Yep, and if you don’t then it pinches you and you literally die. Look how big this thing is compared to you Lilly’s turkey fryer lobster fish tank big money big lobsters that Thing is massive – there’s probably more meat inside the joint areas. Then the freaking like a whole crab I know, right? Go for a second, yeah So, yes, we’re gonna eat this are you gonna cook this huge really Look how big it is. The deal is the Farley have to get out You gotta get out of tank bro. Come on. You’re gonna be a youtuber bro. Yo, bro Go ahead. Yeah, this is our friend Farley guy. He’s gonna make a channel soon Guys if he takes us out of the tank if he takes out of the tank y’all have to subscribe to our friend formerly guys You gotta subscribe Go ahead You got to grab it behind the claws or you’re dead You should hold that a lot of those cool. Yeah, yeah Yeah, bright that way you can see it No, no, no. No, I can’t move that. That’s full of water. You’ll die. We’ll all die We’ll all die if you touch the tank. Oh You can reach that grab one claw. Yeah, grab the right claw and this lift Bro, you got this, bro Bro, you got this don’t be spooked. Oh my god You got this you got this bro grab it just grab it no, there’s no there’s no rubbers on it There’s no rubbers on it, bro. Just like me, bro It’s like me and my girl Yep, you want to be a youtuber bro, you got to grab it. You want to be a youtuber you gotta grab it? Oh My god Oh what poped it just proved something look you just pooped a little bit You have to do it Yeah, you have to do it where the chance of me actually getting bit You’re gonna you probably could get destroyed me really bad. Just make sure just be careful at the grips in the back of the joint No, just be careful. You got this Yeah, you want to be on youtube Gonna see something what are you doing with this? Yeah. Go ahead. See the reaction time. Yeah It’s been in the box, bro It’s just it’s cold. Yeah. See you. Look you’re good, bro We’re good just bad because you want to be you the newest YouTube you have zero subs. Have you made the channel yet? Louis Louis ups goes. Oh Grab it right behind the claws yet right there. Yep, and if you don’t then it pinches you and you literally die I’m just letting you know You’re not gonna die but you’re gonna your fingers gonna get chopped off Yeah, you don’t need the freaking mallet just grab just grab it bro Just grab a faster scrap this you got it you get you got this everyone’s gonna subscribe to you if you grab this Yeah behind the book yeah right behind the claws two three, yeah grab one first then the other Yep good, I’ve grabbed the other claw. There you go. Now grab the other claw Oh grab behind the other car grab grab behind the other claws Yeah, now you have complete control. Once you grab that complete control you did it. You did it lift it up out of tank. Oh Man the floors no My god Dude, that thing is massive, bro. You got us. So Joe. I thought you’re really gonna keep this thing in the tank I was like, what the heck? Bro, so so this is not a pet. This is literally our food. All right, so Yeah, it was a good idea to put it inside the tank though. I’d like to keep it like, you know, wait, I guess yeah While we waited for what dude show them what you’ve been doing well, oh my god Dude, I know look at all the butter that he’s using for this thing That’s a lot of butter but that pots not big enough for the lobster What are you gonna do that? Actually a turkey fire outside what yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s a good idea though Dude, actually I do this thing is a little too close to my behind if you know what I’m saying Joey what the heck? Okay, so what are you doing oh my god Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and it’s so big the loss of you guys so big you have to use a turkey fryer Okay, fill it up turkey frying I love what you’re doing there you walking dog Hold it up hold it up, bro bro Hold that thing up, man. Oh my god. That is ridiculous. Oh, My good that’s the side that stick. It’s all red and stuff Sheesh, so we’re gonna throw that thing. Yeah Superman on you, too Oh do them curls for all you got this show them show them girls with the girls, baby Lobster and curls bro. Look how big this thing is compared to you lilies. She finally made it She’s been dying to go ahead and see what we got today Look at the size of that Hold on, hold on. You’re you’re about five foot two. That thing is massive. No. Hold it against your chest Hold it up. Oh My god, it’s huge. It’s absolutely massive guys. Its massive. I’m ready to eat But before that I have a scale So what we’re gonna go ahead and do is we’re gonna go ahead and weigh you first Come on, if you’re comfortable with that, yeah, all right without without the lobster All right carefully now guys, she’s gonna get on the scale Go ahead tap it tap it harder. Now. We’re gonna find out how much he weighs Great She weighs 125 pounds and point one little ounces. All right now grab Larry, okay Grab Larry again the same when you grab them And we’re just gonna go ahead and subtract the weight from Larry to you Okay, and that’s how we know so way way way off on Hey Okay. Now we wait three rates, come on hundred and thirty six point eight eight With Larry you were one twenty five point one if we do the math Three six carry the four that’s definitely gotta be it’s a 12 pound Lobster. Oh my god guys. That is insane So the time has come let’s go ahead and get Zach and Farley and then put this sucker to boil. Are you ready? Dude it’s a wild blue sea lobster. You tried to grab it with the city Yeah, yeah, I’m ready dude oh my god Hold it up. Hold it up. Hold it up one more time. Go ahead. Go ahead I just it just looks so crazy right now. It just looks so crazy just off it. Tuck it in Boiling water never looks so clean turkey fryer lobster fish tank Oh god, oh god just a little bit of three degree burn. No problem All right, let’s lit it up and butter it up, oh the big lobsters big Thank you, look you far these three guys Dude That is a huge. Look how big this whole thing is step closer man. That’s Massive a whole turkey broiler. So what are you gonna do you gonna lift that thing up and then put this here? Yeah Big muscles big muscles big lobsters. Oh, yeah. I’m careful. Go ahead Continue to cook it’s super super hot. Yeah Big money big Lobsters what you guys have going on? Oh my god, dude. This is ridiculous big butter. Oh, My god Lobster Oh Garlic butter. Oh my god chef Joey Selam Ready to go for a swim buddy Oh Larry no lift lift once the lawn Think of that look at that meat We’re live now bro splashed on farley farley, go ahead get on the other side next to Joey Oh Ropa nothing up, what’d you guys eat it like freakin The Walking Dead, but I don’t dunk so butter. Is it good? What? Is it that good bro, open it up show the whole meat of this thing open up man? Oh god. Oh god Big lobsters big meat if it good meat Oh, oh my god No, no, I must I must wait watch out watch out Oh there you can’t shove your whole hand in that claw, that is wild The show that is ridiculous it’s tail time. Let’s go oh oh Yeah, dude. What a good idea with the scissors. Oh my gosh, dude, Larry your tail he has That’s a big one that’s how it looks delicious Oh, yes Struggling a little bit with that thing, dude two hands two hands Muscle man muscle slam. Oh Dude that is massive. I want a piece for they do Dude that looks that looks good. That looks great. There’s so much meat here. It’s insane Can you oh my god That is wild on big meets big meets big dunks. Ah How are you Oh 15 pounds of meat That’s a lot of meat in your mouth. That’s crazy. Dude. This is ridiculous Dine down ventures

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