Corgi Facts

Best Breed Ever! Corgis!
There are 2 main breeds of Corgis: Pembroke and Cardigan.
Cardigans have long fox-like tails; Pembrokes do not.
Cardigans originated in 1200 BC! The word “Corgi” comes from the Welsh words
meaning Cor=”Dwarf” and Gi=”Dog.” Queen Elizabeth II favors the Pembroke, and
has owned more than 30 corgis in her reign. Bred for herding, Corgis like to nip at heels.
Corgis are loud and will bark a lot. Corgis can live in large houses or small apartments.
They just need their daily exercise. Corgis have double coat, and will shed a lot
throughout the year! Corgis live to be 11-13 years or 77 to 91
in dog years! Corgis are loyal, loving, and make great companions.

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