[Music] the proto is one of the most popular dogs in America the perception is that this is a girly girly dog the poodle was originally a hunting dog with roots in Northern Europe the word poodle comes from a German word which means puddle because these dogs are actually water retrievers water retrievers hunting how did we get from there to this foo-foo dog of today the foo-foo cut of a poodle let’s see the little puffs of hair were placed around their joints the idea being that those puffs of hair would keep the joint warmer in the water she’s in the Continental clip the most popular cut is the Continental clip one of many variations poodle puppies are kept on their own special clip it’s the only breed that comes in three sizes the full size standard the miniature and the toy which stands less than ten inches but whether it’s a standard miniature or toy all poodles have the same breed standards I became famous in LA because people would see me walking down the street with two pitbulls and a toy poodle and by the way you want a fantastic watchdog get yourself a toy poodle despite the size variety all poodles have been bred with three distinctive traits unlike the fur coat of most dogs poodles have a hair coat dog fur grows to a point and then is shed but poodle hair continues to grow they’re very low dander they don’t shed and they’re really ideal for people who have a lot of allergies the poodle has been cross bred with other popular breeds to make more hypoallergenic pets the Labradoodle the woudl and the kakapo poodles are also known for their proportionately long legs these powerful legs make the poodle a favorite trick dog for its athletic abilities they love to prance they hold themselves with really beautiful high esteem they’re amazing to watch but this breed is certainly not all beauty and no brains the key characteristic of this dog is its intelligence when it comes to train ability poodles are amazing portals are unofficially ranked second to Border Collies in terms of intelligence and like Labradors they’re intense desire to please make them ideal for work as seeing-eye dogs social therapy dogs and service dogs if the poodle is a breed that appeals to you there are some factors to keep in mind I don’t think that there’s a breed of dog that you will spend more money on potentially for grooming than a poodle they need to be bathed every two to three weeks to keep their coat in proper condition overall poodles are a wonderful family dog with a great temperament they’re really great for kids they’re great with families they’re great with single people they love to be sociable at 11 to 12 years the poodle lives a long time but owners need to be wary of bloating a blockage in intestine that can be fatal this versatile breed needs plenty of space they do tend to be pretty active dogs they tend to be hardening fun to be around finally training is where the poodle shines remember every dog has its own unique personality and traits but overall the poodle is an adaptable dog he’ll keep you company for years to come but has some health issues to be aware of the foodle is high maintenance when it comes to grooming and is a winner when it comes to training finally this breed is a great family pet this dog will make you out to be the best trainer in the world if you know what you’re doing Oh

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