COVID-19 and your pets: what you need to know

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  1. Music Inflames Temperament says:

    Thank you Doctor! ❤️

  2. Nadine Johnson says:

    Very sound advice. I really like how talk about not panicking. Buying up toilet paper I don't understand,. food is more essential and people may be forgetting about having enough pet food and supplies. Definitely appreciate the calming reassurance.

  3. Steven Claggett says:

    Thank you for a voice of reason. I have read several incorrect articles that pets can spread Kung Flu, my cats are Kung Flu fighting machines.

  4. Wombat. says:

    THANK YOU from a random Australian, who loves her 15 year old -recently adopted – cat. And likes and respects her Vets a lot, and doesn't want to stress them. Or make them sick ever!
    edit: This advice applies to every flu season !!!!

  5. Ida Umphers says:

    Thanks so much for this! I kind of figured this but nice to have it confirmed by a trusted source.

  6. Francesco Linares says:

    Doctor: Explains about COVID-19

  7. Anti Christina says:

    Clawdia is adorable 🥰

  8. Siiixers says:

    If only more were like you… These civilised people are EATING each other. I work in a supermarket, I've seen them. Ugh.

  9. Bandit says:

    Clawdia is the prettiest little lady ♥️

  10. patricia mae magnaye says:

    Dr Yuri, thank you for this video. I am happy that you and Clawdia are doing well! Send my hugs and kisses to Sir Lancelot and Pirate 😘

  11. Teresa Alonso says:

    Bravo, Dr Berstein!!

  12. S K says:

    Nice touch in the end doc.

  13. MaxairEngineering says:

    My concern is maintaining proper care of Gemini IF I end up sick in bed. Giving her ringers every other day, other meds and making sure she eats enough. My concern if someone takes her to help out, can they pick up the virus off her body and or cage?

  14. Lance Wolfe says:

    Thank you for this. We’ve had so many people calling the office about this that we actually changed our hold/voicemail message to state these facts.

  15. Gary Cooper says:

    Using hand sanitizer (alcohol) is not as good as washing your hands with soap and water. It’s better than nothing, though.

  16. Colibrí Illust says:

    Everyone thank Clawdia right now.

  17. jmurray01 says:

    Sound advice – thank you! Yes, people need to be sensible, depriving others of sanitary products is NOT the way to help the situation, after all who needs 12 bottles of hand sanitiser and 100 toilet rolls!? If we all bought what we needed at any given time (shops ARE NOT going to close) then shelves wouldn't be empty and everybody could be clean and the majority would be virus free.

  18. sirBrouwer says:

    interesting with the hand washing i always go even a bit higher on the arms. I always go for the same height as the top surgical gloves go. the rest is pretty much the same.

  19. your mom says:

    You're amazing!! This was perfect 👌, thank you 😊 🙏!!!

  20. Katie O says:

    Is this also true for pet rats? Nice knowing my cat will be fine but he's not my only concern and rodents seem to exist differently in some cases…


    Thank you.

  22. waitingforapril says:

    I know I'm supposed to wash my hands right after I come home from outside, but it is hard to resist petting my cat welcomes me roght at the door with this whole ceremony…but if I touch my cat I worry (a) about my cat ingesting any germs when grooming, and (b) having to wash my hands every time I pet my cat afterwards. I guess i can just be firm…but my cat is so sweet, it is hard to disappoint. Any advice? 🙂

  23. Kathy Dimou says:

    Thank you Dr Uri for the common sense reminder. Give Clawdia, Lancelot, and Mr Pirate a squish for me.

  24. agirly1503 says:

    Love him!!!

  25. Serosh Butt says:

    live on dude <3

  26. Julie Pepper says:

    The primer way to use hand sanitaser is the same as Washing your hands, but for 20 secs hurray!!!

  27. Mimi Penafiel says:

    Very informative I definitely shared this video with people through Facebook they need to know the most so they can help their pets🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. Janice Ash says:

    A voice of reason. Thank you from New Mexico .

  29. Anthony Kelly says:

    my cat was unwell since last wednesday and stopped eating for about 30 hours i was really worried,i took him to vets friday and they said he has a fever.he was given an injection of anti biotics i think,however he was already getting back to his old self friday afternoon,and is active and eating well again.bit of a coincidence with all this cornovirus around,is it for sure pets cant get this virus and only humans?

  30. Sylvia Kovessy says:

    Thank you !

  31. marcus annegarn says:

    Please remember to also feed your pets properly!
    You can live without toilet roll but your pets can't live without proper food.

  32. laurah6381 says:

    I feel calmer just listening to this! ❤️ To anyone reading this, may you stay healthy and have peace!

  33. Iman Z says:

    What about birds/parrots?

  34. Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ says:

    Clawdia I want to kiss u n me. Pirate! Sacred precious cotton! She’s cleaner than most humans!

  35. S D says:

    But what if I touched a cat that lives at an infected owner?
    If the owner coughs at his cat and let it out and someone touch it?
    I read the virus live up to 3 days on surfaces. A cat has a lot of surface where a virus can rest on our not?

  36. Ben Lieckfelt says:


  37. Jennifer Riggs says:

    "Don't panic." Too late! The insanity driven by the media is ridiculous right now.
    On a much happier note, I highly enjoyed the intermission caused by Clawdia. Too funny!
    Thanks for the informative video, as always.

  38. Kiwi Cat says:

    I’m worried about the cat food supply in my area. I need to get dry food and I can’t find any, even the cheap stuff is sold out.

  39. X X says:

    I've heard ferrets can get it, is that true? It makes since, since ferrets can get the common flu from us

  40. Chan Valentine says:

    My cat's vet sent out an email letting us know that no one in their office has been exposed to Corvid-19. I thought that was kind of him.

  41. Marc-André Demers says:

    Yeah those flimsy paper masks with air flowing from all of the four sides is no protection at all, just catches the droplets from someone's own mouth, but there's something to be said about airtight micron filter masks, like the ones the medical personnel uses to treat people with infectious diseases. The general population probably shouldn't wear it, but my partner has a severe congenital pulmonary condition which means he'll very likely die if he catches COVID-19 so, while his college just closed down and his job just issued a permission for him to work from home, he's gonna have to go fetch his work laptop Monday to be able to do his work, so he'll wear one of those masks to do so.

    It's okay to look dumb in these two circumstances: to protect others from your nasty mouth droplets during obligatory contact while self isolating (such as receiving groceries), or to have an actual effective mask when you're part of the high-risk population and have no choice but to briefly go out. Other than that you're just making a fool of yourself.

    It's also completely useless if you don't apply all the preventive measures, such as washing your hands, not touching your face and eyes and staying 2 metres away from people who aren't in preventive isolation with you.

  42. thecatman4ever says:

    I was worried about my cat "Apple" getting this virus if I should ever get it and now I feel much better knowing that animals cannot get this from humans. You are a wealth of knowledge thanks for sharing this video with us.

  43. Polly Gato says:

    Thank you for this. I saw a recommendation against kissing your pets, and I thought "that won't happen!" I thought it was silly when I read it, so thanks for confirming. Thanks for the demo too!

  44. Rachael says:

    Such a good video! Thank you for sharing!!

  45. sophie chiesa says:

    you are so awesome. i am recommending this video to all of my friends bc most of them have animals and its tough bc right now you find so many different opinions and point of views and recommendations and like you said some may be out of date. its nice to hear information straight from a credible source and this video really soothed a lot of the sources of my worry. thank u 💗

  46. KA Fleury says:

    Excellent advice. Glad to know about the risk of transmission between animals and humans. I saw a mention that the dogs that had been in quarantine were found to be free of the virus and released by the World Health Organization. Yes, WHO let the dogs out.

  47. Jayc Ider says:

    Charm and calm: level 100

  48. Raeleigh says:

    Please please keep making a ton of videos. We seriously just need to hear your soothing voice rn. ❤️

  49. Psyence Friday says:

    Squish that cat!

  50. Paulo Marques says:

    Thank you for this video.

  51. SW627 says:

    Reassuring info……thank you Doc ! 😀

  52. Raeleigh says:

    They informed people recently that you can 'reinfect' yourself with the disease. Because it's a virus, though, I think that just means the symptoms can return and you become infectious again (like mono or strep).

  53. Raeleigh says:

    In the USA you can't find hand sanitizer literally anywhere. Or toilet paper which… That one I still don't understand hahah

  54. Paul says:

    hand sanitizer wont do any good for spores fyi, so C-diff etc., wash your hands. Or if you have visibly soiled hands. But ya for covid-19 its fine. Also, dont hoard all the soap and toilet paper lol

  55. debbie boring says:

    Thank you this is the best information I have heard so far. It was something I keep saying. Thank you again. I shared this on my FB page and many are the type to pass things along.

  56. Angie says:

    Thank you doc! ♥️😄

  57. amorypeace says:


  58. Tamra Kochie says:

    Flea transmittal possible?

  59. zefluff says:

    Thank you for addressing the hoarding issues in this video. Our dental clinic now only has access to 3 boxes of level 1 masks per week when we should be using level 3 and that privilege is waning as we speak. My boyfriend also has to use a respirator mask for his job due to mold and lead paint and the refills have been gone for a month. I hope that people have access to hand sanitizer and handsoap because I haven't seen any along with tp for about 2 weeks. We're lucky that we regularly buy these things and aren't in dire straits yet, but I feel for the people that need them and don't have access because of the panic.

  60. Carly Brown says:

    sigh the point of surgical masks is to keep the surgeon's nasty snot n spit out of the sterile field…right?

  61. JustCallMeLoathesome says:

    To be fair, couldn't the virus be coughed onto a cat's fur, and if someone else pets the cat, they (the other person) could be susceptible to infection? We're told the virus lives for days on surfaces. Obviously, the time differs by surface.

  62. sensationalnana says:

    once again a great video from our favorite vet!

  63. Liv Collier says:

    Thank you! I was so worried about my babies getting sick from me without my knowledge. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders!!

  64. Neetha U says:

    Thank you doctor

  65. Chaosrunepownage says:

    Thank you for squishing Clawdia for me! Buddy has been getting plenty of squishes this week since I've been home sick with the seasonal flu but that also means that our neighborhood cats aren't getting their usual squishes so it's good to know other people are out there to squish the cats.

  66. DURR says:

    2:35 Clawdia says, "Say, 'Hi!' to my butthole, YouTube!"

  67. Warren Beetar says:

    Hi. I have a question for you please, Dr, you said that animals cannot transmit the Corona virus to humans. Can us humans, transmit the Corona virus to our cats or dogs if we have the virus?

  68. Tammy B says:

    Thank you for being a voice of reason!

  69. Cérès says:

    Quarantine for normal people is just a regular lifestyle for introverts such as I 😅😷🙈

  70. Chase H. says:

    I was under the impression this epidemic originated from chinese wetblocks (exotic meats butchers who have practically no health and safety standards) therefore meaning it IS transmittable across different species of animals.

  71. Theressa says:

    I love how he will squish the annoying cat later <3

  72. Heather Jones says:

    Good common sense Yuri.

  73. Kristina D says:

    Clawdia: "I showed you my butthole, please respond"

  74. mrsticker2 says:


  75. Ishwari Laughing says:

    Do you know if this applies to budgies? I have a budgie and know they can catch common colds from you, do you think they could catch coronavirus? Worried because they are so small and vulnerable! Thank you x

  76. nartyteek says:

    I'd just go ahead and die if I couldn't safely pet my cats lol! I'd be that idiot, honestly.

  77. nartyteek says:

    But for real, I'm saving up for a bidet after all this nonsense. My neighbors bought out ALL the sanitary paper products.

  78. Madhu S. says:

    Thanks for the positive and tempered advice Doc. Luv your pets!!

  79. Kaidona says:

    There is a reason why medical organizations are telling you not to wear a mask until you're exhibiting symptoms of the illness. It keeps the worst of the pathogens in, not out.

  80. Skywatcher Sandra says:

    Ty so much for the information and sharing your videos and time with us ALL. HUGS and GOD bless us ev1

  81. Cindy Coldiron says:

    Clawdia is a BOSS.

  82. marilen alcebar says:


  83. Tranceplant82 says:

    LOL oh you Clawdia, showing your butt to everyone and knocking down some stuff… 😉

  84. Markxxx says:

    Clawdia is getting old, she has gray hairs on her back 2:32

    Also as a medical professional it might be helpful to explain to people exactly WHY cats and dogs cannot spread it.

  85. Milo ballz101 says:

    Squish the COVID-19 Out of your cat

  86. Nerd Incognito SUE says:

    Thank-you so much for doing this video!! I spent a few hours online, after hearing that report of the dog, trying to find more info. I'd stopped hugging my cat or giving him a kiss on his noggin 😯 – I was worried I could make him sick. He's getting so many hugs now. 🐈💕

  87. madeline welsh says:

    Love your videos! Thanks for the info.

  88. Eva Sz says:

    ❤︎ Thank you for this. Nevertheless, I think some things could be rephrased, because people who dont watch the whole video might take what you say at the beginning too literally. Like "take your pet to the vet, if you think its sick" would maybe sound better. Also, here in Europe, wearing masks (or scarfs over the face) is considered helpful and is being encouraged. The reason is to protect the people around you. You might yet not know that you are sick and a mask will reduce spreading of the virus should you carry it. But again, if there is a shortage of surgical masks, just wear a scarf and wash it often.

  89. Shobit Nirankari says:

    Hi sir, good morning I really like your videos….they are very informative….I have a question for you….I am shifting my residence and the new one is 3 hours away if I drive….I have 3 cats with me and they really become mad if I even take them out of my house to get or for a walk….could you suggest me the best way how I can take them…..thanks in advance

  90. Vanessa says:

    Thank you. 💕💕💕💕

  91. Puspa Puspita says:

    Thankyou so much for this. I have been anxious about my cats' health bc of covid19 and hearing your information puts me to ease.

  92. padathir says:

    rofl Clawdia 😀

  93. Dark Winter says:

    Masks keep your germs from escaping (or rather, reduces the volume that does escape). So, if you’re carrying something, it keeps you from infecting everybody else. However, it doesn’t keep airborne particles in the size range that the virus travels on from being inhaled…. so if you’re not sick, it won’t keep you that way. And dust masks such as the kind used for mowing the lawn or woodworking won’t help at all; because they usually have an exhaling valve that dumps your breath straight out into the atmosphere without filtering it. The best way to not get COVID-19 is to stay away from other people until this whole thing calms down… so, work from home if you can; go shopping in off-hours so you’re not in a crowd (24 hour supermarkets are really handy for this… I’ve been known to show up at my local 24hr store at 3AM); and if you must interact with others, keep as much distance as is practical. If you have any cough, even if it’s just a normal throat tickle; cough into your arm (and not your hands) – not only does this impede the spray from your mouth and lungs, but it keeps you from immediately transferring that to anything you’re about to touch. Don’t shake hands either, for obvious reasons (personally, I’m campaigning to replace the handshake with the traditional Vulcan greeting gesture – 🖖 “Live long and prosper”).

  94. angelhelp says:

    Our wonderful vets both here in South Dakota and back in Connecticut (from whence we came in search of retirement and snow) have suggested the same things as you. Credit cards can be read via a quick phonecall, symptoms can be verified the same way, and pets can easily be dropped off in one's carrier. Presumably if someone had a large pet (I'm thinking Great Dane, for instance), they could be met by a gloved staff member and the leash handed off. Owners can write or print out notes with any concerns.

    This might even become something to consider as a permanent feature/service to clients. I'm sure that work schedules have interfered with ease in making/keeping appointments for some folks.. No one wants to be without their pet overnight, for instance, but not having to juggle "rush hour" traffic with an appointment for which one needs, say, an hour off from work, would be wonderful and well worth dropping off Fluffy either when the staff arrives (which, for some, is earlier than when the vet arrives), or even the previous evening.

    As for the hand sanitizer, some of us happen to become very itchy when alcohol is applied to the skin, so alternatives must be considered. As for masks, it would seem that the plastic shield (splash shield) might afford some protection from droplets if someone happens to cough or sneeze at you.

  95. Fitzerald Patria says:

    Pete Buttigieg

  96. She says:

    I knew it can't be transmitted to cats, I just needed to hear it from someone I trust. My priority is keeping my boy safe and healthy. Thanks doc.

  97. Pebs says:

    Hey you are cool guy

  98. Rachel Zblewski says:

    Clawdia is such a great name for a cat

  99. H P says:

    I’m hoarding imported cat food 😉

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