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My name is Carson
I’m 10 years old and I love to play
with big snakes. Macy’s an albino, and she is super long. My first snake was a
sinaloan milk snake I got for Christmas. And now my collection
has got so big I have an albino corn snake
that’s five six. This is actually part of Macy’s poop right there. So you can tell that she can’t digest the fur. So she just pooped it out. Amber: Carson started working with
animals when he was really young. He built interest
when he was probably 18 months, two years old He knew lots of facts and tips about it. Started collecting a lot
of little animal toys and then that’s just really grew and grew until now they’re no longer toys
there the real thing. Carson: Cool fact about
the bearded dragon is that, they’ll actually their defense mechanism they’ll
make their self look big. They’ll stand on their
hands as tall as they can and they’ll what their predator if the predator’s coming at them, they will be like,
“I see if you,” “If you come near me
I’m going to bite you.” And they can be very territorial with other males. love you [inaudible] I want to be like Steve Irwin and go around the
world and do like documentaries and stuff. [Inaudible] He is a beauty, Now this guy, while he has those
triangular teeth because he’s insectivorous
means that he likes to only eat insects and that’s about all eats. Let’s move on to
the next animal. Amber: Steve Irwin had
a huge impact on Carson, and he does like to do
animal shows and he loves to drop you know,
crickey, or you know you know,
just some quotes that he’s heard. Carson: Good day mates, Good day mates, Good day, woo hoo Reptiles rule. Amber: Home animals. Does the tortoise eat this? Squash? Carson: Yeah you have to
cut it up into smaller bits. Carson: Snapping turtle
I always have to watch what I’m doing
because he strikes so fast, and you just have
to be really careful what you’re doing. But not really. He’s really Really the only one that really gives me, kind of,
the chills Let’s see if he’s in there, I feel him. Crickey. Just kidding. Here he is. I’ve been bitten and scratched a bunch of different animals. Snakes, lizards, turtles. I’ve been peed on by frogs and actually didn’t bid
on the pinky by gerbil. Right here’s the
Sinaloan Milk snake. He’s one of my favorites. Now sinaloan milk snakes
they are native to Mexico. They like to live in the desert. Oh boy crickey,
bit me right on the hand. Crickey that hurt. That’s going to leave a mark. Now, What I didn’t do is what
you don’t need to do, is when he bit me, I didn’t jerk my hand away and because if I
jerked my hand away, I would have ripped
his teeth out. And then he would
have got an abscess and that would
have been my fault. Let’s put him up
because he’s very angry. Amber: He got hit in the face by a gecko one time. But when it gets
bit by the snakes, they’re never like,
I don’t think they bite him. Like fully biting, like, it’s usually just like
a couple of little small… Carson: My friends like
interacting with the animals a lot. They help me out with
feeding typically, the lizards, the
turtles, the frogs, and sometimes they’ll
help feed the snakes. Does anybody think,
know what Brady eats? Male Speaker:
Worms and crickets, Carson: Yes, feel his back. Female Speaker: I like turtles. Do they live in water? Carson: No,
he actually lives on the land. He lives in a
continent named Africa and he has those claws
and those armor plated arms right there
to help him burrow. And oh, he’s peeing. Basically, these toes right here if he didn’t have those, he would fall off and he wouldn’t
be able to stick onto the trees. Male Speaker: Does this… Does he stick to a window? Carson: Yeah,
he can stick to a Window. Kids: Bye Carson. Amber: Carson is,
he’s a strong willed child so he has a very… bright personality,
I guess you’d say, kind of talks about being a vet. But really, he’s become
part of conservation efforts is really his’ goal. Joey: Protecting animals and, you know, educating others
on the importance of, protecting certain species What the heck is there
something called Global Warming? joey: I’m very proud of him and
what he’s been able to accomplish at such a young age. It’s pretty incredible.

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