Cute German Shepherd Puppy is Confused Over Ringtones

Hi there, John here from the Dog Reality Zone. Check out this
cute German Shepherd puppy who is getting confused over ringtones.

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43 Responses

  1. The Amazing Zone says:

    What an adorable little puppy.

  2. joystone100 says:

    nawwwww he looks like my rexy

  3. skhounbo says:


  4. MrJimmer1976 says:

    he's just to cute!

  5. Denton Technology says:

    Hahaha haha is all I said

  6. Brian Miranda says:


  7. vanesaloves asia says:

    So cute

  8. Kathleen SmithK says:

    What a sweety-pie!!!!

  9. Kiki Williams says:

    So cute!

  10. Liam O'Shea says:

    The shitty go animate intro ruined it for me

  11. NinjaCatGaming says:


  12. Ariel says:

    Awww so sweet!

  13. may bet says:

    Lindo el can.. :3

  14. nadia adam says:

    I love hie

  15. Pinky Pie says:

    I have a puppy just like him 😀 btw very cute mine dosent care about the ring tones

  16. BigStoucheMcGee says:

    Them ears though!! XD

  17. Noah Ries says:

    That's a cute puppie

  18. Melanie B says:


  19. Lugo428 says:


  20. Kyle Robinson says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww xoxoxo

  21. Michael Johnson says:

    So cute

  22. LT BlueQueen says:

    Soooo adorable! Cyuteh!

  23. numnutz78 says:

    d'awwwww, alsatians are just the cutest pups evahhhh.

  24. ChevySpeed724 says:

    That head tilt though!

  25. Tasha Sprenkle says:

    Omg this is so adorable ?????

  26. Heart_ Ag says:


  27. sarcasticbrat18 says:

    So cute!! ❤

  28. Will mckee says:

    I just got a German Shepherd puppy , and he does this exact thing. We'll make howling noises, and he does that thing where he cocks his head. Funny that other dogs do that too!

  29. Amber B says:

    Too Cute!

  30. dave alders says:

    Its not confused its tilting its head so it can percieve the noise differently to try and work out what it is

  31. ruben ibarra says:

    illuminati confirmed…

  32. Quintin Ealom says:

    German Shepard's are a curious breed they would sit there and listen for an hour

  33. Antonijo Ivčić says:

    how somebody can dislike this!!??

  34. pipsqueak ungster says:

    Omg I can't this is beyond cute.

  35. vince Spiteri says:

    my baby German Shepherd does this

  36. Jiggs Abaño says:

    gsd is da best

  37. Breanna Wray says:

    So cute

  38. Rachel Jackson says:


  39. Rachel Jackson says:

    Aweeeee!! His wine is so cute!

  40. the shark who plays games says:

    Ewwww cringy beginning

  41. Ryan says:

    Oh no, it's the COD enlightenment army!

  42. Robert A. Lofgren Jr. says:

    The greatest breed in the world.

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