Crazy Myths About Dog Microchips

– Hey, Batman. – Yeah? – Do you know how a microchip works? – Kind of stupid question is that? Course I know how it works, I’m a dog. – Okay, how does it work? – Basically it’s a magic bean
to help me teleport back home when I get lost. – No. (down tempo music) – Now, there are some
common misconceptions about how a dog’s microchip works, and today we’re gonna
talk about those myths that you might have heard. – I already told you how it works. – Actually I never heard that one. – So you learned something new. – Yes, yes I did, and it’s the most ridiculous
thing I’ve ever heard. (down tempo music) Now this myth is very common, and I hate to be the
one to break it to you, but it’s not a GPS. The microchip is just a small
device implanted in your dog to help identify him if he gets lost. – Really? – Yeah, man. It doesn’t really help
locate your dog like a GPS. It’s basically an ingrained ID. That way, if someone finds
your dog, they can scan that ID and help get their owner’s
contact info to contact them. – Wait a minute, what about
the teleportation abilities? – Those don’t exist, buddy. (down tempo music) – Now this one I believe, ’cause you scan it, and I teleport. – Well you’re dead wrong, and stop telling our viewers that man, be responsible. – But. – There are apps for certain
microchip registry companies, but it’s only for updating
your owner’s contact info, meaning me. – Huh? – Also, keep in mind that you have to have a microchip
scanner to scan the chip. There’s no app for scanning the chip. And these can usually be found at your local shelter or veterinarian. – Wait a minute, I thought
microchips updated themselves. – Actually I’m glad you
touched on that topic, because we’re gonna go into our next myth, which is. (down tempo music) Now contrary to popular belief, the micro chip does not
automatically update. – That can’t be true. Mine does, it helps teleport me home. – Dude, are you still on about that? Listen guys, the chip does
not update automatically. I don’t care what anyone
says, or what you say. You have to either contact or visit the micro chip registry company
online to update your info. Otherwise, it’s pretty useless. (down tempo music) No, just no. – What do you mean? – Well, the microchip
stores only one thing. – Well what is it? – I don’t think you’ve been
paying attention to me. Your ID number. – I have an ID number? – Yes, you, you do. When a dog gets lost and scanned, the only thing retrieved from him is the unique ID number
that’s given to him with the microchip. You then take that number and put it into the
microchip registry company that’s associated with the chip, and that database has the info that will help get your
pooch get back home as quickly and safely as possible. – Okay okay, I get it. So what you’re telling me is one scan, the microchip will help
teleport me home, right? – Where did you get this from? It’s like you weren’t even. Oh man, alright. Anyway I hope you guys found this helpful, and hopefully you understand a little bit better than Batman, because sometimes he just, he
just has a mind of his own, and I just let him ride with it. But anyways, thank you
very much for watching, and again, I hope you
found this video helpful. We’ll see you guys next time. (down tempo music)

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