Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today we have a very special guest, it’s my friend Jake! Jake: Hello! Ro: You guys know Jake, we’ve baked together. Jake: We have, this is true. Ro: We’re buddies! Ro: And, I’m gonna be putting both of his links down below, go check ’em out. The first one is Vsauce 3. Jake: Mmmhmm… Ro: And the second one is Jake Rawr! Ro: Like a tiger! Jake: Rawr-rawr! Rawr-rawr! Ro: Rawr-rawr-rawr! Jake: Speaking of tigers, what are we doing today Ro? Jake: Kitty Cat! Ro: We are gonna be making Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches! Ro: I got so many requests from you guys to make the Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwich from Steven Universe. Ro: So that is exactly what we are gonna be making today. Jake: Mmmmmm! Both: Let’s get started! Both: Hahhhh! Ro: Heyyyyy! Jake: Haaahhhh! Jake: I feel like we’re landing a plane. Ro: The things you will need to make these ice cream sandwiches, will be: Ro: 2-1/2 cups of all purpose flour, 1-1/2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of butter, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, Ro: 1/2 a cup of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder, 2 eggs, 1/8th of a teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, Ro: and, 1/2 a teaspoon of almond extract. You will also need…. Jake: Huuuhhhh! A cookie cutter shaped like a cat’s face, a oval cookie cutter, to cut out it’s tiny little eyes, Jake: 3 strips of acetate, and that’s not all, you’re also going to need 2 things of vanilla ice cream, Jake: sans the vanilla beans, and this is only 1, the other 1 is inside me, but we’ll deal with that later. Jake: And 2 things of strawberry ice cream, again there’s only 1 shown, I have a problem! Both: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do is whisk together our dry ingredients in this bowl right here. Ro: Jake… Jake: Yes!? Ro: I’m gonna have you whisk, grab that whisk. Jake: Mmmm, OK. Ro: First I’m gonna add the flour. Jake: Oh, I’m whisking it! Ro: Yeah, whisk it together. Jake: You really got mix the flour with the flour. Ro: Mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm. Ro: Then we’re gonna add our cocoa powder. Jake: Really get, really get into that whisking. Jake: Let’s just really look at that. Do you see the whisking? Ro: Can you see this? Jake: Can you really? Ro: Can you see this? This is… Jake: The closer your face gets, the more you whisk it! Ro: We’re adding a little salt, and baking powder. Jake: Now we are going to mix together our butter and sugar, Jake: would you do me the honor of putting it in the bowl please? Ro: Mmmhmm, come on! Jake: You can do it little guy! Jake: Look at it! Ro: Oh, there he goes! Jake: You’re so good butter! Jake: Alright… Ro: Now sugar. Mix together until it’s light and fluffy. Jake: Oh no! Too high! Ro: Now we are gonna add the rest of our wet ingredients, we have our eggs, and extracts. Ro: We are gonna add the eggs 1 at a time, 1 at a time Jake! Jake: I know, Ro: First egg, whole egg… Jake: Ooooh, that was great! Ro: Oooh, that was fast! Ro: Teamwork makes the dream work. Jake: Awwww! Ro: Awww! Both: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Jake: Scrape-scrape-scrape, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Both: Scrape-scrape-scrape! Both: Scrape your bowl! Ro: Alright, now the extracts. Jake: Extract. Ro: Mix it up one more time Jake! Jake: Oh yeah! Jake: Now we do something esle which is…. Ro: Add our dry ingredients, we are gonna add this in halves. Ro: So in 2 parts, I’m just gonna eyeball it, then mix it up! Jake: Oooh yeah. Ro: The chocolate just hit me in the face, this smells really good! Ro: Alright, our second half, mix it on low! Jake: Oh that was low… Ro: So that you don’t get a big dust cloud! Jake: Like…. This? Ro: Yeah like that! Like, yeah, like that! Jake: Don’t do that. Ro: Don’t do that! Ro: you’re gonna smell and taste great! Jake: Some cookie just flew away! Jake: Our cookie dough is now ready. Ro: Yep, and we are gonna wrap it up and put it in the fridge for 2 hours to chill. Ro: So over here I’ve just got some plastic wrap. Jake: Oh, it’s heavy! Ro: I’ll help you hold the bowl! Yes! Jake: Huuhhhh! Ro: And I’m just gonna gently pack it down, just a little bit. Ro: Then I’m gonna wrap him up tight, like a little burrito, or something! Ro: Boom! Now we’re gonna pop it in the fridge for 2 hours! Ro: Our dough has chilled and now we’re gonna roll it out and Jake, I’m gonna teach you a little baking flair. Jake: OK, I don’t think… Ro: Have you ever seen like, Bartender flair? Jake: Where they flip things in the air? Ro: Yeah they flip like bottles and they’re juggling. Jake: I’ve heard of this. Jake: So we’re gonna do that, we’re gonna juggle the dough? Ro: Yeah, I decided there needs to be baking flair! Jake: Yeah. Ro: You’re just gonna hold it here, and pull it! Jake: This is what a mistake looks like kids! Jake: Here we go! Ro: You can do it! Jake: Alright, well I don’t want to hit you in the face! Ro: OK, I’m gonna stand over here then. Jake: OK… Ro: OK. Jake: Huwah! Ro: Wooooo! Jake: Come at me! Jake: If we could do an instant replay in slow motion, where we see it flipping in the air, Jake: it got, like, at least 3 flips. Ro: Woooooooooooooooo! Jake: Now what do we do? Ro: Now we’re gonna sprinkle a little bit of cooca powder onto the surface. Ro: And then I am gonna cut the cookie dough in 1/2 because it’s easier to roll out 1/2 at a time. Ro: It’s a lot of cookie dough. And Jake I’m gonna have you roll it out. Jake: Oh yeah, use those muscles. Ro: Just sprinkle a little bit on top. Jake: Becasue I’m too strong! Ro: And then just go pewm-pewm-pewm! Jake: Pewm-pewm! Ro: Different ways, different ways, you can come this way. Jake: PEWM! Ro: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Jake: Pewm! Ro: I’ll hold this, I’ll hold this. Ro: You’re just gonna roll it about 1/4 inch thick. Ro: We got our little cookie cutter over here, I’m gonna try to cut 6 of them. Ro: Because remember an ice cream sandwich, you need the top cookie and the bottom cookie. Ro: So every ice cream sandwich will need 2 cookies. Ro: Now we’re gonna remove the excess dough, just peel it. You can just grab it Jake, get in there Jake: OK. Ro: You can do it! Ro: Transfer them to our baking sheet, it’s lined with a piece of parchment paper so it won’t stick to the bottom. Jake: So for the top cookie we’re gonna cut out 2 eyeballs for each 1. Ro: You’re gonna heat your oven to 325 degrees and bake them for about 16 minutes. Jake: Cookies are in the oven baking, and now I think we should sheet our ice cream yes? Ro: We’re gonna prepare our ice cream. Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do is spray it down. Ro: Wooooo. Jake: Ooohhhhhh! Ro: Now you’re gonna place the plastic wrap down, leaving a little bit of overhang on each side, Ro: So that when we remove our ice cream, it just makes it a little bit easier. Ro: And then we’re gonna do a short piece right down the center. Jake: So we have our pan ready, we have our surgical gloves on… Jake: Now we are going to play with some ice cream! Ro: Yes we are! Jake: Mmmmmmmm! Ro: We’re gonna start with strawberry, and the reason that we’re doing Ro: this is because our ice cream sandwich is a 50-50. Ro: 50% strawberry, and 50% vanilla! I swear I’m gonna open this Jake, it’s gonna be great! Ro: Once I get it open. Jake: I just know it’s gonna be like the Ark of the Covenant. Jake: Oh you did it! Ro: I did it, I did it, I did it! Jake: Everyone, hold on, stop what you’re doing at home… Jake: She did it! Jake: Here I’ll do sound effects for you. Scchhhuuuuuuupppppp… Ro: It’s like, really cold! Jake: Scchhhuuuuuuupppppp. Ro: I don’t know if I can get it out….OK, there we go! Ro: I’m just gonna line it on this side of the pan, closest to us. Ro: You can do it Jake! Ro: Jake! Jake! Jake is great! Ro: Jake! Jake! Jake is great! Jake: It’s like when I delivered that baby! Ro: Jake’s also a mid-wife, so if you need his services, hit him up, his email’s down below. Jake: Ohhhh yeah! Ro: I’ll put it in the links. Oh my gosh it’s a baby girl! Jake: And then you’re done! Ro: OK. Ro: Are the fingers cold? Yes! Jake: Oh yeah! Ro: Does it smell delicious? Yes! Jake: Yeah! Ro: We got our first row of ice cream in here, and I’ve smoothed it out, with a spatula. Ro: And now, before we put our divider in, I am just going to wipe the tray, really quick. Ro: So that the Strawberry Ice Cream won’t touch our vanilla. Jake: So once it’s looking all nice and clean we are going to add 1 of our acetate strips. Jake: Just 1! Ro: Just 1… Jake: There we go! Jake: So we throw that on and divide it. Ro: Here we go! Ro: Quick tip, change your gloves in between becasue otherwise you’ll have strawberry on them. Ro: And we don’t want it to touch the vanilla. You want the colors to look separate. Jake: Sounds like ice cream segregation. Ro: It is, but then they come together! Jake: Yes they do! Ro: Take a handful here Jake! You spread it out, I’ll scoop ’em! Ro: Quick Jake, line ’em up! You went ham last time, so I’m gonna do it now. Ro: I’m gonna do it now! Jake: Oh yeah! Ro: Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Jake: Let me know if you need to tap out. Ro: Nope-no-no I got it! I got it! Jake: Oooh you did it! Ro: I got it! I got it! I got it! Ro: I got it, I got it, I got it! Jake: Oh yeah! Ro: Yes-yes-yes-yes! Yes-yes! Jake: Woooooo! Ro: Yes-yes! My dog will eat it, don’t worry about it! Jake: So we are going to smooth this out, then we are going to do it 2 more times. Jake: 1 more strip of strawberry and then 1 more strip of vanilla. With no beans! Ro: That’s right! Jake: All of our ice cream is now arranged in the pan. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Jake: So we can remove our acetate strips. Ro: OK, I’m gonna pull down, you pull up. Jake: You want me to pull this? Ro: Yeah we’ll both do it, 1, 2, 3! Ro: Heraaggghhhhh! Jake: Beragggggghhhhhh! Rooh! Ro: Oh, that was good, that was good! Jake: OK. Ro: OK, 1, 2, 3 and up! Ro: Alright, next 1! Jake: 2 more to go, here we go,! Ro: 1, 2, 3. And up! Jake: Woops! Ro: Oh, OK, 1, 2, 3… Up, out of there! Get out of there! Jake: Get out of there demon! OUT! Out devil! OUT! Ro: We’d be great at doing that as well! Jake: We would! Ro: Yeah, pull him out! Jake: OHHHH YEAH! Ro: Coming out! Jake: OHHHH YEAH! Jake: And that’s how you get rid of acetate! Ro: And this is what your ice cream tray should look like. Ro: Now we’re gonna pop them in the freezer for a little bit to harden. Jake: The Ice Cream is nice and firm now, so, uh, let’s flip it on the cutting board. Ro: OK, you guys we’re gonna work quickly because ice cream melts. Ro: We’ve wrapped our cutting board in plastic wrap, and now I’m just placing it on top of our ice cream. Ro: And now we’re gonna do the big flip. Jake: Whew, OK. Ro: When I flip, you flip, we flip! Ro: Teamwork! Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! Jake: Ohhh! Ro: Pick up the pan. Jake: Whooo, woooooo! Ro: Ohhh, there we go! There we go! Jake: Ooh-hoo-hoo! Ro: Moving quickly, take off the plastic. Jake: Using our warm bowl of water with a cat cookie cutter, Jake: we are going to cut out our cookie… Ice cream cats…. Ro: Just remember when you’re cutting out your cookie ice creams, you want to have the strawberry on the right. Ro: Straight down, straight down, straight down! Ro: I can’t, get, wait, it won’t go down in there! Jake: Oops! Ro: It’s just like… Jake: Curse this strength! Ro: We’re just gonna use a little spatula, there we go! Jake: Ohhhhhh! Jake: Look at that! Jake: Whoa! Ro: Here Jake. Hold this! Jake: Thank you, this is all I’ve ever wanted! Ro: Alright, we’ve got it cut out, now we’re gonna pop it out onto another cookie sheet Ro: lined with a piece of parchment paper. Jake: Final step, it is time, huuuuhhhh! Ro: Huuaahhhhh! Jake: To assemble! Ro: Dun-da-dun-daaaa! Jake: Na-na-na-na-na! Ro: Na-na! Jake: Na-na-na-na! Jake: That was the final cat-down. Ro: Boom! Ro: Meow-meow-meow-meow! Both: Meow-meow-meow-meow-meow! Both: Meow-meow-meow-meow-meow! Both: Meow-meow-meow-meow-meow-meow-meow, meow-meow-meow, meow-meow-meow Both: meow-meow-meow-meow-meow-meow-meow, meow-meooowwwwwwww Jake: Maaawwwwww. Ro: Rawr! Both: Ta-da! Jake: Aaaaaaaaaaa! Ro: Here are the Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches that we made today from Steven Universe! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting them, and, a big thank you to my friend Jake Ro: for helping me bake today! Jake: Thank you for having me, it was lovely! Ro: I love this guy, we’re doing movie night soon! Ro: I’m gonna put, again, all his links down below, go check ’em out, Vsauce 3 and Jake… Both: Rawr! Ro: I’ll be posting lots of pictures of our ice cream sandwiches on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, Ro: And if you guys make these, please take a picture and send it to me, I love seeing your baking creations! Ro: It just makes my day! Makes me happy! Ro: And, if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, Ro: leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen! Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Jake: Bye! Ro: These are so cute! I’m gonna save them forever, but after I eat this 1…. Jake: Mmmm! Ro: Mmmmmm! Jake: Cookie Cat! Ro: It’s a pet in your tummy! Jake: Cookie Cat! Ro: It’s super-duper yummy! Jake: Cookie Cat! Ro: Cookie Cat! Jake: Cookie Cat! Ro: Jake…. Don’t do it. Jake: Agchhh kawnn, Jake: Augchh hwagh. Ro: Jake share. Jake: I don’t wanna Ro: Jake you can share that. Jake: Hmmm, yess! Ro: Strawberry ice cream…. Jake: Hmmm, are you ready for the dance!?!? Jake: Would you like to dance!?! Ro: This is good. Jake: It is good!

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