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Are you on fire? I’m not. I used to be… … until I discovered Water. Created by real doctors in a Swiss laboratory… … Water is specially formulated to stop fire in its tracks. Here’s how it works. When you’re on fire, your face and hair are BURNING. A combustion reaction between your skin and the oxygen in the air… … is leaving your body blackened and charred. Water’s secret formula allows it to attack this combustion reaction directly… … to stop the fire at its root… … so you can go on with your day. We can’t tell you the secret formula… … but it’s hydrogen… … and a little something extra. So the next time you’re on fire, don’t settle for other so-called cures. Get Water, and attack the fire at its root… … so you can stop burning… … and start feeling good again. WATER… … Because Your Body is on Fire. DAN (as DeNiro the Cat): Mmm nom! So full! I couldn’t possibly eat another–! [smack, smack] Okay! Nom nom [smack] … That’s it! [smack] That’s it! Nawww’ll start my [smack] diet [smack] tomorrow… Dan: ALL RIGHT! That was our first cat video! Thank you, Lost Moon Radio, FINALLY for listening to me. And saying MY CATS do the funniest things. Like us down here! Give us COMMENTS! Let us know that you LIKE it. We’ve got so many more coming your way. Thanks, everybody! [sung:] Prrrty Please SUBSCRIBE.

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3 Responses

  1. Aaron Abergel says:

    amazing.  thank you lost moon.  i never knew how to get off of fire… 

  2. jademorgan says:

    So far, my fav!

  3. SherbyTheCat says:

    I love this clip. Please have a look at mine too.

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