s
the most obvious. Well they have to throw. They have to do a fake punt here and then
the guys just streaking down the field wide open and with a fake punt pass.
There’s only one read. It’s crazy that that guy. And but I’ve also I’ve never seen a fake
punt go deep over the middle. It’s usually you work the sides and what do
we learn this this season about fake punts there’s no P.I. there’s no PII which Yeah.
He should have just leveled them. That was one thing that was really annoying as the
Tennessee a backer there unfortunately that I would have that deep pass they threw to
kind of help ice the game for the Chiefs. I think it was the walk ins or whoever that
drew the P.I. maybe his Hardman the guy turned his head in a big game like that. I would
like to see them put away that way. I don’t call that a anytime. What’s really annoying
is the place where the guys try and it’s like the NBA where a guy is clearly going up the
hoop just to draw contacting him. We’ve we’ve come up with this thing where now everyone
knows the rules that if the quarterback doesn’t turn you can just draw contact. It just seems
like an easy cheap way to give P.I. the guy I think made a pretty decent turn on the ball.
I would I would have liked to seen them not not call that penalty. I when have made a
difference but at least would have made covering the spread the seven and a half a little bit
more interesting. So shout out to the Chiefs congratulations to the Chiefs. Big a big win
for them. That was it. I mean that wasn’t a probably that one hundred
percent led to the spread not being covered. Yeah that was really I do think that was the
difference in the spread that I would that would it would have been like what five minutes
left or whatever the point being. I think what you’re getting to is as it was happening
you knew that like that became the game clinching call or that becomes the call that keeps them
in the not the lack of a call there. I think for a playoff game pretty tough pretty tough
to make that call. Did you see the video of the dude the ref throwing the holding flag
or the plate so who knows what was really going on.
Well I I do have the story so that guy. What you’re talking about is there’s a line
looked like he was throwing like a neutral zone and fact infraction or illegal formation
fly because he he threw it as soon as the ball was snapped.
So he the ref threw the the flag in the Tennessee Kansas City game and everyone goes Oh they
called holding. Yeah. Oh right as the ball snapped. So that ref called offsides. They
had a discussion that ref got overruled that he wasn’t offsides. The back judge not in
the in the video saw the holding. He was the one who called the holding. So that was kind
of the explanation there. Tannehill probably not a good sign when your quarterback’s moving
his tablet his Microsoft surface tablet again. NFL players are the only ones I know who use
the Microsoft Surface tablet. I did also he was moving it with his nose because his hands
are so cold. He didn’t want to use them. Not a great sign. We probably underestimated the
Tennessee warm weather team going into freezing cold Kansas City.
Isn’t it odd because they’re not like the geographically. They’re not that far apart.
Yeah but just Kansas City is a much colder place than Tennessee.
So Tannehill let me ask you this how far apart. Where do they play and where does Tennessee
play Nashville Nashville right. How far away do you think Nashville and Kansas
City are mileage. A thousand miles. Five hundred by drive. It’s an eight hour
drive five hundred fifty three miles. Well that’s the way close to them and they’re only
a little bit north of Nashville. Yeah. All right. And yeah.
So just throwing that out there it’s kind of a little nuggets little info. Heaviest
person to catch a touchdown pass. That was pretty awesome. Dennis Kelly former Philadelphia
Eagles. He had two touchdown receptions which puts him ahead of JJ our single Whiteside
the Eagles second round receiver that they drafted somehow Dennis Kelly a former offensive
lineman getting more give him more touchdown passes really I think the reason why Kansas
City won and it was something there were two things that really scared me going into the
game as a Tennessee backer Amy Holmes all that stuff a lot of the announcers picked
the titans of win. I think you retweeted the script. Way too many for a seven and a half
point dog. You just immediately realize you’re fucked. And then shout out to Kansas City
superfan big buck chuck. He was the Kansas City Chiefs fan who left the Texans Chiefs
game after the first quarter when they were down 20 for nothing saying he was he was jinxing
the team and he went home to watch a game that the Chiefs honor him they give him all
this free stuff they’re there like the mascot came over to his house they gave him a big
screen TV either hooking him up with all this gear so he stays and watches the game at home.
So I think them honoring that Jew Joe in that way was was big and I think a big reason why
they won right. I imagine your favorite sports team giving
you a bunch of shit to stay away. Cold blooded. It is weirdly an insult but
the you know he’s got a nickname bad luck Chuck.
He’s rolling with it and he’s not fighting it.
It’s a lot like this guy Jason Garrett and the value that he brings go home and get your
fucking shine box. Because we were gonna. We were getting ready to wipe that drop we
that will drop was gonna get it would been had to have been retired and the guy actually
is a follower on Twitter. I keep in my pocket so maybe we’ll have to
hit him up Brian get him on for the Super Bowl.
Yeah. Can we. Are we allowed to talk about our plans for next week. I think I mean sure.
I. What are your thoughts. Management is telling us we have to blow it out for Super Bowl week.
We’re going to go day week. We’re gonna go huge. I think I keep going
back and forth in my head. Hold on. Announcement music. Okay.
And for those who’ve never heard of Super Bowl show the first thing that we must tease
is I think Shawn as always will bring a hot new freestyle Super Bowl song. Yes.
That is confirmed. Yep that’ll be on the final. I think we do for podcasts next week. Wow.
I like doing a podcast just from the chief’s perspective. A podcast yes from the 49ers
perspective where we hit the Chiefs props that we like that we’re interested in bring
on some cheap super fans like we do a 49ers thing. Same. So are we gonna be able to find
Niners super fans. I don’t know. I feel like there’s not a ton of niners fans inter mentions
if you’d like to make your case for the Niners on the sports game podcast. Hit us up on Twitter
at gambling podcast or of course podcast sports gaming podcast dot com. Then maybe we do it
a super bowl party in or lifestyle edition something some big ass maybe how to do Vega.
Well I think a Super Bowl just owed to the Super Bowl and then our final picks podcast
right. So I’m here and we’re gonna do fantasy of
course we’re gonna throw Yeah. So maybe that’s how we do it. Maybe we do. DFS
a chief’s a San Francisco and then our final picks podcast OK. That seems like a good way
to go big or go home. Do we just allow baby whale fans to come on
and Reps. Rap Garoppolo This is the strangest thing
ever Boston fans being happy for the Niners. Yeah. Fuck is wrong with you. They just can’t.
Their lives are over. They can’t. It’s like they think they’re still in the playoffs.
It’s like they think the franchise isn’t done yet.
This is the end of it. You know Tom Brady right. There’s breaking news that Tom Brady
keeping an open mind. Did you see the picture. No. You saw the picture from UFC 246. Oh I
do. Beautiful Los Vegas who was Tom Brady making acquaintances with Mr. Mark Davis owner
of the Los Vegas raiders. They need a quarterback Sean.
Now I will say this. Derek. Derek Carr much better biceps definitely higher ranked by
David Carr on the list of quarterbacks in the National Football League. But I have a
feeling Jon Gruden would love to have Mr. Tom Brady which by the way I know we got way
too much of the Aaron Rodgers got looked over by San Francisco.
He’s not about it now but it was funny to see who picked twenty third that year right
before right before the Green Bay Packers the Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders. Anyway
let’s see what else we got really Miss Pat McCrory the Packers Niners.
Speaking of which we transition to that game we will run. But before we do that I’m talking
about our good pals over at prop swap props up of course America’s marketplace to buy
and sell sports bets all season long. If you if you’re shopping over a prop swap you’re
getting better prices. There’s a ton of Super Bowl futures out there. I’m looking at this
Ryan right now. Sixers to win the NBA championship. You can buy it for one hundred fifty one dollars
and fifty cents. Of course you can bid it. We got Oklahoma to win the 20 20 national
championship in basketball star. It was a one hundred to one ticket there. San Diego
State which I do. I like that. It’s fun loading up on our gals there’s a bunch of San Diego
State tickets there and they’re all different prices. University of Virginia Ryan I think
we may have to buy this one just for the podcast. The cherry on the Kramer if it’s back you
back excited to call it a cherry because they just keep the sun keeps growing but there’s
a dunce bunch of college basketball NBA and of course the NFL there’s still some Super
Bowl futures out there that you can get in and you can get a better price right. Because
if you’re so yeah I’m going to buy this Virginia one. Yeah. So really I mean it’s to say and
oh this is interesting one Jimmy Garoppolo to win the 2019 NFL MVP. Normally there’s
a lot of value in getting the quarterback not this year not this year but it’s certainly
interesting. Nick poser AP Defensive Player of the year I would get that right away. But
again there’s so many different bets you can buy from other people and the reason you’re
over a prop swap is because you’re getting a better price right. They’re looking to hedge
they’re looking to get the sure thing and you’re looking to get better odds. You meet
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dollars get a prompt outcome is a promo code SGP void where prohibited stray cash homie.
Straight cash indeed. So Packers 49ers real quick back to your point
about the Jimmy Garoppolo ticket in a strange way. That’s that’s actually kind of the year
you do snap up the quarterback. I feel like because we’ve seen this before right the greatest
example would be you know my new York Giants Eli Manning Justin Tuck had a Game of Games
he’s forced fumbles had two sacks still was not enough to get the MVP trophy perhaps because
Eli had that one by kind of lucky play but I think when you’re looking at this San Francisco
team you have to play that game of are they. So what does it take for a defensive guy to
get it. It would have to be like Richard Sherman getting two picks maybe even a touchdown Nick
boasted two three sacks forcing a turnover Moten obviously if most hurt does what he
did today that’s probably maybe would or that he would have gotten it but for a quarterback
of a team going into the Super Bowl with a very good chance to win now I’m turning the
corner on this guy. Damn Niners team by the way Sean. Oh look
out their offense is going to shred the Chiefs defense. I just. It’s gonna be a shootout.
I’m excited for this area there. It’s interesting because what they’re almost like Tennessee
on steroids in that they like to play action they like running the ball they’re just they
just have better skill positions they have more player diversity they don’t just have
Derrick Henry they have a bunch of running backs. We’ll see you know what happens with
the Coleman injury. I don’t know. He could he probably is going to be out for long.
You know what though that helps the Niners. Shanahan clearly likes him for some reason.
No no not as good. Yeah. And in a weird way you’re right. The
Super Bowl MVP he adds They’re already out my homes plus 140.
Well that’s wow. What what’s surprising about that.
Well I would have expected more homes to win the MVP to more closely reflect the money.
Yeah I mean we saw this all the time with the Patriots where the Pats and the Brady
MVP odds were almost identical. No one’s winning it on the Chiefs that isn’t named. I couldn’t
imagine. I mean Demian Williams would have to have a try. Kelsey has three touchdowns
hypothetically. Then my home’s probably has four or five.
You’re right. And I die kill has three touchdowns my home’s probably about four or five. I think
the only path for this is again some it’s a low scoring game. And you know Damian Williams
has two touchdowns or it just hard for me to see a path for my Holmes. So you found
my lock for this podcast then if you like the Chiefs plus 140 on my Holmes as you. They’re
laying points. Correct. Yeah. Right now over my bookie there
minus one and a half. You know the money line. I think it’s probably like minus 125 if I.
Are you happy for Andy Reid. Yeah yeah me too. I mean I like any Reid good
coach. It’s annoying that he doesn’t get spoken about well right.
Between when we open the podcast and write down what happened in the Super Bowl line
has moved the Chiefs minus to MONEYLINE minus 125. So they give you five cents to take more
homes. Yes. If you like Kansas City maybe you get over there. My bookie right now lock
that in. Or if you like the 49ers maybe there’s a chance to it gets to three. That’ll be interesting.
Let’s. Speaking of we were talking with the Kramer
FMLA earlier a secret little they did a little unpublished UN announced mini show on the
Kramer FML tour happened as somehow walking into the playoffs I held futures on I think
it was six of the 12 playoff Tuesdays you have you had green bay Green Bay Seattle New
Orleans in the NFC All right pretty good. And then I had a tiny bit of Tennessee and
Baltimore in the AFC all dead all of them dead completely dead.
So that’s it’s almost impressive that you didn’t get one of those teams in the Super
Bowl everything had you because of New Orleans. I blame New Orleans. So what I would what
I would advise the clients to do right now. If you’re looking to lock yourself into a
potential positive eevee situation and you’re still not really sure which way you want to
go in the game I think you grab my home’s MVP. I think you grab Niners MONEYLINE. Mm
hmm. Those are both plus odd propositions right now and I kind of feel like it’s one
or the other I think the Chiefs need to win like a seven. It would have to be a 17 14.
So have you. But right now the 49ers money lines only plus 1 0 5. But either way you
have you have plus 1 of 5 or plus 1 6 time say 40.
You do this right now. Like small wagers the limits probably aren’t huge yet but as you’re
starting to dive in. I think this is a pricing error and I think you should grab and take
advantage of that pricing error. I also imagine money will continue to come in on the Chiefs.
So perhaps you take them a homes plus odds now and you. That will certainly come down.
I think we we both agree on that and then you wait for that Niners money line to keep
keep crawling up because people probably feel the same way we do Jimmy Garoppolo sucks yes
but he happens to be on a fucking elite team and they’re doing their thing.
Yeah. Well let’s just finish recapping Green Bay San Francisco. We didn’t. I mean what’s
there to read we got we got a little sidetracked. Jimmy G 8 passes. How do you win and they
have siege or NFC Championship with eight passes.
I’ll tell you how you walk into it with a game plan that Green Bay had which is like
let’s let them get up by 21 before we start letting Aaron Rodgers throw the ball. What
is that about. I like it as I’m watching Aaron Rodgers throw the ball sixty five yards yards
in the air and it probably like two miles high and Dante Adams per perfectly runs under
it for a huge play. Just why were you in that burning Richard
Sherman Jim Gee who I kept mentioning Jimmy Graham the real Jimmy G had a nice deep ball
like he was. I’m sure there were other opportunities and real to go back to the Tennessee Kansas
City game. I don’t know how I forgot it but shout out to Chris your daddy giving out a
precursor for a touchdown anytime. That was probably our biggest win of the of the weekend.
Plus seven hundred really helped my draft Kings lineups would have been awesome if I
would add most hurt. You basically had to have most but first there also was open for
another one earlier on in the game. That Tannehill just couldn’t connect with him I couldn’t
tell if it was first service slow or Tannehill over throw him but he beat his man it was
open deep and really works. That’s such a great name. Feeling it’s like Madden men would
love that dude. He’s one of those guys who will get penetration
but back to Green Bay San Francisco just a wasted like three possessions in the first
quarter and a half that let the game end. The game was over.
How do we how are we the only ones criticizing Rodgers. He gets just such a huge pass. Mike
McCarthy is not there. Who do you blame it on. They have skill position guys you have
earned Jones. You probably have your best defense. You have to Van to Adams. They’re
talking on the Broncos they’re talking about relooking at the skill position. You have
a premier running back and a premier number one receiver the offensive line was pretty
solid. It is an early Rodgers turned the ball over a lot.
MAN Isn’t it funny how the skill position players start to become the problem when the
quarterback’s not making them better or the offense isn’t making them better right. I
mean you hear the same that you don’t hear anyone talk about Lamar Jackson needs more
skill position players. And I guarantee an average NFL fan could not name a single receiver
on that team. Okay. Aaron Rodgers has the Monta Adams in a number of good receivers
who for whatever reason just can’t do it. I do think some of the blame needs to fall
on Matt. The flaw in that. You can’t run the ball three times in pocket.
I think in some degree but then also Aaron Rodgers I don’t know what it is if he’s hesitating
or he’s not trusting the offense but Troy pointed it out a couple times in the Seattle
game a couple of times even this game where he didn’t really criticize him but kind of
mentioned it there were guys open and he just wasn’t. He was scared to throw the quick pass.
He wasn’t taking advantage of holes of passing windows that they had. He was passing up polls
rare for I it just didn’t make sense. A lot of his playing style and it’s tough to really
be that critical of the floor. He came in they won 14 games and season like that was
it good. What were the Packers the year before 79 like you got to give him some credit for
that. No it’s just it will put the Seahawks had
a great record record too. But when games mattered you saw it. You saw this resistance
to letting your quarterback be a playmaker to me when I see Seattle and I see green bay
I see a lot of the same tendencies where it’s the coach knows better.
Coach knows better gameplan is better. I don’t care that you’re your freak athlete you’re
a freak playmaker you’re free quarterback we’re gonna do it my way until that until
I see it fail and I think on the flip side we see a Kansas City Chiefs team that does
not do that. I’ve never seen the Kansas City Chiefs feel like no we’re going to stick to
the game plan and even if that means we’re gonna run run run pass or run run pass punt.
Well I think any reads game plan is always passing so he does stick to that. I think
he’s been in a weird way I think this has helped him that they’ve gotten down and that
they’ve had to pass. All right I’ll give you an example. You run
you run Aaron Jones on a toss play for eight yards second and two instead of taking a shot
being aggressive you run a screenplay that nets you minus five Third and seven what do
you do some sort of weird running play get two yards punt the ball.
I don’t see how that’s playing to win the game. Now if I was a Packers fan I would have
a problem with that. It’s just you know you’re not playing to win the game. Are you watching
the same game I am. Because your defense can’t stop them. So I would suggest trying to get
points at every. Yeah I think if you’re going to criticize
the coaching you have to criticize whatever is going on defensive coordinator wise game
plan wise because for them to just clearly hey we’re just going to keep running mostly
for them to be that unbalanced. And for you not to be able to govern is in
saying well you know we’re Mike Payton came from you know where he got his defensive chops
Mr. Rex Ryan my way or the highway right. There is a clear set of coaches in this league
that know how did adjust. And I think we saw like the two coaches in the Super Bowl are
two of the best examples of how you adjust on the fly in the National Football League.
Granted both of those guys are offensive minds but we see that these defensive minds don’t
know how to adjust. So there’s a clear advantage for these guys
that there is Ryan that there are a lot off my chest there. Yeah. Who new sponsor to the
program Ryan. I’m always excited when we get a sponsor to the program that one of us is
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We actually use simply safe here for the SDP studio have a lot of camera equipment lighting
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of the reason they help they also validate that it’s real. There was a situation where
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me first to validate that you were not some sort of intruder. I said everything’s OK.
Feel like he’s he’s an Irish looking guy good to go. So yeah. And they got it all with the
censors entry motion. GLASS BREAKS sensors and again I think normally what people’s hold
up is to get in a system like this. The security system is going to get some guy to install
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studio but I’m not I’m not the kind of guy that keeps up on his chores. Now I did all
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went out and bought the simply save for. Wow. Again video for the police to see who’s trying
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simply safe with two eyes. Yes exactly. S I M P L I safe. Yeah. There you go.
But yeah. Nice. It’s always cool to have grown up now. We’re becoming a big boy podcast.
Well and as you know metaphorically we grew up as humans. It turns out that women like
to have a security system. Yeah. Not something I would have ever done but I went and went
finally and it was one of those things that sat in the box for a while and finally I was
like God damn it I got to set this up but now I’m happy I did yeah.
Anyway keep it simple keep it easy. What else we got. Couple he’s still clapping up there.
This fucking guy YouTube icon. All right. And knows.
I know I forgot about this. Ryan I’m going to send this to you as we speak because now
now he’s been extended. Right Jason Garrett has been extended. We thought he was going
to be gone but we need. We need a. And what do we need. We need a soundtrack for The Clapper.
And what better than the actual TV show. The Clap clap off. So I’m sending that to you
right now to pull. As a new drop on a bus it’s gonna be all right. You can’t have it
you can’t deny how great that’s gonna be to have the clap on clap off thing as a drop.
Moving forward. Any time we talk about the offense. Can’t wait for the Giants to have
top offense in the league next year. Well. Right. Certainly. I mean Raheem Mozart is
just a great example of why you have to spend you know why you have to draft a running back.
Number two overall Mozart. What was he. Third pic 4th pic. I think the fourth big big special
teams is cut six times they is four touchdowns a running backs don’t matter literally you
can throw anyone back there. They’re going to be good if you have a good offense and
or a good offensive line. This is a nice little random Super Bowl nugget. This is the first
Super Bowl that hasn’t featured Lee Garrett blunt or C.J. Anderson for the last seven
years. What is that. Could you think of a more random random factoid there. It’s interest
there’s product guys. There’s probably nothing to take away from it. But yet interesting
that neither of those guys are in another little fact that people. Yeah they’re going
back and counting their receipts for all the things they’re right about the 49ers or the
chiefs earlier in the season. And I know this because they had the Bangles but the Bangles
were favored against the 49ers week two of the NFL right now. That’s how long the season
is and how much things have changed. That’s why I would tell you if you have an
opinion lean into it. Our opinion was wrong about Jimmy Garoppolo and this 49ers team.
Well I think I think we’re not wrong about Jimmy Garoppolo. We’re just wrong. We were
wrong about Shanahan’s ability to take the ball away from him. Much like a drunk who’s
trying to walk out with his keys they’ve just pulled it out of his hand.
It’s unfair to say that obviously he has some part of this. He he I assume he’s making calls
at the line of scrimmage that are that are correct. He’s just not using his arm. He’s
an unconventional modern day quarterback but he’s very good looking.
Is Jimmy G. Now we know he’s dated. He dated a porn star for a while. Male or female female
female. Okay. Right. How dare you say that about dating a porn star. So you know he’s
connected to the porn star community. Is Jimmy G the first NFL cock where he just sits back.
He’s witnessing all this awesome action happening but not taking place. Maybe that’s his kink
where he just likes he likes the team to score a lot of points score a ton but he doesn’t
like to be involved he just likes to sit off the side you know like those weird videos
of dudes who love the acting in those videos are always hilarious it’s like oh no not my
wife what are you doing to her. Just some creepy guy won’t let me join in. No no there’s
not. There’s just a there’s a fetish where guys enjoy watching other guys have sex with
their wife and in this same capacity. Jimmy G is watching the 49ers score without him
and he’s just sitting on the sub. We’re gonna have to dive into this another
day. I’m a little unclear as to why why anyone would want to do that right.
It’s it’s the internet. Oh yeah sorry. I just googled is Jimmy Garoppolo. Man I got
stuck on some weird porn pop ups. I must not do that again. All right. Right. Does the
G and Jimmy that okay. I don’t know. Still TBD.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that but not that there’s anything wrong with that
indeed. I will give out my first Super Bowl that Ryan and that is. Kimmie tails baby give
me tails. Coin toss you transition beautifully from Jimmy G being gay to wanting town. So
congratulations Sean Ryan do you want to throw your pick for the Super Bowl coin toss Joe
br. No I mean obviously tails never fails but
I was going to say I was trolling around just random football props Joe Barrow to be the
number one pick is minus two thousand no’s plus eight hundred remember Baker Mayfield
come out of nowhere. Do you remember you had me like Joe Barrow was not on the list.
Twelve months ago he’s now on the list very clearly quote Number one eight to one for
him to not go no one seems a bit tricky. I’m just going to load up on number one Joe borrowed
minus two thousand. Oh no. Why. Why mess with the sure thing.
Oh no I got him for participating in the first game and I guess I am on tails. Okay.
We’ve given out our first Super Bowl bet. We’ve teased the fact that Super Bowl week
is coming to SGP and so stay tuned for that next week. We got some fun stuff coming up
this week. We’ll talk a little college basketball maybe little NBA maybe a little SFL perfect
time to check in the F X AFL dual Pro Bowl DFS slate. That’s always fun. It’s always
fun. A lot of different stuff going on this week. And as always gives us the following
gambling podcast make sure you enter these Super Bowl squares competition. Take a screenshot
of your five star your new five star review even throw in a hashtag. Yeah SGP Super Bowl
or whatever. So we know it’s new we know it’s from you. Where are they. In Podcasts at sports
gambling podcast our camp podcast. Or do you want to sit. Yeah send it to contest at sports
gambling podcast that can contests at sports gambling podcast dot com send that in and
we will get you entered the Super Bowl squares which we will be giving away a thousand dollars
and if you’re running your own squares for at home at your Super Bowl party.
Print that out over at sports gambling podcast dot com and for the sports gambling podcast.
I’m Sean stack in the money green and he is Ryan.
Happy Martin Luther King Day. Joan Kramer let it ride.

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