Cute husky dog cry after being scolded

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  1. prashanth says:

    Don't make them cry

  2. Alok Sharma says:

    So mean of that women

  3. Arindam Unplugged says:

    He is so cute. awwe😍

  4. Qorry Qorry says:

    ooo my God!!!!he really crying,,,my God!!!!

  5. Legend Queen Gaming says:

    Awwwwwwwww don't cry pupper🐕🐕🐶

  6. Grand Imperius says:

    Chinese lady a mean bitch. her mandarin is strict. telling dog to go to hell.

  7. AnimalAngel5000 says:

    That dog is me back when I was 3-4 years old XD

  8. Varun Rathour says:

    Bitches bitches they cry alot

  9. nishant ojha says:

    Emotional Puppy hehe

  10. Kermit the bug says:

    Mucccia alal msisksn naio naio siwlsolsa nawo si maliana thats what i understanded

  11. Wolfie Kitten says:

    Why did u scold him u lil stipid ass bitch😐

  12. Serlina Serlina says:

    so cute

  13. Turtles Sunday’s! says:

    Poor baby

  14. Brenda Gonzales says:

    What is the meaning of scolded

  15. foreveralive says:

    Beautiful dog. Hope it's still doing ok. Sounds like your dog has allergies.

  16. A S says:

    Omg soooo dramatic!!! My dogs acts like a big baby tooo!!!

  17. DON'T STOP 4ANTIFA says:

    I saw one cry like this when it's Owner died.

  18. Vera Scholastica says:

    The dog can understand mandarin better than me.😂😂

  19. Dahlia Valmoria says:

    OMG that Malmute face so fluffy and cute sooo cute don't cry baby cutie Malmute 😊🤗that dog and me are same when crying

  20. Dalagang Pilipina says:

    lol onion

  21. Enrico Marchetto says:

    anyone know what they're saying?

  22. Becky Madrid says:

    Being ignorant and boisterous is not cute……. it's annoying

  23. Siwi Siwi says:

    its a malamute! know the difference

  24. Dante Diep says:

    YES,YOU GUYS, THE DOG IS HAVING A SEIZURE AND HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING. RIGHT AFTER THE CAMERA TURNED OFF, HE JUST EXPLODED OUT OF NOWHERE AS WELL. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I AM A SEASONED VETERAN WHO CARES FOR DOGS. You see? I can claim false achievement and make assumptions too. Don't trust YouTube comments no matter what, and just look up the info yourself. If you don't, you might start spreading the wrong ideas. Personally, I don't feel inclined enough to go searching, but you might.

  25. shaolin inaction says:

    Chinese Are Very Expert At Making Any Husky Dogs Cry Easily Just Like 2 Years Old Kids

  26. Anđelina Cvetković says:

    That's not an husky it's alaskan malamute

  27. Tinker Bell says:

    Awwww how sweet..he's so upset mommy Is mad

  28. Gavish Athwal says:


  29. Eric Cabilangan says:

    BAD WOMEN!!!!!

  30. 88feji says:

    Tiger mom …

  31. Claire _831 says:

    It seems like a malamute instead of a husky

  32. Ninghor Awungshi says:

    All I can hear is ee uuuoo..

  33. Jo Bones says:

    If I had to listen to them all day..Id cry too…….

  34. m0wama plays & draws says:

    Poor doggy ;(

  35. Swatzi Fatzi says:

    The Dog was so scared he thought he was going to get eaten

  36. Rosie Cutie says:

    I see her dog crying

  37. Presy Baz says:

    Dog cried coz don't understand Chinese language..hehehehe

  38. Jean c says:

    Haha I used to do with when I was told off as a kid. My dad called it “sniveling”

  39. Bika Bika says:

    fucking stupid chinese owner go fucking hang urself

  40. Bika Bika says:

    you dont deserve that beauty

  41. Bika Bika says:

    still dare to video tape it go fuck urself

  42. No Flat earth says:

    Dog can cry.

  43. Yessa Danielle says:

    Awww… 🙁

  44. Emm_The_ Delemm says:

    My dog huffs all the time and i thought it meant he was gonna puke on the carpet so i pushed him outside in the cold I DIDNT KNOW i feel so bad

  45. Jarek Zegarek says:

    They probably decided to eat that dog later… damn Asia…

  46. Rexa a says:

    The way woman talked was so irritating!

  47. Trench foot says:

    The dog isn't crying, it's having a panic attack and having trouble breathing. They just keep making it more nervous. Poor thing. Dogs don't cry like humans btw.

  48. Exotic_ Dummy says:

    Looks like it’s having a seizure

  49. Sassy Old Grandma says:

    This breaks my heart. Please send him to grandma's (me) for therapy. He's so sensitive, adorable, precious and has touched my soul.

  50. Hannah Ashley141 says:

    Awwwwwwww poor doggy! 😭

  51. Joetta Emerson says:

    Poor baby

  52. e g g says:

    That is brutal……not cool never force are say that to your dog just to cath it in video and post it that is mean…..😓

  53. Bunny Minecrafter says:

    awww shes so cute …. 😢😢

  54. Michele N says:

    It's an Alaskan Malamute, not a Husky and he had reverse sneezing!

  55. John Doe says:

    Its not crying, seizures, allergies or whatever bullshit people dream up, it's chuffing, which is pretty similar to crying, when a dog experiences a rapid and unstable change in emotions, it will chuff. Usually it is resolved once the irritating stimulus is removed, in this case, the owner's dressing down. Though I will have to admit that the video could be blanked and it would sound 100% like a child was scolded and crying.

  56. kelvin yam says:

    Can you stop that dog is crying cause of you stuipd girl!you don’t know How to take care of your dog!

  57. Natálie Miki 1234567899 Miki says:

    His fluffy

  58. Frozen Noses says:

    Klingt wie ein Krampfanfall und sieht genauso aus.

  59. The man In the Box says:

    Big sensible guy

  60. Suematsu Kyoko says:

    Hello, we would like to introduce this video in our TV program in Japan! Would it be acceptable? Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

  61. tishara bear says:

    so sad I am crying😖😫😭🐕🐶🐩

  62. Niak says:

    fuck that chinese. killing her if she ate hm

  63. grace beaton says:

    Thats a .malamute not a husky husky dogs don't have thay much fur and are not that big

  64. Christian Jiang says:

    I know Chinese – she said that she’s going to eat him

  65. Leah Daly says:

    How cruel 🙄😕😭😭

  66. Sino- centrism says:

    OMG, did he really cry? too cute. lmao 😂😂

  67. RajLaxmi Dutta says:

    Dogs are precious friend for human beings.😇

  68. Cornet Baguette says:

    Is that Korean I'm hearing

  69. HorseLover23 says:

    Me after my mom yells at me lol

  70. Geek Doodles says:

    scolded are u fucking kidding me i bet these niggas are trying to slaughter and roast him

  71. hazeeq razak says:

    He has the most beautiful sobbing sounds,while mine sobbing sounds r uglier

  72. just some weeb who likes mma says:

    well…this will teach you not to be a little shit next time you big fluffy ball of cuteness

  73. just some weeb who likes mma says:

    he should just be thankful they have not eat him yet

  74. JMY loh says:

    Tat woman is teasing it … Wtf

  75. Glxaic says:

    Awwwwwww I feel sorry for that husky 😭

  76. GuavaMan says:

    Wowwwww He is so cute even at crying but still i feel so sorry for him.

  77. Frost slayer says:

    Thats literally me

  78. Cordell Antoine says:

    Poor husky

  79. bellagaara1 says:

    Chinese parents really dotes on their kids! This is so funny and sweet

  80. megan lee says:

    Don't cry lil husky. we love you #HugsAndPetsHusky

  81. megan lee says:

    plus can someone plz translate what theyre saying for me? THANKS IN ADVANCE

  82. Nicolette May Amon says:


  83. Husky Prince says:

    The English translation is not accurate.

  84. hazeeq razak says:

    How asian parents say i love u

  85. Lyy Manalang says:

    so cute .. Lol😂😎

  86. Luck says:

    Spoiler alert the dog is crying because he is gonna get eaten

  87. Rohan Sai says:

    Dogs are children
    Children are dogs

  88. Adi Narayana says:

    So cute but scolding it is so rude

  89. Joshua Anonuevo 1965 says:

    They are really plotting to kill this dog!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  90. Candice Perry says:

    Poor baby ain’t no telling what they do to this poor baby they always abusing dogs and children and elderly people

  91. sumit narang says:

    That husky ears gotta sucked with your fucking voice…

  92. Arelys Rivera says:


  93. Rakesh Srivastava says:

    Now you should give him a cnimken party

  94. NOHEMIE JEUDY says:

    Aww poor baby

  95. Sandy V says:

    My god that Huskies or whatever are crybabies!

  96. Majessty _ says:

    John Wick is going to kill you now

  97. some one says:


  98. F C says:

    Dogs are the true PUSSIES, not cats. Cats are independent and don’t give a flying fuck.

  99. DJ Arren says:

    That dog had it coming anyways for whatever it did

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