Cute Twins Baby Will Make You Laugh – Awesome Twins Baby

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27 Responses

  1. adarsh bhardwaj says:




  3. PinocchioTV says:

    Tanto carini! So cute! Ciao ??

  4. syam priya says:

    Soooo cute both of babies

  5. Sirleia Nogueira says:

    Muita fofura junta , tá vontade de apertar esses bebês lindos e sapekas?

  6. 다육너에게로또다시 says:


  7. Xenia Nino says:

    Why you let the baby's play near the Garbage can this one is full of Germs

  8. nam soon choi says:


  9. Marilyn OConnell says:

    Cute video.
    If you have twins shouldn’t you be able to have 2 pacifiers? Mom had the pacifier and said ok your turn you have a suck and then the other one, same thing. Does anybody else think that’s a little more than weird?

  10. Valle Perez says:

    No entiendo como las da a las madres esa risa tan sinsustancia vamos risas sin gracia…….

  11. Valle Perez says:

    Viendo a sus hijos hacer el mono

  12. Rakiah Baker says:


  13. HoneyBee X says:

    Why can't some of these parents buy two pacifiers? ?

  14. Bärbel Harder says:

    ♥️?♥️ ?

  15. Vanessa Arredondo says:

    How is no one talking about 1:24 ???

  16. Gabi Ramos says:

    @ 0.27
    Left baby: Too funny
    Right baby: Could not care less.

    All babies….So precious

  17. Eduarodi says:

    What's "cute" about a baby crying?

  18. phat nguyen says:


  19. ก็มาดิคร้าบบ nong may says:


  20. ก็มาดิคร้าบบ nong may says:


  21. GER473 says:

    Wash ur feet they stink mom

  22. Pew Baby says:

    What cute about a baby crying ?

  23. Life of Baby says:

    So cute -_-

  24. Trending Now says:

    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  25. Fun and Fails says:

    It's so funny with the twins ♥️♥️♥️



  27. Ľubica Lehocká says:

    Dobre,že mu nezabehlo…

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