You know well listen our music really says who I’m listening to pause here What’s going on today what we’re doing is we’re going to Avoca, Sydney Australia, and we just made a pit stop Red Rooster now I need to figure out how to get in I have my friend Craig getting me hungry Jack’s whopper I’m gonna work out how to get into Red Rooster go and sit down with all the boys and girls See who we find all right. We found them we found them but looking good There’s one other Thanks Jack for holding this all the dogs here great So boys this is Jack’s place. It’s amazing. We’re gonna see some of the boys as well My lady hello oh Wow there’s so many beds who’s up there Sign was there someone’s going to be with Simon It’s the lost allows for checking mounting feature on the cello We try to work out the sleeping arrangements right now And what we figured out is Josh can say my soul why you so we’re looking good on that front Wall so if we do it So this is really the big man is going to stay On top cause he has a single by himself This is for guys, and here’s the little fella Cold currents here megumi make I mean Hearing maybe I’m so sorry about him. Hey son come And there’s Greg the old mighty You do Bengston And then skal at the back So we just played the mountain thinking game with Josh, you can see the biggest It was great yeah, it was great Right now what’s happened is trying to obtain alliances Because I don’t drink often so they’ve all ganged up however, I’ve made alliances with a pupae left one of which is It’s not these two other culprits right now complete asshole here, we have, Andrew yeah He’s just so good, so I guess we’ll focus on in a bit so getting moving I’ve only been here for one morning. This is fabulous mr.. Fabulous Welcome to the second day of a vodka now what exactly is happening And we have great that’s a pretty big Kids snoring all that All right guys we’re about to hit the beach, and I’m gonna do some nice views Guys so today I am a debatably She’s actually a very very very important area in my life the reason why is because a friend that you saw previously We’ve been coming here for the last ten years since our eat 12 or senior year you guys call it Cabo You guys call it like those times to think so that’s basically my car boat from ten years ago, so it’s pretty fun You know got the boys and girls over there. You probably can’t see that well. I don’t feel good We got really lucky on the day, maybe not a cloud in the sky So you you know we’re only winning there boys and girls so that’s fun. I’ll talk more a bit about what we’ve done and So they’re more involved We finished high school right so senior year, and what we did is we all rented a house for the weekend And we had so many guys about 20 guys. It was insane people were sleeping on furniture We had only a few bunk beds left But it was really fun and then that’s sort of become a thing and what we’ve done is that there’s actually a mural here where? We’ve done it Maybe every five years a mural the mural is basically the boys doing silly poses and basically what it is is really just us Remembering what’s happened, so I hope it’s smooth this DJI camera, so it should be fine, so yeah I’ll probably do an introduction with my friend very soon, but again. I don’t think I should be comfortable me doing this otherwise He’s the dog Hey boy Let’s go And that’s the little dog anyway guys well coming soon check it out Oh

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