Cuteness Alert! The Journey of Newborn Puppies

Labrador and Golden Retriever pups take up
to two years to reach adulthood. What is their journey from puppyhood to our
best friend? This female Labrador Retriever is about to
give birth. Dogs are born blind and deaf for the first
two weeks of life. This Golden Retriever has also given birth. New-borns have to be stimulated to help them breathe, but there’s a problem. Her puppy is struggling to inhale. The helpers intervene to pump air into its
little lungs. No success. An oxygen tank is its last hope. And the puppy finally springs to life! The puppies rely entirely on their mothers
for milk and protection. Time to feast like a real dog. A dog shovels water with its tongue like a
backward bent spoon. In the next 2 months, the puppies learn about
the world. They will practice what to trust and fear. Puppies learn new skills through play with
other dogs, animals and humans. It can be a long journey to adult dog-hood. But, there is never a dull moment.

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