Dan vs. Dan – DanTDM Creates a Big Scene (Ep 4)

Dan TDM to the stage, calling
Dan TDM to the stage. Space, dark, infinite, spacey,
filled with stars and aliens. This is incredible. And so the fight was won, a
thrilling end to the war of the
stars. What an ending. Harr, harr harr, harr. Better than the ending of our
show. What? There’s nothing wrong
with the ending of our show. Nothing wrong? It’s just you
flipping a coin. This next one is going to be
heads. Oh… Yeah, that night I was unlucky
but sometimes I get almost half
the coin flips right. What more do you want? Excitement. Excitement? It is exciting, the
fans love it. My pa always said just because
they like it doesn’t mean it
can’t be better. Way better. Fine, well who has a better
idea for the end of our show? Oh, we could do science. And now magnets. [BOOING] I thought that would go better. Yeah, magnets are amazing but
I’m not sure it’s the big end
we’re after. We could get a big magnet? How about you let Darcie and me
cut loose with our real talent? Modelling Guys, let it go, it’s never
gonna happen. What? What about our faces? Our faces should be everywhere.
Look, look at Darcie’s face. Harr, harr harr. What? I do, I do listen to your
ideas. I always listen to the guys. I love Dan but he never
listens, I have lots of great
ideas. Dan never takes my ideas
seriously. It’s a team effort, it’s their
show too. [SQUAWKS]. Harr harr ha ha ha. Fire me out of a cannon?
Doesn’t that sound a bit
dangerous? It’s great, think… How cool you’ll look. Guys, I’m still not sure about
this, it doesn’t look safe. Alright, let’s be scientific.
We’ll test it. We just need something to fire,
what could that be? What? No no, no no, no way. I brought this watermelon. Yes, that’s perfect. And delicious. Oh we could use my backpack. This is gonna prove that you
have nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about? Looks perfect. No, guys, I am not firing
myself out of this or any other
cannon. It’d be a good ending. It’d be a permanent ending.
Stuff like this only happens in
the movies. Like that great virtual reality
movie we watched. Wait, that’s it. What? We could go to a movie studio,
those guys can do anything. They can give us a perfect
ending to our show. Sounds great. The movie studio is just up
here, I bet it’s amazing. I am so excited about making a
film. This is incredible. Darcie, we shouldn’t be doing
this. Yeah, we should be modelling,
modelling. I thought movie studios were
meant to look like dream
factories. This is like a paint
factory. Paint factory? Oh err sorry, hi? It’s Dan. Oh hi Dan, err I mean Mr TDM,
um come in. Great. Wait, have you seen Ellie and
Darcie? Oh no. I’m sure they’re fine. I wasn’t worried about the
pugs, they’re always wandering
off. I love those little guys, but
they are a little bit
headstrong. This is going to be easy. We’re better at modelling than
any of these losers. Do you think they might be a
bit taller than us? We need to lose the competition. Shall we? Aww, so cute. I wonder who they
belong to. Belong to? We’re our own pugs. [SCREAMS] Oh they speak! One down, a few more to go. I’m not sure about your curtain. This is a green screen, it’s
for visual effects. Err let me show you, does one
of you wanna come in? Oo, me. Oh great great, if you come and
stand over here for me? And the rest of you just come
stand round this monitor and
I’ll show you. Oh, all I can see is Eve on a
green screen. Oh wow, that’s incredible. Oh I don’t feel anything. Harr, harr harr harr. No it’s a visual effect, so
what we do is all of the green here on camera, we take all
that out. You see we can literally take
your friend there and put her
anywhere. So Eve could be anywhere? Yeah. How about a farmyard? Amazing. It is isn’t it? Put her in a fire. [LAUGHS]. That is perfect. Ok, this is great but um how is
this gonna help us get our big
ending to our show? You can do absolutely anything;
the only limit is your
imagination. Oh… Mm. Nearly there, just have to get
rid of these clowns. Yeah but how? You could use your special
power? Oh, that? Hold on. [COUGHING] Ok guys, so how do you wanna
end your live show? Um dinosaurs? Yeah we can run
away from dinosaurs, run past a
tree- No! And… Dinosaurs are stupid, stupid!
It should have fire; it should
be terrifying. What? Evil Dan, we are not
using fire. How dare you! You never listen
to me! Well we don’t wanna scare our
audience. I’ll scare you! You never listen to me! You always do this. It’s my show, my show, mine! Wait! What? You guys should have a big
fight to round off the show. That’s right. A big fight, just like in that
VR movie. I’ll win, of course, with my
power and awesomeness. Err no, Dan has to win, the
good guy always wins. What? Dan wins. No! [SQUAWKS] Evil Dan must lose.
Evil Dan must lose. Me? Lose a big fight? Never! Come on Evil Dan, be a sport. Never! No, I’m not doing it. Ah [COUGHS] it’s disgusting. The special power never lets us
down. Next! Seeing as Evil Dan wasn’t up
for losing the fight… …the visual effects guys
brought in a high tech visual
effects double. Go on Dan! He doesn’t look anything like
me! What is this? A game of British
bulldogs? Err we’re pugs. They can speak. What? Just because we’re models. Hello, I’m Ellie. And I’m Darcie. And we are your only option. But we’re making a commercial
for perfume, we can’t use dogs. Not a problem. Watch this. Actually that is pretty good.
Let’s see something else. Hey, right get the cameras
rolling. There you go. Thank you. Anytime Dan, I hope they love
it. Right, we need to get back to
the theatre. Wait, where are
Ellie and Darcie? And action! Wow, they seem so much more pug
like. That was amazing, this is gonna
be huge. We’re being exploited. What? We’re off. I hope the pugs are ok, I’m a
bit worried. I’m sure they’re fine. Yeah, I’m sure they’re fine but
what about the show? We can’t do it without them. Alright mucker? Guys, what happened? The modelling game, it isn’t
for us. What? Why? It’s shallow. We’ll just stick
with you. Yeah, until we get our own live
show. [CHEERING] Darcie you did it, you’re saved. We had the whole gang back
together… …but soon it was time to
share our brand new ending with
a real life, live audience. Ok, that’s the end of our show,
we have a big surprise for you. You’re going to hate it. No, you’re gonna love it. You’re going to hate it. And
here it is, a massive fight. [CHEERING] This is ridiculous. Argh. It’s not so bad. [CHEERING] I admit it, that was a good
ending. Better than the cannon? Almost better than the cannon. And so Dan found a happy ending
to his show. Of course all good things must
come to an end but also all good things come to those
who wait. And don’t forget those who wait
have the last laugh, although those who laugh last laugh
longest. I’m Mister Pig, and I’ve never
had a mid-day nap. ♪

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