Cute is not enough ❤️ Cute and Funny English Bulldogs doing funny things # 13 (2019)| Animal Lovers

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5 Responses

  1. 2manybuks 2littletime says:

    Awww! So cute!!!!


    Lo que me reído, qué preciosidad, qué tiernos, juguetones y lo maravillosos, que son. Un vídeo divino ?❤️♥️❤️???????????

  3. Antonella Ambrosino says:

    Buongiorno grazie di cuore di questa condivisione…video suppendo…Fantastici bulldog….Io li adoro…semplicemente umani teneri unici e meditativi…Io ho amato il mio Bulldog Strauss Noel e per lunghi 13 anni e ancora ….piango per Lui…Ora è nel mio.???????

  4. Proud American Son says:

    Beautiful Puppy.. I guess these owners along with many others do not know that if their Old English BD is Over weight , he will not live as long as the ones who’s weight is controlled..
    Managing my Woodys weight his Entire life helped him live until 15 yrs old..
    I am telling every Owner that they are not prepared for the loss of their Old Eng BD.
    Their Personality is What makes ppl love them so easily and the affection they show to you and everyone else they meet during their lives is not replaceable.. the loss of a child ( which is what these Dogs become) coupled with the loss of the never ending affection is to much to get passed.
    It’s been 8 yrs Now since I lost my Woodyboy and the Pain has not subsided in anyway, Shape or Form.
    God, please take good care of my Woodyboy, ??

  5. biedroneczka kropeczka says:

    I have question… WHO is singing that song in 1:32 … I was trying found on YouTube that song but i cant. Please can somebody tell me ?

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