Cute beagle emotional blackmail

OK! Oliver, I think would like part of my sandwich that I just made It’s a fried egg sandwich with bagel Well, here’s a little bit for you, Oliver
Here you go Does that taste good? He’s like, “can I lick your fingers and get the rest of it off for you?”
OK, sure! If you want to do that, you can You like that? Oh yes, you’re a good boy What do you think? You just want some more egg You really like that? Oh, I think you do like that You sneezed at the same time as you whined! Oh, you’re licking your chops
Think this is going to be good? You like egg that much, huh?
You really like it? OK, this is quite a performance you’re putting
on, Oliver just for a little bit of egg? Alright, let’s see if I can find another piece for you Let’s take a little bit off of here OK, here we go Am I ever going to be able to finish this sandwich, Oliver? There you go! You like that? Taste good? You satisfied? What do you think? Yeah? Oh, you tired? OK, Oliver, I’m going to have to finish this
sandwich Otherwise, you’re just going to keep asking
for it Egg sandwich isn’t really the right food for
dogs You’re going to have some kibble with chicken later once it’s your dinner time I guess it’s not fair that I get to have an afternoon snack and you don’t get to have
an afternoon snack… but I did give you some of it Oh, why do you have to look so blue? It’s not that bad, Oliver OK, alright, you can have a little bit more It’s emotional blackmail!
Here you go There you go
That’s it, though, OK? I’m going to have the rest of the sandwich
myself, alright? Oh, you want to lick my fingers? OK, but we’re done now, OK? No more begging I’m going to finish the sandwich You’re relentless, you know that? OK, I think we’re done Say goodbye, Oliver!

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100 Responses

  1. chelsea says:

    Oliver: *silence*
    Human: Okayy fine I can’t handle this emotional blackmail

  2. Jet Set says:

    My 4 month puppy beagle ( just turned on 4th ) is mad about his food! All food! He will go after everything and anything close to a “ food” and he is always in a FRENZY- a crazed hysterical frenzied condition about food. Oliver is very relaxed and like the other non beagle breeds I have had, chill. I wonder if I am doing something wrong ( I doubt that seriously) or if my Gus is just a hyper intense personality that I can’t do anything about. He just turned 4 months today.
    I have been training g him since he was 7 weeks- smart pup with mind of his own. Any thoughts on how I can make him a calmer consumer, a more refined eater? Now while it’s still early? ( I hate to see this go on into his adulthood )

  3. R allophones says:

    Fun Fact, if you never give your dog bites of your food, they never beg for it. You teach them how to treat you.

  4. May BRITT Rønningen says:

    Oh he is the cutest dog ever.

  5. hpants says:

    My dogs aren't nearly as patient as Oliver lol. When they want human food they'll just stick their head under your arm and slowly reach for the plate as if you can't see them!

  6. May BRITT Rønningen says:

    The human food is always taste good for a dog.It taste different from the food They used too eat.I understand eating the same food everyday is boring ,lol.?

  7. Inessa Torres says:

    Animal cruelty, teasing him with food….

  8. Super Pony 3 says:

    Everyone pls pledge to protec this pupper

  9. 놀러와뚱챠땡 come on DCD says:

    wow~ It seems like three days are hungry 🙂

  10. Jessica Vandorsselaer says:

    Eggs are good for dogs

  11. Heran Buddhika says:

    Teasing a dog with food for views. ?

  12. M L White says:

    Oh my goodness, your beagle is so adorable! I almost want to buy one. Aww… Please give him more eggs ?.

  13. KaneAfto PouAgapas says:

    I see Oliver, I watch, I like.

  14. Laura Willits says:

    Oh, that famished sigh, those sad puppy eyes…

  15. gls600 says:

    Giving Oliver half of your meals is a sound calorie reduction strategy.

  16. Nata scha says:

    Beagles can never shut up when you’re eating, it’s so annoying xd

  17. Kabuki Kitsune says:

    Ah, the classic beagle 'pout'.

  18. Jun 's TV - 아기와 강아지 고양이의 일상 says:

    Hello !  i Don't no speak english well.. but I can feel it. Whether you love puppies, your puppies also love you and listen to your words : ) This is a pleasant video. I will come to play often ^-^ Thank u !

  19. Barbara Prokup says:

    He has you right in the palm of his adorable paw.

  20. Beth Meyers says:

    Oliver you are adorable. My parents got us 3 kids a Beagle puppy when I was 3 and she passed away when I was a senior in high school. She was our little sister and she went everywhere with us. We threw her a birthday party every year and all the neighborhood kids came. She loved it all. Like Oliver our pupper loved
    her snacks. Beagles are great family dogs very loyal smart and sweet.

  21. Lina Ma says:

    This remind me so much of my late Lola, a beagle-labrador mix! I miss her so much! She was a pro at begging haha. But at least she begged sitting or putting her head on my lap! Hahaha

  22. D G says:

    I think Oliver should just get his own dish of scrambled eggs, what a beautiful dog, with a face like that he wins every time, who could resist those big brown eyes, absolute sweetness.

  23. Sasikala Sathishkumar says:

    Oooh Oliver !how I like to offer you a giant afternoon snack for those lovely puppy eyes of yours .!love you my boy!

  24. C L says:

    Omg I just woke up and see a delicious sandwich ??? I want a sandwich now

  25. aliasannie1 says:

    I love Oliver! Love all of his vocalizations.

  26. kerosoldier says:

    beagles are bottomless pits. they want all of your food, not snippets


    Oh, I have to say he is VERY beautiful!!??

  28. yawhause says:

    I'm a sucker for puppy dog eyes….I'd be blackmailed every day….

  29. Dexter Green says:

    AWWWWWWW❗️❗️❗️??? OLIVVEEERRRR????? here just take the whole krabby patty❗️

  30. Lion says:

    Oliver look like my beagle

  31. Edward Branca says:

    Oliver gets a lot of love.

  32. Fred Flintstone says:

    The dog trains the human..

  33. NATHAN McMAHAN says:

    hes so pretty

  34. Joker In The Bronx says:

    Minus the vocals, my dog does the SAME thing when I'm eating. He'll just sit by the table and stare with the huge puppy dog eyes.

  35. R Derrico says:

    I love Oliver so much! Get that sandwich Oliver…

  36. Andreia Toader says:

    I love him!

  37. Jim the Unworthy says:

    *looks at sandwich, looks at bowl*: put in pls

  38. Andievo4U2 says:

    I wouldn't be able to resist that snuggle bug. Awwww. The theatrics turn your wrist, don't they?

  39. unsexynstupid says:

    Make your human pour Oliver!!! Good job!

  40. unsexynstupid says:

    The look at 2:56 is priceless

  41. Schrelle says:

    Too cute!

  42. Tarot Readings By Roxby says:

    ??? oh my gosh I just found your channel! He is absolutely adorable?

  43. Freya Cosmica says:


  44. Radha Sen says:

    Boy are you a miser!
    Got a whole big sandwich on your plate n you give him a tiny peice of egg…
    I'd give my dog the entire sandwich n eat the crumbs…

  45. Radha Sen says:

    Boy are you a miser!
    Got a whole big sandwich on your plate n you give him a tiny peice of egg…
    I'd give my dog the entire sandwich n eat the crumbs…

  46. 술티배고파요 says:

    ?I want a dog so bad

  47. Cara Eskins says:

    i love the soft shade of brown on his face??

  48. Maria Ellen Connolly says:

    Oh Oliver you're just the best!!! I've given you a big like as always.

  49. Ashley Victoria says:

    Awwweeee just make him a samich already lol?

  50. Adalberto Nunes says:


  51. Anthony J Conforti says:

    Oliver’s Motto: no treat too big, no treat too small

  52. Donna Copenhaver says:

    He's my favorite dog.. OLIVER still has sleepy eyes. Egg is good..xo

  53. Atom Smasher says:

    My dog does this too and I can never resist giving her something… ??

  54. Lena Raskovska says:

    f e e d h i m

  55. Ben Carlson says:

    "You tired?"
    Tired of your BS

  56. Scott Conger says:

    That sandwich looks so good i think i would beg for a bite too.

  57. Don’t respond says:

    That’s mean

  58. Sarah Connell says:

    Beagle wants a bagel

  59. blue smurff says:

    He's sad than the food isn't yet in his mouth

  60. marmitenot says:

    No, you're never going to finish the sandwich… because you've already fed him HALF! Of course…that's eggsactly what he had in mind. ?

  61. reventlow23 says:

    This shiny floor though ??✨?

  62. Diane Morais says:

    look how cute he is?

  63. seamus heaney says:

    Every video seems to surpass the previous one. Such a handsome dog with that beautiful head and the cute kink in his tail. And thanks for not succumbing to all pervading "cutesy" music as those natural sounds are so great, like him groaning for the snack. I love the hard wood floor too! Bravo again.

  64. Oscar da mutha fuckin Grouch says:

    How can u say no to this cutie pie?

  65. Gacha_Lover _Kawai_Cute says:


  66. Robfenix says:

    Owners should never feed their dogs while the owner is eating. When you do, you are literally training the dog to beg for food just as much as when you give it a treat for doing a trick.

  67. Eye Gotcha says:

    Oliver is adorable and reminds me of my own beloved and belated beagle (named Bugle).

  68. Mark Breuninger says:

    You're a softy and a sucker for that Beagle!!! Course we have two Beagles at our home, sooo we know how it goes too!!

  69. skiprani Rani says:

    Aawww Oliver is so cute ❤️❤️

  70. klwarren169 says:

    So cute. Next time make him an egg.

  71. German Shepherd Vlog Daphne says:

    Hi Oliver ??

  72. Jersey Vegas says:

    i have a beagle spaniel mix, she does this same thing, just a little louder

  73. Gary Schoenberger says:

    He needs a Chef ?

  74. Rebecca Harkins says:

    Why are they so good at it? My cocker can whine like nobody's business.

  75. KpopCraftster says:

    "Let me help you finish the sandwich "

  76. GATES OF VIENNA 1683 says:

    I am so taken with this pup! He’s just precious..sweet natured..his coat is just so gorgeous..poor pup..come on dad fry me an egg of my own!❤️?❤️❤️❤️??

  77. Joann Wheeler says:

    Aww, Oliver, you got the "share with me" look down, little guy. You got mentioned on 1 of my other favorite channels the other day, "Vlog after college" with Ryen and his Corgi, Gatsby and I thought it was awesome.?? Go Oliver go

  78. Tedson fox voorhees says:

    Awww hes to cute

    ( yes im a dog person )

  79. S SMYTH says:

    Stop torturing him. Give him the sandwich already. Oliver will not be happy until he has the entire sandwich. Or just scramble him his own eggs.

  80. Babs Believes says:

    You have a cute beagle. I adopted a dog. She’s two now. She’s a mix of wired hair fox terrier and something else. She’s a small dog. But she loves watching beagles and other dogs but mostly beagles on You Tube. Thank you for sharing your dog Oliver

  81. yerb says:

    Poor dog is hungry! Feed it!

  82. L says:

    I let my dog cook so he doesn't whine like this

  83. wobbly nostrils says:

    The "hmmm" noises. Loooool ???????

  84. jmatt4life says:

    I hope he washed his hands!

  85. Joshua Yasuda says:

    Blackmailing Bagels are bad!

  86. Robert Sparkes says:

    There’s no crying in baseball !

  87. D M says:

    Aw. Beagles are the best. I just recently lost Gracie the love of my life. I hope she knew what she meant to me.

  88. Faith Adams says:

    "Please may I have some more?"
    Oliver (Twist) the Beagle

  89. MrPainseeker says:

    My 12 weeks old beagle would not leave me alone everytime I sit down to eat! And she has people like grey eyes so when she puts her paws up on my lap and keeps staring there's practically no way you can resist giving her some.

  90. Cindy Barron says:

    Such a good boy, Oliver! Love watching you sweetie.

  91. Terry Porche says:

    I love beagles.

  92. La Tisha says:

    Such a good boy, he sat when you were about to give him a treat

  93. Kingking King says:

    U r toooo cruel man

  94. Mickey Knox says:

    He's INSANELY adorable ???❤??

  95. dimitra karavidopoulou says:


  96. John Jones says:

    How could we say no to that face…Oliver has that look down just right. And the look (dad your eating in front of me while my bowl is empty…..what a dad…I will beg him out of his sandwich…blackmail….hahahaha…

  97. therockerof says:

    reported for animal cruelty

  98. K- Rox says:

    Oliver should get his own Netflix series

  99. Pkmn Go says:

    Let's go for it again?

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