Cute beagle wants my breakfast

Hey Oliver fans, so I am here at home enjoying my breakfast which is shredded wheat and strawberries And I have a little friend here… he seems to want some of it. Is that right, Oliver? You like shredded wheat? No Oliver, this is my breakfast. So I’m gonna eat it Mmm Mmm so good Mmm Really good tasty breakfast. That’s what everyone needs, right Oliver? Don’t forget it’s my breakfast, Oliver Mmm, oh don’t give me that look. No, it’s mine! It’s mine Oliver, do I have to share everything that I eat with you? It’s like a beagle tax Every time I prepare some food, you have to get some too Well, it’s true that Oliver can eat shredded wheat and milk and strawberries. All those are fine for dogs. But how will I give it to you, Oliver? I don’t want you to eat directly from my bowl. I don’t want you to eat from my spoon either. What do you think? It’s almost all gone About half finished now I guess I could put a shredded wheat on my hand. Oh yeah, does that sound good? You are really good at this, you know Have you been practicing this? I think you have, since you’ve been a little puppy. You know exactly how to ask for food. Yes, it’s very clear that you would like some of this. Okay Well I guess I will try to pick up one of these shredded wheat. This one looks like it’s not too soggy. What do you think, Oliver, do you like shredded wheat? Oh, yes you definitely do You like that? Oh, now you want another one? Come on, let me have some. So good Mmm, that was a big spoonful so it took me a while to eat There’s still some more of them, I’m gonna one of these strawberries now Or did you want some more, Oliver? You want another one? I guess you can have one more. Let’s see. Let’s find another one that’s not too soggy. This one. Yep, that’s pretty much the way it is around here: every time you prepare anything to eat Oliver is very eager to try a little bit of it Isn’t that right, Oliver? You like that? Shredded wheat for breakfast? Why not, huh? All right I think it’s time to say goodbye to your fans and I will finish off this bowl and then I will get Oliver his own breakfast Does that sound good, Oliver? This was my mistake: trying to eat before Oliver is always a mistake. You have to eat at the same time as Oliver. Alright, bye for now!

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100 Responses

  1. H. G. Wells says:

    Now every single time you sit down at the table Oliver thinks he's going to get something to eat. This is cute when he's a puppy but when he's older and putting on weight this is not a good thing.

  2. tm502010 says:



    No es justo que el pobre vea comer nooooo

  4. Klara Fall says:

    I love Oliver πŸ˜πŸ’•

  5. Flying Fujigi says:

    Weird flex, but ok.

  6. Crickkett75 says:

    Mushy shredded wheat? Dogs can have many of the healthy food we eat. My Zina and I are on the lake Michiganders and she loves cut green beans as one of her healthy snacks.

  7. Alexis Rabaca says:


  8. Lea B says:

    Thank you for these videos!

  9. Rapunzel z says:

    The suspense is killing me

  10. Rapunzel z says:

    This is torture

  11. Antonio Tiberi says:

    I hear you. When I eat I have to pay cat tax.

  12. sandra repiquet says:

    J'adore la tΓͺte qu il est super mignon..bisous de France, Oliver..

  13. LaRae Carter says:

    What a sweet face

  14. Charlotte Nourse says:

    Oliver looks like a smaller version of of my beagle pebbles 😁

  15. intown girl says:

    Stop teasing him..mean

  16. patakanz says:

    Are Beagles seriously anywhere near as cute as this in real life? His face is criminally cute.

  17. spacewarrior100 says:

    hey quit smacking on your cereal. Thats annoying lol

  18. Sopit Boon says:

    Hi i' m jacket alicha sitthiwong private account facebook ,and light too meet you oli ,and you're bestfriend badly and road please enjoying you're friend in my account ,her's sleeping and live with me ,and her's family farmer her's name road (tha-non) thia name ,and please you're farther oli contact mummy road ,and i canbe you're bestfriend jack& henry

  19. Strong Now says:

    awwww Oliver

  20. MrRob1967 says:

    I hope he peed on your bed for all the teasing!

  21. Katie Hughes says:

    Very familiar with the beagle tax! πŸ™‚

  22. ζ°΅ζ―ε€•εœ says:

    Truly a good boy.

  23. γ‚γŠγ„ says:


  24. Jules 6022 says:

    Oh that face, Oliver! Who could resist? Not me, that's for sure! 😊

  25. Jeff C says:

    Oliver has to be one of the coolest dogs ever!!!

  26. appolospbvxr says:

    Oliver the hardvard educated beagle (Due to his posh name). Beagles would just eat till they explode they are a greedy breed (We have owned two)

  27. JimiJohn Films says:

    0:25 ASMR Quality

  28. Snow Angel says:

    Try that with the rare hard to find original biscuits! I ended up just giving my girl her own bowl! Minus all the milk. Just damp biscuits! Give him some fruit!

  29. Connie Doan says:

    Oliver wants a Stawberry. πŸ˜€

  30. hcmv007 says:

    He's just waiting for you to look away before he helps himself LOL!!!

  31. she den says:

    He’s so very cute! I want your Oliver Please! Please!

  32. Chanel Talbert says:

    My Toy Poodle, Miss Fanci, LOVES oatmeal! She would have jumped on the table and fought me for my oatmeal!

  33. J DS says:

    I just love oliver

  34. Andrew Kang says:

    the beagle tax is a real thing

  35. Evelyn James says:

    That's my Oliver 😍😘

  36. Subwaygirl NYC says:

    Poor baby….mmm.❀️🐢❀️ adorable!

  37. Doggo Puppos says:

    3:43 – that face is just too irresistibly cute

  38. New Life says:

    That was unnessecery cruelty.. disliked..

  39. Jayshree Dayalkar says:

    Oliver : I am very hungry please give some of it to me please.

    Owner : It is my breakfast I will eat it.

  40. Apra ranjan says:

    Strawberries are poisonous for dogs… FYI…

  41. Sher Marie says:

    Why do you do this over food in front of the dog, making sounds and then wonder why he is looking at you?
    I am not going to watch any of your videos with food.

  42. Lyricallynn says:

    He always looks so clean! ❀️

  43. Lyricallynn says:

    We know there is a divine Creator because he made Oliver! ❀️

  44. Whitebear Acoustic says:

    i wanna eat together🐀🐷🐢🐱🐭🐸🐰🐱🐯

  45. Agnes Aquino says:

    We dont want to see
    Him sad
    Eating your breakfast
    Please feed him dont
    Let him wait until
    You command. Oliver
    Is not army dog.
    Looked skinny not too muchhealthy you
    Giving only treat cookies you should
    Give complete breakfast for oliver
    I dont get sad watching him

  46. Jason Takahashi says:

    Dude your boring as hell 😴😴😴 don't speak . Just show your dog 🐢. You think we really like to hear you eat ? Tool

  47. Cristina Marchini says:

    Oooh I love his eyes wanting for food!!! Give him Ehehe, you cannot resist ;)))) DEAR… LOVE YOU OLIVER!!!

  48. Dibyajyoti Patro says:

    How can u be so rude…. Give him whatever he asks…. he's just toooooo cute to be denied….😘😘

  49. Giovanni Berardinelli says:

    my god he is sooooooooooooo damn cute.

  50. Pezzi says:

    I love…😍😍😍😍😍

  51. Marine says:

    So well behaved !

  52. William Reed says:

    If I was that dog I'd knock you out

  53. Karl Maier says:

    That's messed up man…REALLY??

  54. Joyce 31202 says:

    You say its tasty? Well let me try some.

  55. Elle S72 says:

    🐢 ❀

  56. pdxbound81 says:

    Pay the beagle tax or none shall pass lol

  57. Jeanette McCloud says:

    I love Oliver❀️

  58. CableKnitter says:

    The amout of time you spend prolonging that poor dog's agony just for the sake of these videos is sickening. No wonder he seems so depressed, and oversleeps.

    And he's not exacting no danged "Beagle tax": he's a pack animal.. members of packs share. By denigrating him with a prolonged wait to share, you're lowering his perception of his rank in your pack from Beta to God-only-knows how low… you're dissing him socially. If he's Beta to your Alpha, he shouldn't have to wait THAT damned long.. Jerk.

  59. Agnes Aquino says:

    You have breakfast make him waffer for
    Him showing you love him eat together
    With your dog everytime your video oliver unhappy dog make him happy
    You have puppy like oliver showing love
    Going out vacation together camping together with different dogs you must safe your dog
    Giving big love

  60. Agnes Aquino says:

    Feed him more food healthy food not treat cookies feeding healthy homemake food make him happy

  61. NewZealandAbalone says:

    Meanie daddy! Stop teasing thd pup

  62. Hoppy Hoppy says:

    Those pretty eyes😭😭😭

  63. Kevin Caldwell says:

    How could anyone say no to that cute puppy face?

  64. TwiPrime says:

    "Beagles Tax gotta be paid, Dad. I didn't make the rules."

  65. Trish Chanyeol Park says:

    Who else is watching this while their Beagle is next to them?

  66. Teddy Ferguson says:

    Good doggie ! My dog aCts like a starving maniac when I eat in front of himπŸ₯Ί

  67. Arthur Morgan 2019 says:

    Who else got a KFC Ad

  68. Cassie oconnell says:

    Oh, the eyes are just pleading for mercy! What a beautiful pooch!

  69. EdTooTall says:

    Big mistake.

  70. Jon Benguiat says:

    Oliver's master is a schmuck.

  71. Otto Toto says:

    Best dog I ever knew loved a bowl of wheat Chex for breakfast.

  72. Susanne Andersen says:

    Dogs are so manipulative but who can resist those eyes? <3

  73. Lara O'neal says:

    What about me???

  74. Lara O'neal says:

    You’re mean. Says Oliver.

  75. Lara O'neal says:

    Love his freckles on his nose.

  76. Steve Urkel says:

    Oliver: β€œB****, feed me or get cut!!!”

  77. Thriving Ex JW says:

    Those eyes!! Who could say no?? 🐢

  78. Desiree says:

    We love Oliver bye Oliver 😊

  79. Shawn Simmons-Collier says:

    Mean mean dad lol. Clicking his teeth argh

  80. wxclim8 says:

    I'm eating while watching some videos too, so it's like I've got a beagle watching me eat whenever the camera is on him.

  81. Eric Viola says:

    The owner's a bit of a dick

  82. Shelly Dehart says:

    Those Beagles have the patience of Jobe n they’ll eat about anything. How they love Food. He’s truly a cutie. He definitely could when me over with those eyes.

  83. Podwick says:

    Kolejny pierdolniΔ™ty frustrat draΕΌniΔ…cy psa.Another fucking frustrating dog teasing.

  84. Happy says:

    give him some of your breakfast you fucking human

  85. D G says:

    Oh my gosh, give Oliver whatever he wants, look at that face, the power of cuteness, the force is to strong lol, he is the most adorable, beautiful, lovely natured beagle I have seen.

  86. Crtani Frizbi says:


  87. Crtani Frizbi says:


  88. Emma woodhouse says:

    That face though… I think you should fix him a bowl of shredded wheat from now on and let him eat with you too…he is way too adorable not to. Oliver…πŸ’•πŸ’•

  89. Vickey Efremidis says:

    That face was born for this … sweet Oliver ❣️❣️❣️

  90. Chris says:

    Sharing is caring he is just making sure its okay for you to eat it.

  91. alexander dela cruz says:

    Oliver is such a good boy 😘😘😘

  92. Granny 13AD says:

    You have spoiled that dog rotten. I recognize the symptoms. Yep, I'll er is rotten to the core just like my little dog. But hey, you can't live then enough.

  93. Hoes Mad says:

    If he wants,
    He shall gets.

  94. Code Breaker says:

    Can you please change "the" to "The"?

  95. Stephanie Cioffi says:


  96. Marisela Garcia says:

    I'll share my breakfast with you Oliver!…your so handsome!

  97. Dan Park says:

    God the sound in this video is disgusting

  98. sam set says:

    THOSE EYES πŸ‘€πŸΎπŸΎπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜β€οΈ

  99. Charles Fredrick says:

    You would be ashamed of yourself torturing such a sweet little beagle

  100. IsThisTheKrustyKrab? says:

    He gives you those puppy eye looks.

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