Cute Husky Puppies | National Puppy Day | Shelby & Memphis as Puppies

Do you guys know, what today it is?
Do you know what day it is today? Oh my gosh! I’ve already saw it over the place today.
It’s National Puppy Day! I thought, it would be fun to put together, a cute
little video of our dogs when they were puppies. Sadly, I don’t have any videos of
Oakley as a puppy, because we adopted her when she
was already a bit older. But, yeah… Enjoy some cute, adorable,
fun Husky Puppy footage. ♪ (background music) ♪
(barks) ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪ (background music) ♪ (howling) ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪ (background music ends) ♪ We hope you enjoyed that fun video, you guys! If you are new to this channel
and you liked what you saw, don’t forget to hit that ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button. Like this video and share it with friends,
to help us grown ‘The Pawdience!’ Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Sorry, we don’t have any videos
of you as a puppy, Oakley. But, we have lots of videos of you now
and you are adorable! Even if you weren’t too little fluffy puppy! I’m sure you were a very fluffy puppy!
Goodbye guys!

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100 Responses

  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Happy #NationalPuppyDay you guys! What a cool idea for a day right! I only wish we had footage of Puppy Oakley! I also wish I had more of Puppy Shelby! Ah well. Enjoy this flashback puppy fun!

  2. natalie Moore says:


  3. Keith Bates says:

    Hi guys. What fun seeing the SnowDogs as puppies! I just love Memphis, sooo adorable! Even as a puppy she wants to lead the pack! Love you all SnowDogs, Keith wants to shout out to Ms. Oakley, Love you!!! Thanks guys Joan and Keith Bates

  4. coriolyn says:

    For food video ideas, i would like to see a doggie version of peanut butter and jelly; a doggie version of egg salad (as in an egg salad sandwich); a doggie version of steak & cheese; a doggie version of tuna salad; and maybe a version of sausage and peppers for doggies. Oh, and what about a doggie cake with peanut butter frosting? And is it possible to have a doggie hamburger with bacon and cheese?

  5. Lisa Barth says:

    This is so cute👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. 3698s says:

    Absolutely adorable! Thanks for posting this- 4:22 minutes of sheer joy

  7. Surbhi Gupta says:

    They are still the same…as adorable as they were during there puppy days…only their size has increased..The Three Divas 😘❤

  8. PinkOddish says:

    I still find them adorable even all grown up, hehe. Music was a bit loud for my taste but eh. It was pretty cute.

  9. Happy Puppy Pink Cupcake Kisses says:

    Cuteness overload!!! 😄🤣🐾🐕. Whomever disliked this video either needs their eyes checked, or their heart.

  10. Taliah Miller says:

    OH MY GAWD THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!! If I ever get a husky I’m going to get a grey one like Memphis

  11. Taliah Miller says:

    I reckon if you ever decide to get another husky you should get a male (just to change things up a bit) and call him Alpha! That’s just my opinion though, it doesn’t have to be named alpha or be a boy, or you might decide to not get another husky, I just think it’s a cool idea for a name

  12. Vladimir Velcic-Fisher says:

    Well if the plan with that video was to make me laugh it succeeded are quite amusing

  13. Jessica Horsburgh says:

    omg puppy overload! super cute

  14. flatline says:

    Loved watching this xx

  15. MooN LigHt says:

    So cute

  16. MooN LigHt says:

    Diva is your first dog?

  17. I_is_a_weirdo 18 says:


  18. danielle duval says:

    god you make me want to have a puppy lol

  19. JackietheStripper says:

    It shocked me how quickly they grow up, I brought my girl home one day and five minutes later she was 20 kilos and almost as tall as me on her back legs!

  20. Nancy Severe says:

    Love it

  21. Mia and Her Husky Shira says:

    Luckily I took lots of photos and videos of Shira as a puppy because like you said, they grow up fast!
    This was heartmelting to watch! 😍😍 Such a shame you don't have footage of puppy Oakley, would love to see her =)

  22. ava hyatt says:

    Awwwww omg there so freaking adorable!!!

  23. Røyal Tėa says:

    Memphis looked so cute as a puppy her eyes then and now are so cute so are the others

  24. luna studio says:

    I just hot a husky and she is still a puppy and she has to much energy

  25. Zixea says:

    Is that a little bump between Oakley’s toes?

  26. i was here says:

    Maryland Massachusetts Michigan!!!

  27. The EARC Channel says:

    Too Beautiful 💕💜💚

  28. Brigitte d'haese says:

    I love animals and i have 2 dogs yack russel-fox and one tekkel-yack russel

  29. ILoveMyChihuahua Missy says:

    I really wish we could see Oakley as a pup she would be so Adorable!! dogs don't stay as puppies for long!!

  30. Xeno Morph says:


    "It's getting in my shoes."

  31. ILoveDogs says:

    I would have liked to hear them sing! 1:16

  32. NPTNReddek says:

    Too cute! But nothing’s ever too cute! Love these dogs a lot!

  33. Aunt Carrie and Cousin Vader says:

    Such adorable babies! Of course, all 3 girls are still❤! Sadly, I don't have many of my boy's baby pictures and videos. The camera I had most of them on was stolen before I could upload them to the computer 😥😭. I have tons of him since, but still…

  34. Abigayl gamer 27 Rosales says:

    Am new I thick your husky are cute 😘😘😘

  35. Soraya González says:

    What a beautiful video!!!!!

  36. Morgan Jones says:

    I got a new puppy today he is a labradoodle 😀

  37. avocados_ for_everyone says:


  38. Daphne Dominique Mendoza says:

    so freakin adorable uwu to bad there are none of oakley, fluff butt uwu

    btw you should have should have been one of shiloh too even though she isnt with you guys anymore would have been nice to see, even if its just pictures or one vid. I been subscribed to you guys for a long time like a year before shiloh died (I think I'm not sure) but lovely videos of mephis and shelby, keep up the good work guys 😀

  39. Vanese T says:

    So love it😁💕

  40. Anthony Kernich says:

    omg look at tiny memphis nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  41. Nichole Sathitsin says:

    Can you make a vdo how to make a dog burger please?

  42. MeDrnkTee says:

    🙁 I miss Shiloh

  43. Julia Ozuna says:

    Love it

  44. Kotryna Do says:

    So cute!!!!!❤💓❤💓❤💓💗💖💕💙💚💛💜💖💖

  45. Maria cruz says:

    Memphis looked like a pain for Shelby

  46. Melanie Jones says:

    Hi I’m Sarah

  47. Amber Hallett says:

    Maddy is so excited

  48. Maria fcom says:

    Your dog s are so cute I have a dog name skimo and he's 8 years old my name is Emely.

  49. Matthew Neumann says:

    Im intrested in getting a siberian husky puppy which sex do you prefer do females have a lot of energy

  50. sailor moon 27 says:


  51. BerryCool_Gacha says:

    Awwww this is so cute I wish I could have gotten to this earlier

  52. Eve Green says:

    Get a new puppy

  53. Eve Green says:

    Get a new puppy 🐶

  54. Eve Green says:

    Get a new puppy 🐶

  55. Eve Green says:

    Get a new puppy 🐶

  56. Yeasir Rajan says:

    today is monday and you said u will post videos in mon, wed and friday

  57. Loviekinz says:

    They do grow fast. My Husky is almost 5 months, and in the 3 months I had her OMG she got huge. She was 8lbs the first time I weighed her, now she's like 30lbs.

  58. Boogie Down Bronx says:

    Memphis gave Shelby a run 4 tha $$$ Lol Beautiful babies! Peace w/ a smile

  59. izzy Disney says:

    What size is Oakleys kennel?

  60. Julie Nickel says:

    so cute!

  61. gizzard2025 says:

    Oh i took a lot of photos of my puppies. We only have the one now the other just died of cancer internal bleeding in his lungs he couldnt breathe. He was only 1yrs old.

    His brother who we have still is also 1. We have another dog but he’s like 6-8 around there.
    He can be a bully especially when comes to food to animals. Once in awhile he will play with him not always he likes to spend his time with the horses. The the puppy has no one to play with.

  62. Sky Striker says:

    Where is shiloh as puppy ? 🙁 i miss her

  63. Julian Prior says:

    I love the little captions like snuggle bug from day one ♥

  64. Eve Green says:

    Get a new puppy like if you agree

  65. viju kathial says:

    Aw is puppy 🐶🐕🐺🐩

  66. Remy, Lily and their Mommy says:

    Oh my goodness my heart melted watching all this cuteness. Memphis was spunky as a puppy too. 🙂

  67. oakley the huskey says:

    The clip where Shelby was in the snow she looked like Memphis

  68. optimusprimal1972200 says:

    They were beautiful puppies

  69. annie downam says:

    National puppy day is on my birthday! How cool!

  70. James Krys says:

    My puppy barked for the first time. It was at a dog on TV!

  71. Mariana Cortez says:

    I have a dog and also is a husky

  72. Theoddoneout's number 1 fan BOI says:

    Cute overload 😲

  73. LPSSaphire Tv says:

    Hello! I am a new subscriber to you and your huskies. I watch Gohan the husky, too. I think both of your channels are amazing! You are so inspiring! I am soon going to make a channel about my dog, hunter.

  74. Level 0 Crook says:

    This has the most FEW disliked vids ive ever seen in a popular channel!!! Keep up the good work

  75. Samuel Fairbanks says:

    I love your dogs

  76. AngeKCNat FAM says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO: I loved watching the good old days 😊

  77. The Black_DemonUωU says:

    How old are the dogs now

  78. { Y4Ñ ŁĒM0Ñ ĪD5 } says:

    Nooooo where’s Shiloh is h-he dead!?

  79. Gloria Maaz says:

    Oakley is so cute and what is the next videos

  80. Rian Konno says:

    music dips "Gotta get my shoes…" I loved watching puppy Shelby howl, but i couldn't help but say "Don't bark in her ear!"

  81. Wildfire says:

    What's the music used?

  82. Zariyah Traughber says:

    Sooooooooooo cute

  83. TundraTheOreo says:

    I got my girl at 6 months old, and she’s 2 now. Even though we didn’t get to see her as a super small husky pup we still enjoyed her puppy years and enjoy her now

  84. Adam Rook says:

    My daughter
    think your video are so cute and you're awesome

  85. Justin Powers says:

    This was so cute.Loved it!

  86. Oakleyfan [Becky] says:

    I can only imagine that little fluffball probably already with those freckles on her nose jumping all over the place just being a happy fluffy butt!

  87. amanda cheam says:

    I love you. Your dog are sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! 😀

  88. Esperanza Francisco says:

    It soooooooo cute were did you buy that or maybe give it #cutest puppies in the world😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  89. martin tomas deguzman says:

    Puppy shelby – bossy
    Older shelby – wants dip

  90. Vishal Chanana says:

    Should i get another puppy?

  91. FrostFeildPlayzStuff YT says:

    Just because of the music,
    I think Shelby is teaching the girls how to walk like a diva

  92. Hayleigh's World says:

    Just think Now there's Kira

  93. CeCe pizza roast says:

    I'm watching this in 2019 and I can't take it miss them 😥😪😓😭😖

  94. Hayleigh's World says:

    This makes me cry for some reason (not the Shiloh part or Oakley)

  95. Hayleigh's World says:


  96. Elsie Frostick says:


  97. Eileen Luna says:

    Shelby looks so cute when she was a puppy.Memphis looks so cute when she was a puppy!!!!!

  98. Uncle Yukon says:

    GREAT!!!!!!!! Video, I just found it as Crystal just posted a link to it on her facebook page. Thanks Crystal.

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