Coyote snatches family’s poodle in Grosse Ile

down river family is living a nightmare all over again after a second pet has become the victim of a coyote attack this time they fear their beloved Abby is not coming home Germont teri live on Grosse Ile tonight Germont the family’s concerned the Coyotes won’t just stop with pets the next time they are Devanand with two animals with two dogs attacked in the latest one getting killed overnight this family believes that it is time to do something about the growing number of coyotes on this island nine year old Marley keeps staring at the door hoping his sister Abby will walk through it just past the rocks as their bathroom area and she comes right down that path and comes right back into the house but Monday night Abby never made it back inside in fact the moment Jeff jáchym Antonio’s mother let the dog out a coyote snatched the poodle as soon as she walked through the door they made the attack the family’s house backs up to more than 30 acres of woods in Grosse Ile and sightings of large coyotes lurking are becoming all too common not just in the woods but in there and neighbors yards they’re getting a little too friendly yes just over a year ago their other dog Marley was nearly killed when the coyote attacked Marley managed to break free Jeff and his family believes something needs to be done the car of the growing coyote population on the island similar to deer hunting a lot of people are telling us to take matters in your own hands but it’s it’s against the law to carry firearms out on you know the gross Dale Township so we’re kind of stuck with our hands tied at this point now that this is a second attack and we have small children that play over here and hydrox winds ice how she got eaten by coyotes his children now witnessed their grandparents pup get buried in the backyard their father fears the wild animals may become even more aggressive the coyote could have possibly grabbed them a mistake for maybe a animal or something like that so yeah we’re real nervous right now now most wildlife experts say that coyotes will not attack people but try telling that to Jeff’s family and his neighbors who are seeing these coyotes come closer and closer to their patios just over a year ago when the first animal was attacked the village went as far to put traps in that area they say now it’s time to put more traps out there reporting engross Hill dramatic local 4 wow what a situation alright Germont

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