Couple Share Studio Flat With A Cougar | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: A year and a half ago Alexandr and Mariya
decided to adopt a cougar. COMM: The couple adopted Messi from
a petting zoo. COMM: Alex and Mariya already had another,
much smaller sphynx cat living in their studio apartment but Messi fit right in. COMM: It’s not just a carefully planned diet that Messi needs, Alex and Mariya also have other tasks to do – to take care of their big cat.

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100 Responses

  1. Tefff dF says:

    Everyone gangsta until my boi walks his cougar

  2. Devin Thomas says:

    0:07 got that gucci jumpsuit on

  3. A Dog In a Cowboy Hat says:

    Me: a hunter who’s afraid of cougars

    Cougar: wears pajamas

  4. Paul Soto says:


  5. Aravind G says:

    Fluffy tail, true.

  6. Parminder Kimar says:

    ah finally Russian are very brave

  7. Geneschannel says:

    Y’all Messi is scared of the sphinx is adorable to look at xd

    The Instagram acc is


  8. Debbie Johnson says:

    I hope we all meet up in heaven including all our fur babies love you all❣❣❣❣?????

  9. Awesimo says:

    Right, I want a pet Cougar. What could go wrong?

  10. Alex Alex says:

    Хороший котик ?

  11. Alex Alex says:

    So cute? in his winter clothes

  12. Donny Allaway says:

    He eat the T u r k e y

  13. Park Haruka says:

    damn at the end what he said was really beautiful

  14. Natzu says:

    i find it very terrible when ppls owe such animals but messi seems to really love you guys and feel confortable so i guess better such a life then being alone in a 10×10 meter cage in a zoo

  15. Unknown User says:

    You better keep feeding that tiger them meat meals daily and keep it well fed or you, your girlfriend and your house cat be the next meals.

  16. JM Rodriguez-Luis says:

    In Soviet Russia YOU eat COUGAR

  17. TZ ;D says:

    So what happens when you forget to give Messi food for most of the day ? :DDDDDDDDD

  18. SupanthaProsad Mukherjee says:

    wilds deserve to be wild….no pet please.
    get a bigger dog!

  19. Sandy Smith says:

    Messi he is just so precious and beautiful Puma. He's a big giant cat who loves his owners. Such an amazing animal.

  20. Elsa Mary Neema says:

    Messi is the most cutest cat in the world ♥️♥️♥️love u baby

  21. Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon says:

    Yeah, I'm sure this is going to end well.

  22. Samual Jones says:

    At 5:47 the cougar is sizing up the dog for a potential meal

  23. とむとむ says:

    I found him uttering a voice between Meow and Roar???

  24. Rijendra Rijal says:

    Nobody is taking bout the name, MESSI

  25. Emilios Powerballer says:

    Messi: That Sphynx cat looks delicious dad, can i have it for dinner? PWEEEEEEEASE

  26. beatonthedonis47 says:

    Definitely SMERSH. They even have a Blofeld cat.

  27. shiladitya mukherjee says:

    This cougar behaves like a pet dog!! #cute 🙂

  28. Matador Queen89 says:

    That’s a big ol cat

  29. rehanasadique says:

    Cattttoooooooooooooooooooooooo doin me a hecking facinate <3

  30. Priyanka Sahani says:

    All I think is that there is everything possible when you have a heart full of love.

  31. Luma Al Hadi says:

    at the pumpkin part . how dare yooooooou

  32. Akshit Taneja says:

    Not only they have cougar they have courage also.

  33. Miss Lancaster says:

    Don't forget the women that was eating by her adopted animal ..after all he will and may go crazy and think of you as a good food garantee..they belong in the wilderness to be free and live thier life and not living with you insght 4,wall ?

  34. JustMehLel hi says:

    Its all fun and games until it bites your donger off

  35. Miss Lancaster says:

    Also it's very selfish to lock duck wild animal in apartment ?

  36. Kathryn P says:

    The picture of the three of them together is beautiful. Me, her and the cat. Happy family ?.

  37. ajin anto says:


  38. RAJ Kumar Chatterjee says:

    Bann this video

  39. Steve Glen says:

    This video rests Messi vs Ronaldo argument to rest forever

  40. ლმяíწ says:

    Tienen a un gato grande como mascota?

  41. Marie Mendoza says:

    J – just how do people have thsos pets like a FOX or WHAT you have. What
    What so very not cool so not cool. Just how tell me please

  42. Tse Choe says:


  43. TRIPPLE JAY says:

    A cougar in a flat. Cruel.

  44. Tejesh Konchada says:

    Iniesta and Messi, always a lovely combo

  45. security says:

    Salak mısınız oğlum siz

  46. dumb student says:

    Actually the couger is quite adorable

  47. Aldiwy :3 says:

    Le pusieron messi por leo messi o na q ve?

  48. Fairfaxcat says:

    This is a large dangerous cat. I doubt whether anyone will write you an insurance policy

  49. Grazia Sidari says:

    Tanti anni fa il mio gatto siamese amato da me come un figlio , mi si è rivoltato contro all’improvviso, mi ha attaccata e mi ha morso dappertutto, tranciando le vene e il tendine della mano destra. Perdevo sangue come da film horror. Cercavo di staccarmelo
    di dosso ma i suoi muscoli erano
    di marmo. Sono finita in ospedale per 15 giorni. Ed era solo un gatto ! Non oso immaginare se Messi lo dovesse attaccare per un istinto primordiale della natura, cosa può succedere!!

  50. Zelda Hyrule says:

    In USA you respect the cougar but in Soviet Russia cougars respect you

  51. Lightning BoltZ says:

    I bet that an original name……


  52. DHRUV JOSHI says:

    2:13 oh my gaawwddddd

  53. RICK JAMEZ says:


  54. The Progamer says:

    Messi should be a GOAT not a cougar

  55. eudaimonia says:

    is that a dressed chicken licking itself on her lap?

  56. David AdventTime21 says:

    Does anyone speak Jive? ?

  57. mmcdonaldscupp says:

    Only in Russia

  58. Royal Army says:

    Cougar’s thoughts on his owners: I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me.

  59. Katia Martins says:

    MESSI is a wonderful Boy ♥️
    Lovely and Very Sweet ?
    ???? ??????

  60. Сергей 757Maloy says:

    Хорошая,добрая семья.

  61. Xympha says:


    Me: looks at the family dog


  62. Rashida sacampong Sumpingan says:

    I think my kitten is more difficult to take care of than this cougar.

  63. Tan Man says:

    like to see a burglars face.

  64. Mikiness Analog says:

    That isn't a cougar. It is a tiny male puma.

  65. Asklepion asklepion says:

    Russians pets are cougars,bears etc….

  66. -ACE- says:

    2:59 okay, but where are his vegetables ?

  67. Sukh Qazmi says:

    Noone would want to go out in that ugly attire xp… XD

  68. Karl O says:

    So there apartment complex allows… cats?…

  69. Elena Williams says:

    Crazy Russians, cruel, selfish and clueless! It obviously can't go back to the wild but a sanctuary where it can run, stalk and socialise is better than a crappy one room apartment.

  70. Jon Alarcon says:

    Back in the 70s a guy that lived on Machado street in elsinore California had a mountain lion for a pet he used to walk it passed my aunt Berthas house on the corner of Machado and the main drag which was lake shore drive , my aunt had a snow cone store there and that where we asked if we could pet her the owner said yes but told us to let him and the cat walk up to us we did and she was beautiful and tame

  71. NICK BURMAN says:

    Cougar seems fine cause he's adorable but what's the deal with the naked cat Sphinx

  72. Sharon Morera says:


  73. billy spi. says:

    I have been following Messi channell-I_m_puma;I can see that Messi is very well cared for: is walked all the time;proper food,doctor chek-ups,groomed and bathed when it needed.It is wild animal,I know..and it is very well behaved,much more then moust domestic cats,even other wild ones kept in sanctuaries.Now it lives in a new place;with a room just for him.

  74. Joy'sCurls says:

    @02:13 ? was totally not expecting the cougar to sound like a cougar for some reason…..

  75. **Masha ** says:

    Where can i get one i fell in love and i need a friend

  76. Alex Bane says:

    Leave the wild animals alone they can never be pets.

  77. Krease To The T says:

    Welp read the title too fast & thought it was the other type of cougar disappoInTed

  78. Brent Bryan says:

    Only in Russia! Lol

  79. slyfox 104 says:

    Now let's discuss my salary

  80. Lisa Lentile says:

    No not for me

  81. Summer Lovin says:

    Beautiful cat. But he should live in the wild.

  82. woman says:

    Alexandr is so hot. Oh my. Russian men aren't usually hot

  83. woman says:

    why he say "come here" in English?

  84. Владимир Мин says:


  85. Leon Wandiyev says:

    Какая прелесть Месси??❤

  86. Brisa Habanera says:

    Pumita es lo máximo. ???

  87. Elliot is a person says:

    Aye is your cat ok?

  88. Sol Snow says:

    Did they call him Messi cause he can't grow up? Lmao

  89. Lysandros Bafaloukos says:

    He is a dog-sized cat!

  90. Fahad Khan says:

    i love sphynx cat. They have a unique personality

  91. Ceyda Yalgın says:

    God bless you!! ??????????

  92. Laxmi Thapa says:

    Messi so innocent and adorable ????

  93. Carlos Duque says:

    These people are trippin

  94. kek upchurch says:

    Oh! So that's what they meant by a cougar. I thought….

  95. sylvie labrie says:

    Bravo a vous ?

  96. The Godfather says:

    un bambino è meglio

  97. Brendan Connolly and Ireland wildlife says:

    He’s beautiful or she is beautiful a lot of work

  98. Manuel Saldana says:

    Lol his clown costume

  99. Alexxis says:

    Not that big of a deal. I live with one and she’s always hitting on my boyfriends ?

  100. Matt Tad says:

    Has he mauled one of them yet?

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