Day In The Life Of A Zookeeper – Behind The Bulldog Episode 21

(gentle acoustic music) (crowd chattering) – [Zookeeper] You wanna
protect your hands, and if you’re quick,
there’s two clippers there. – I’m out of retirement. I’m back here in Shepreth
Wildlife Park getting ready. I don’t know what I’m doing. (laughing) I forgot what you said. – [Crowd] We’re ready, ready. The whole time (mumbling). – I think to start with, just like the first 10-15 minutes, while we’re getting a few
bits and pieces ’round here, could you start with
trying to get this ivy off? I’ll probably suggest start
at the bottom, cut it all off, and then try and rip it so
it all comes off in one go. It won’t, but it’ll be easier than trying to pull it downwards. – [Crowd] Yeah, alright. Okay, we got it. (crowd chattering) (serene instrumental music) – There were tigers over here before. Their scent’s all over,
all over everything. So obviously they wanna
try and get rid of as much of the old tigers’ smells
before the new tigers come in. (laughing) – Pulled that bit out. – Removing scent, really,
more than anything. (gentle instrumental music) – Messy though. – [Volunteer] I’m the
quick D.A. Dench Andre. (laughing) (gentle instrumental music) – [Brunette Woman] We’re
to get most of it off. – [Zookeeper] Hold on. – Yeah, yeah, a little. – Oh, man. We cleaned this room
before we paint it green. – [Interviewer] Really? – Yes. We’ve got Ryan, and Ems, and then our trusty guide to help us out makes sure we’re getting
all the bits off the floor. – [Interviewer] What
is this room used for? – This is our public area for
looking into the tiger dens. We’ve got all our information
on tiger enrichment and tiger conservation as well. (serene instrumental music) (laughing) – They’re just observing
the animals in the cages. (laughing) (water falling) (gentle instrumental music) – Trying to do the owl
thing where it’s like … – She’s a Eurasian eagle-owl. (whistling) (gentle instrumental music) So, it doesn’t look like
she’s got a long neck, but if you ever see a skeleton of an owl, you’ll see they’ve got this
really long, almost curved neck, and they spend most of
their time just doing this, but when they need to,
they can stretch it up, and that’s what allows
them to turn it so far. – Sick. (laughing) – [Volunteer] You feel sick. Gary, you’ve got a way with words. – Feel pressured now, though. – [Interviewer] What did you think that? – It’s a beautiful animal. (laughing) – [Interviewer] How far
can you turn your head? – What did she say? – [Interviewer] I think 270 degrees. – Yeah, I don’t think I
can go as far as that. – [Volunteer] Are we finished here? – [Interviewer] So, where
are you taking these logs? – To an llama enclosure. – [Interviewer] Llama? – Yeah, you coming with us? – [Interviewer] Yeah. – Let’s go. (gentle instrumental music) – Yeah, I’ll take this. (gentle instrumental music) – It’s not sturdy at all. – You can do this. (gentle instrumental music) – We’ve got to the root of the problem. Get it, roots. – I am the leaf fairy. I just can’t get this off. (yelling) (laughing) – [Interviewer] Being a
designer, do you feel at home? – I always wanted to be a
zookeeper when I was younger apart from a chef, a zookeeper was like the … I’d love to do that job. Now I’m doing it. But I’m painting, not
looking after animals. – We’re in the wild. Here we have Andre
attempting a brave move. (imitating animal sounds) (laughing) This is a matter of life and death. (imitating animal sounds) (laughing) We got to retreat right now. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Crowd] He’s so cute. (laughing) (upbeat instrumental music) – [Woman] Hello. Oh, hello. (crowd chattering) Oh, hello. (laughing) It waved at me. – That’s incredible. – [Man] They really do like you. – They love me. Hello. Oh, hello friend. They’re just watching me. (crowd chattering) (laughing) (crowd chattering) (animals screeching) (crowd chattering) (animals chattering) – [Crowd] Yeah, check it. – [Woman] Hello. – [Crowd] They weren’t
shouting at anything. (laughing) – It’s pooing. (crowd chattering) (gentle instrumental music) (animals cooing) – [Interviewer] It’s like
when you see your mom. It’s like, dinner’s ready. (laughing) – We’ve got Lahn here. He’s our male, and the
one next to him is Kumari They’re not sexually dimorphic,
so there’s not really obvious difference
between males and females, but he’s bigger, and he’s
got a very pink nose. You can see he’s got
longer whiskers as well, so that’s how we tell them apart. And then, the very little
one, the loudest one, you can usually tell, is
called Kei, and she’s a pup. She’s about eight months
old, and she is theirs. So, it’s the first pup
we’ve ever had here. The first that they’ve ever
had, they’re first-time parents, so they’re doing very well. (laughing) If you guys did wanna throw
any in, you are welcome to. (crowd chattering) But their teeth, if you look
when they open their mouth, they’ve got front teeth, which
are designed for catching and slicing fish, and then
their back teeth are designed for crushing, so that’s for breaking open things like mussel shells and crab shells, so we give them lots of mussels. If they’re partially open,
they’ll just use their paws. If they’re fully closed,
they’ll use their teeth. Come on, touch. Good boy. Kamari, touch. Good girl. Kei, touch. Good girl. – We’re back in a very, very interesting
part of the journey. I don’t know where we’re going, but hang on, it’s gonna be fun. (laughing) (gentle instrumental music) – Coatis. Coatis! Come on, girls. (crowd chattering) – [Woman] I was talking about, I could feed everything
in the shop [Mumbling]. I think one time I held one
just to be brave my first time. (crowd chattering) (gentle instrumental music) (upbeat instrumental music) – What’s up, YouTube? Got a lemur on my shoulder. How’s your day been? Not as good as mine. He’s having a grape time. – Got a grape. – Put it in the bowl, he’ll like it. – They’re not used to–
– I’m now being followed. – so many people being in
here so that’s why they’re– (crowd chattering) No, no, that’s okay. (gentle instrumental music) Humbug. – [Man With Lemur] This is so cool. – [Zookeeper] He stayed on you for a really long time, actually. – Yeah, we’re mates now. We’re actually gonna walk
around the park after this. (laughing) What’s up, Dude? – [Zookeeper] Notice when
they eat as well they like, tilt their head back. – [Man With Lemur] Yeah. (gentle instrumental music) – That’s the sweetest thing. (laughing) – So, I’ll go in first, and if
you guys wanna follow me in. (crowd chattering) Who’s got one and who hasn’t, so take one, feel free to approach. (crowd chattering) These guys were born in captivity. They’ve never been in the
wild, so while they’re all feeding, one of them on
sentry duty at all times, and kind of the high point,
keeping a lookout for predators, but they still do that even
when we feed them sometimes, not as much as they would in the wild, but you do still see, while
everyone else is feeding, one of them keeping a lookout. It’s just really interesting. It’s kind of a innate
behavior that they have. – We’ve had a really good day today. We’ve helped clean out a tiger’s den. I think a lot of us had to get away with, there was logs we had to move. We’ve had the ivy. There was an amazing amount of
that that needs to come down, and surprisingly tough work, as well. Some of the guys got to
paint the tiger’s enclosure, like the inside bit where the
tiger would sleep at night, and where you can view
him if he’s in there. Then what did we do after that? That’s when we got to go
off and do probably the more fun part is where we got to
feed some of the animals. I got to go and feed the marmosets. Some of them jumped on
my shoulder, great fun. We also walked through the nocturnal area where the bats were flying
around our head and everything, which Gabby took ages getting through ’cause she was scared of them, and then the other guys been feeding, Guys, what other animals have you all fed? – [Crowd] Meerkats, lemurs, parrot … (crowd chattering) There was raptors, dinosaurs … – Dinosaurs, okay. So, yeah, we’ve had a really great day. I wanna to thank everyone
in Shepreth for having us, and we’ll see you again next
time behind the Bulldog. Everyone, cheers. (crowd cheering)

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