Crazy Poodle Myths Busted! | Top 11 Myths

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  1. Nestle _78610 says:

    please do some more poodle videos

  2. Luanne Santos says:

    I love Poodles. I had a mini growing up. He was the first family dog we had. He lived a long time.
    This is a great video. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you

  3. Eliza Topolosky says:

    ❤️. Jeff Goldbloom, Robin Williams & Winston Churchill has poodles too!!!

  4. Melanie Price says:

    My husband maintains that he’s not a dog person, he’s a POODLE person ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sharon Baker says:

    It’s so funny to me that Poodles are considered so different from other dogs! They’re still dogs, and do pretty much what other dogs do.

  6. tinythingy4 says:

    they are very cute!

  7. T Statman says:

    Love love love poodles!!! Cutest dogs ever! <3

  8. Allison Cohen says:

    Poodles are so wonderful, and great for people with allergies. I had always heard that poodles are very intelligent dogs.

  9. Bernie Bro With A Vagina says:

    I love poodles!!!! I’m a convert bc I didn’t get the appeal at first. I didn’t like the frou frou look of standard poodles and I’d never seen a reg non show poodle with a more manageable and less fussy cut. ;big fan of the puppy cut.) I also thought small dogs were kind of tippy and annoying. No more. First poodle we got from a rescue at 12 weeks. Even though he was my nieces dog I fell in love and he became my baby. My daughter and I lived with my my sisters family for about 6-7 years bc I was suffering from a back injury and a chronic health problem. My kid is severely allergic to all cats and almost all dogs but poodles don’t bother her as long as they get bathed every so often. Leaving him broke my heart. Fortunately he was also super bonded to my sister. When we got him we soon found out he and the rest of his litter had parvo. One of his litter mates died but with round the clock nursing my sister and I got him through it and he thrived. I was the spoiling mom, and my sister was the throw the ball and go on hikes mom. She doesn’t believe in fussing over animals the way I do so he gravitated towards me bc I fed him, gave him treats and would let him on the bed for snuggles. He comes over for play dates several times a month and I’m actually getting him for a week later this month while my sisters family and my daughter go camping. I’m so excited. The second poodle is a small 8 year old poodle X Bichon Frisée mix that was being re-homed. She was a gift for my kids birthday. I freaking love this dog. She’s a diaper dog now and she’s so freaking cute I can’t stand it. She’s super bossy and has decided I’m her mom and I’m the only one who can let her out, feed her or help her get on the bed. I’m such a fan now. They are just so smart, so loyal and just amazing. I still love dogs like Golden’s that love everyone but a poodles love means your special. They like ppl but you have to work for their love. And then they adore you. Ppl used to joke that my nieces dog was obsessed with me. Wherever I went there he was. If I went to the bathroom without him he paw the door and cry. He’s just so sweet. Can’t wait to see him again.

  10. Janni Sørensen says:


  11. Moley Mole says:

    My Labradoodle was an amazing dog. That's not even my bias, everyone who ever met her will tell you how great she was. I didn't set out to get one, she picked me. I do think poodles are great dogs and I've recommended them to people. Somehow I have now ended up with a beagle and a tripod Mexi-mutt.

  12. indah permatasari says:

    i love poodles so so much. this is so educational for me. my baby is a black toy poodle. his name is bébé. the myth no 9 is sooo true cos in our house we have 4 other dogs but he always comes for me when i left him with them.
    i wish i could have more poodles, one isn't enough honestly.
    luv your vids!!

  13. Mama Deb Beauty says:

    I have to say my whole life having dogs I was never a fan of poodles my aunt had a mini and she was nasty but that was due to the owner not the dog so about a year before I had my daughter a friend had show dogs and she had a litter and offered one to me of my choice and the parents were standard poodles I went to look and fell in love with the runt of course lol my girl Xena looked exactly like Nyx and I have to say she was the best smartest loving dog I’ve ever had when my daughter came along they were best friends and sisters and my Xena was such an over protective mama to my daughter it was funny unfortunately we lost her to cancer at such a young age she was only 7 and still acted like a puppy it hit my family very hard and we are now looking for a new pup it’s been about 6 years and we need a small dog non shedding because of my daughters allergies and it will be a therapy dog for her so hoping to rescue a younger dog fitting those requirements I love when you have the dogs with you in all the videos it’s like seeing my baby 💜💜

  14. jo_ v80 says:

    I love that you did this! I love my Standard poodle too, she's my rock, my most loyal friend. And she sits beside me while we watch You Tube every single time. I also love my mini poodle and she's my baby and sleeps all day in a sun spot. They have completely different personalities and wouldn't change them for the world!! Both are black as midnight 🙂

  15. Kath TheFabZilla says:

    Sending hugs and kisses to your furry babies from my furry baby and moi… Great topic!!! Poodles are cute!

  16. Megan Davis says:

    She is so precious ☺️😊 , they both are ☺️😊😍😘🥰

  17. Marcia Friedman says:

    My family had two small poodles, about 10 lb, that we adored. They were so lovable. No shedding ever. We kept them in puppy cuts and they always looked like babies. I never found a poodle as cute as those.

  18. BeginNails Kristi V says:

    My great grandmother had a white poodle. Fee Fee was such a cool dog. I've never owned a dog, only cat – but luckily 2 of our cats play fetch, which is probably one of the coolest things that dogs do. 🙂

  19. Alison Corbett says:

    I have a poodle mix and love him. He likes to play hide n seek and is the best behaved dog I've ever had. It's all in the haircut folks they can look like manicured topiaries, teddies and even shaggy. They are 100% real dogs!

  20. 25 Sweetpeas says:

    Dogs in general are the best! I've not met many poodles, but the few I have were nice! They look like they would be sweet dogs!

  21. Jennifer Tesauro says:

    Interesting how there are specific myths for every breed.

  22. HappyG says:

    Really love your makeup, what foundation are you wearing in this video?

  23. Mama Silverside says:

    Nyx cracks me up, she’s so adorable. That OFT at the end made me laugh out loud 🤣

  24. Lucy's Cruelty Free Beauty and Living says:

    I have three pitbulls so you can imagine all the crap I hear 🥴

  25. SaucerJess says:


  26. SaucerJess says:

    Also, Giant Poodle! My parents just adopted one. He's huge! 95lbs!!! 💚

  27. SaucerJess says:

    Loved this 💚

  28. Vanessa Carolina says:

    I love my Poodle 🐩! He’s a bit big for a standard so some call him a Royal. He’s really helped me with being more patient and calm.
    My guy will tolerate people, but definitely prefers dogs when it comes to strangers. He especially likes poodles and doodles which I think is funny. 💕🌸

  29. 1AlwaysNYC 1 says:

    I had no idea poodles were working dogs. Until I started watching your videos, I also never appreciated how large they are!

  30. Megan Aamot says:

    Love that you're tackling a lot of the misconceptions about poodles. I've also heard some people say they're very aggressive! I can't stand that so much misinformation is spread about animals.

  31. Angelica Williams says:


  32. Denise Regeski says:

    Happy Birthday Gemini, Hoosier, Poodle sister!

  33. Bocephallus says:

    I just love your dog.

  34. misshunneebunnie says:

    Love this video! I adore my two standards and they are definitely different from other breeds I have had! I don’t think my life will ever be complete without them!

  35. becky_ fierce says:

    love this!!! 🙂 Poodles rule! Mine is a poodle mix.

  36. 0bsidian rose says:

    I used to work at a pet hotel and all the poodles were so smart that would come there

  37. Rebekah Hurst says:

    My grandmother had a toy poodle who had the absolute sweetest personality. Most poodles I've met have had wonderful personalities.

  38. Lilpeej D says:

    If and when the time comes that I should get a dog, it will be a poodle!

  39. Grecia Martinez says:

    He is sooo cute!!

  40. Erin Honer says:

    I love your dog!

  41. Model City Polish says:

    I didn't know they were hypoallergenic!!!

  42. Trey and Awesome Eagle says:

    Too cute! And BTW Love your bed!

  43. Lola Seicento says:

    I had absolutely no idea that they were originally German, or that they are working dogs!

  44. Mistressmorte Morte says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a poodle in person before!
    My parents used to have Karilean Bear dogs (Siberian) and someone commented on their “poodles” and I laughed like what on earth were they smoking hehe

  45. Gabrielle L says:

    I love poodles and in fact I was hoping to find one when my visit to the shelter wound up with me adopting a terrier instead (a very sad tale of abandonment led to this rather strange development, that and the exceptional working of sad, brown terrier eyes).

  46. Jenn Warschauer says:

    I love poodles and no idea that some of these myths existed. I wouldn't thought they were working dogs but that is because I have only seen small ones.

  47. Tiana Senn says:

    My parents had an apricot toy poodle they took in when my great Aunt died. He was very smart and able to do many commands and understand instructions. It was also beneficial because I have allergies, so I didn't have to take medication! lol 🐩🧡

  48. Christi Blomberg says:

    Beautiful fur babies🐾💖🐾

  49. NANCY PAYETTE says:

    I didn't even know that much about poodles. Thanks.

  50. Chelsea Lee says:

    Watching this today, as I think of you and phyrra. You are a great dog mom.

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