so yo guys, this is my fit for today alright say bye Pablo say bye Pablo I know bye bye yeah we have to go now Um this is my fit and yeah don’t cry please so now we are heading to the Supreme drop and then uni straight after yo we are here now we are at Supreme the line atleast and from here I see no line what the hell Is anyone even here um well it is a dead drop to be fair but yo I don’t see anyone yo that’s the Supreme line not many people are here today for the drop which is a first I have never seen a line this short, this season yet yaa yes sir gains, gains gym back at uni, you know but yo we’re already in Christmas season Reindeer Maltesers some mad ting so yo we are heading back to Supreme and guess what she picked up got the Stormzy I-D front cover like I have looked everywhere for this one and she just found it i the most randomest place because the other front cover is Anna I don’t rate that one but yo that one is so sick and she somehow found it I don’t know how I have been looking ever since the time I have said I was looking for it so this is the very last line and no-one is here like I think thats it maybe there is a small line outside Supreme but like no-one is here It is In my opinion I don’t like the drop I don’t listen to Slayer and yeah but no-one is here oh I see a tiny line okay Do you know who Slayer are? yeah of course man, yeah Are you a fan of Slayer? Yeah I kind of like them man, yeah but I’m just generally into like metal imagery are you a fan of Slayer? Yes, I’m a little bit not so much Are you a fan of Slayer? I am, I am a big fan but yo, that was the Supreme collab with Slayer, the metal rockband I think that’s it I think that’s the genre but never the less I hope you guys enjoyed that, sorry I couldn’t really show much because there was not much to show literally no-one brought anything people went in and came out with no bags nothing I tried to make something of it, hope you guys enjoyed but I’m heading to uni now let me know what your thoughts are of the drop and if you copped anything, let me know down below just finished uni, so I’m going to head to see Pablo and then edit this video but I am so excited to see Pablo good boy oh he’s sleeping he is sleeping I’m editing a video right now and he is sleeping but yeah like yo, this is the new I-D magazine here I literally looked everywhere for this one like this one is hard to find this front cover but um yeah, you want to see my collection? okay ignore these 2 things but yo like all of those are my magazines I have 2 or 3 years of I-D magazines so and I collect every single one that comes out so yeah also have every single um places plus faces limited edition books which are these so like you have got Krept & Konan places plus faces I actually have two of these you know and then I have this one places plus faces Zeen or Zein I have the Novelist, places plus faces man like Pablo the biggest Hypebeast around aren’t you the biggest Hypebeast yes you are It’s your bedtime soon you know we will have to get ready for bed pabs but erm yeah I might actually start buying like Supreme stuff from the drops not for me, just for Pablo so If I find stuff that Pablo can eat or chew on, I’m going to buy it just for Pablo to like destroy so yeah he is going to become some next Hypebeast he is going to be famous, aren’t you Pabs, you are going to be famous for being a weird Hypebeast, yeah but never the less, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video sorry it is short I have been trying to make my videos longer but yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video again and If you are new make sure to subscribe I upload every single day fashion content and yeah Pablo you want to say any few words want to say anything no? what you wanna say okay but yeah he is sleeping next to us because he keeps crying so we let him sleep with us but yeah ciao, in a bit yall SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDEOS

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8 Responses

  1. Oliver chapman says:

    Song name 1:18

  2. Lenny Pichardo says:

    fashion victim

  3. Sebastian Orellana says:

    This drop was dead because most people (not every one) that buys streetwear are hip hop fans, they rate drake over metallica, kanye west over slayer etc. can´t blame them, everyone has their own taste in music. I personally am a metal head, and i find it sad that big streetwear brands make band tees, like supreme x slayer, fear of god x metallica, let the fans wear those shirts, it´s not made for fasion, it´s made for passion.

  4. Rodrigo Díaz says:

    Fuck possers

  5. Rodrigo Díaz says:

    Fuck possers

  6. Señor Woofers says:

    FUCKIN SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!

  7. shadow play237 says:

    "Im just generally into… Like…. Metal…. Imagery…" go fuck yourself dude! Save thrash metal for the genuine fans!

  8. Moby Gold says:

    wow people like i know supreme ….. slayer they dont know nothing about slayer ………..

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