Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #23

my my all alone tonight are we you must be freezing here take my jacket Oh [Laughter] [Music] and one for you [Music] Hey what the hide worked I’m gonna sleep like a baby thinking about all the lives we save tonight [Music] Oh auto emergency braking with pedestrian detection stops at the first sign of danger so you don’t have to [Music] [Music] [Music] god damnit fine I’ll do the dishes right right remember what I taught you come on Kenny you listenin to a word I’ve been saying [Music] yes coach ha all right now let’s go through this match attaboy they’ve taken the mayor hostage we’ve got a call for help should we call Mothman that won’t be enough this time we need all of them mega ma John Batman el Reverso fire extinguisher girl char Brad Garrett man cinnamon boy whoa what the what the fuck is that [Music] [Music] [Music] have a wonderful first day of school dear and make lots of friend love mom and dad PS weep at your favorite meal see you know how much we love you ah sweet PB&J oh lucky what did your parents pack you Carl with Andrew parents never wanna see them again 350 thousand dollars a playground after school if our demands are negative blows whistle [Music] severed finger again [Music] [Music] stop don’t do it child stealing that one cookie will lead you down a dark path to a life of crime a life filled with devastation that heartbreak trust me I am you from the future no give me all those cookies all of them come on like you like I said don’t end up like me so I said that’s my wife [Applause] [Music] so wanna Netflix and chill oh I wanna Hulu and break up [Music] well time to pornhub and cry [Music] sorry boys he gotta be at least this tall to ride now Fuji your little buns out of this line voice mmm hey now didn’t I tell you boys oh my mistake sir please right this way one ice cream for the little runt oh please forgive me mister here’s a round donkey now before I can prescribe you any of these blown-up drugs I’ve got to run a few quick tests hmm a giggling heart oh that’s never a good sign do you feel that turn your head and cough well you’re not looking too good I mean you’re lumpy in all the wrong places plus your spine is so crooked it’s a miracle you can even stand I’m gonna have to give you some of the best drugs we’ve got but a word of caution these drugs are gonna make you see some weird-ass shit I mean they could kill a child hell maybe even two I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you that anyway here you go oh my god I really gotta take it easy with these hey Ben if you like that short you were like ha ha ha ha and if you didn’t you were like uh but either way you should click on this one and watch it another one [Music]

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100 Responses

  1. Nathaniel Ogbonna says:

    This thing no go kill somebody?????????????

  2. William Mejia says:

    D heck ?

  3. Dewayne Smothers says:

    1:42 remember adults… never buy cars with emergency brakes ?

  4. Fortnight _Girl _Y8 says:

    Totally saved soooooooo many people ?

  5. William Zelaya says:

    9:53 to 9:55 the got me crying of laughter

  6. Cosmic IsDead says:

    Murder Mystery.

  7. Roman Martin says:

    What am i whaching

  8. pixel_noob 3d says:

    How much knifes did he have xD

  9. • Itz Aira • says:

    Now the beginning is purple guy

  10. Miner15101 V says:

    5:49 AGAIN?!

  11. Mike Upton says:

    The first one where he stabs that girl in both of her eyes should be a mori in dead by daylight

  12. Galaxy Ace Phoenix says:

    Moth man
    Mega moth
    John Batman
    El reverso
    Shark rad
    Fire extinguisher girl
    Carrot girl
    Salmon boy
    = a hideous brain shiter man

  13. Bron Solo says:

    I swear the cookie jar one is on another compilation

  14. Jack Bond says:

    No don’t do it stop watching porn all your life like I did now seriously let me watch it

  15. NO BODY says:

    00:55 i dont see what is wrong with that i mean he could take more lives isnt?

  16. Yorda Sinclair says:


  17. Saul Rojas says:

    Who else got a ad of explosem entertainment

  18. tristan lapointe says:

    Do u know than they put your eye stabber in a game looking like super smash bros??????

  19. Sik Sean says:

    The purple shirted eye-stabber has Batman skill I must admit

  20. Logan Kiddo says:

    What is the deal with the first part

  21. Morreninho RED says:


  22. Morreninho RED says:

    How many kives he have!!!???

  23. Ahmad Raja says:

    I love these

  24. Afro disio says:

    Rose are red
    Red and blue make purple
    Have a watchful eye
    For the one who wear purple

  25. Mayro says:

    ? ?

  26. craze dunny says:

    I feel so bad for shark rad

  27. Augustuvi Primce dea.V. says:

    remember, revolver has 7 rounds

  28. khaliel coleman says:

    the brown kid tho like why

  29. Jojo Fin says:

    Why do you like stabbing people in the eye?

  30. Special_ Compare says:

    The serial killer killed 13 ppl

  31. snakekobra5474 crusher says:

    all diss DAMN nasty sh##

  32. KID GOKU SSJ SSJ says:

    Time to pornhub and cry 8:05

  33. XXxDemon-Chan xXX says:

    You see have kept the cat

  34. Bob Wetard says:

    How is this video monitized?!

  35. Your Average Otaku says:

    8:00 she's watching the Shelter short.

  36. Mutated Sperm says:

    0:12 how tf you stab somebody in the eye from the back??‍♂️???

  37. Simon Drinkwater says:

    The first 1 loves eyes

  38. Simon Drinkwater says:

    I like dark humour

  39. The union republic of tuzaria says:

    Me killing a line of afk people in fort nite 0:36 0:37 0:38 0:39

  40. TheGoldenWolf says:

    She should have said I want you to hbo and go

  41. roniel.edily Lucas channle says:

    Wilham scream 0:41

  42. Nobel_ Wolf says:

    Wait Kylo ren severed a finger and is asking for $50,000
    The empires standards have dropped

  43. Nicolas Castillo says:

    3:52 ???????

  44. Logan Kordinak says:

    Excuse me that's a spree killer

  45. Mr. Fizz says:

    2:02 that little thing on the table weed? Or just a cigar

  46. Looting Lucas says:


  47. Jess B says:

    The first one was literally Peter from Divergent

  48. cool bros brothers says:

    I don't like the bad words and the blood

  49. Ahmad Alomari says:

    0:36 to 0:50 When there’s a good spy on the other team

    If you play tf2 you get this

  50. undertaledev200 boi says:

    the first one why the eyes there is a chance to live when getting stabed in the eye

  51. Inkyfistdevil says:


  52. yaddassi says:

    We have your parents, kid. If you ever want to see them again, bring $50,000 to the playground after school. If our demands aren’t met in 24 hours, we’ll make them wish you were never born. PS, we left you a little PRESENT so you know we’re serious.

  53. BLOOD HOUND says:


  54. ZAY Morgan says:

    What's pornhub

  55. Prenzo says:

    in dont talk she could've just reversed

  56. beni says:

    Those people just standing there while people are getting murdered screaming really made it convenient for the killer

  57. William Korbel says:


  58. Bitnoonoo Plays says:

    what the frick is wrong with u

  59. Steel Man says:

    Where does he buy all those knives?

  60. Avin Toussaint says:

    Poor Carl

  61. BloatedBlitz says:

    Well yes, but technically no at 7:10

  62. Oyuncusuz Roblox says:

    ⚫ ⚫


  63. RaulForLife says:

    0:50 Swoozie?

  64. Izaiah Dash says:

    These drugs are gonna make you see some weird ass shit OMG?????

  65. Daniel Smith says:

    Nah g every comic so morbid..

  66. Ricky Bhattacharya says:

    Josephus problem

  67. Karina Ortega says:

    4:30 were can we find that lady °^°

  68. Iris Martanovic says:


  69. juan valle says:

    The first animation was these knives only

  70. Patricia Turner says:

    7:07 (the comedian)

    How to be a great comedian and get claps you just need fly so they need to clap to kill those XD

  71. Poi Pounder says:

    Guys like their video they have a card game i saw it at walmart

  72. RonF1s Cabrera says:

    4:00 you used wilhelm

  73. SO Animations ! says:

    Funny ?

  74. Tom Agar says:

    Lol at 4:18

  75. Abbas Saidi says:

    the second one reminds me of breaking point in roblox

  76. Arisa_ БЛЯТЬ says:

    The animation has gotten really good! And the humor is so dark I love it!!!

  77. tom wells says:

    Very cool

  78. Armon Chapman says:

    3:05 why dose he look like Steve Harvey?

  79. Monet Mata says:

    no people were injured during the video

  80. Gabe ghost says:

    Ⓦⓔⓛⓟ ⓣⓘⓜⓔ ⓣⓞ ⓟⓞⓡⓝⓗⓤⓑ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓒⓡⓨ (ಥ͜ʖಥ).

  81. laith nabaa says:

    How did he come with all the knives?!

  82. ricardo gomez says:


  83. P0TAT0 loves flan 24/7 says:

    why do your characters remind me of a a puzzle ad

  84. reijhan jeirhan says:

    That guy looks like a murder mystery guy

  85. reijhan jeirhan says:

    Ewww that guy is in griefed

  86. Snack Pie says:

    No blood

  87. OverSoulUnited Yt says:


  88. Nicole Short says:

    4:56 how I’m getting in area 51

  89. Meme girl Triggered says:

    That one guy looks like steve Harvey.

  90. Duwap. curt says:

    8:15 I Heard Those sounds in my mom room

  91. KING OF CD says:

    Sick ??????????

  92. Tim Van Driel says:

    Stop OR give up on LIFE!

  93. brought to you by says:

    Oh my god.

  94. Lu Lu says:

    Well! Time to pornhub and cry. Haha xD.

  95. felicia williams says:


  96. Ligitamate Gamer says:

    Creativity on another level?????

  97. EvilPanda Agar says:

    The answer to who has to wash the dishes, obviously you have to do Russian Roulette to decide.What an awesome way to decide

  98. Cereal Killer says:

    The purple shit stabbed is crazy

  99. Jeypipogi player off the roblox roblox player says:

    Lol i watch pornhub

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