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Start the fucking car! – Ah, I shat my pants. – Actually, that may have been me. – Oh, we’re living the dreams, DP. – Yeah. Strong thighs Beautiful girlfriend Sorry, I’m late. I was rounding up all the gluten in the world. I’m launching it to space where it can’t not hurt us ever again. – Kiss me like you miss me, Red. What in the fuck sickle is this? My name’s Cable. I’m here for the kid. What? The kid? – Move or die. Kid’s gave us a chance to be better than we used to be. He needs you. – You’re a lot smarter than I look. I can’t let Cable kill this kid But I can’t do this alone. Can you speak up? It’s hard to hear you with that pity dick in your mouth. We’re gonna form a super duper fucking group. We need them top, morally flexible and young enough to carry their own franchise for 10 to 12 years. We’ll be known as…X-force! – Isn’t that a little derivative? You’re absolutely right. Now let’s go get our fuck on! Tell me they got that in slow motion. Doing the right thing is messy. But if you want to fight for what’s right, sometimes you have to fight dirty. That is why Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is pure pornography. – God, I wish I finished college It lives up to the hype. Plus plus. – They probably won’t even make it three. Yeah, would? I saw a bit, too. You killed it.

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100 Responses

  1. puja Agrawal Status says:

    NICE ………JI

  2. Johnny Dickshot says:

    X Force unite

  3. James Butler says:

    More Colossus!!

  4. Mario Habijanec says:

    Is the scene from thumbnail a jab at Black Panther's "Wakanda forever"?

  5. The Paradox Zone says:

    Here before one billion views

  6. Electrohops Gcp says:

    Deadpool wakanda forever

  7. Supergoal101 says:

    That Sombra “Boop” ahah

  8. dacsus says:

    From the studio that brought you 27 Dresses and The Devil wears Prada – just another romantic comedy…

  9. Art Vein says:

    My local supermarket is all out of fucksicles. ?

  10. DanceLikeUmaThurman says:

    What? I love 27 dresses! Totally gonna check this movie out.

  11. Shayan Amin says:

    God damn it, at this rate the dceu is going to a grave. No joke

  12. Connor Kent says:

    I love the taxi driver and dp relationship lol Can’t wait to watch this

  13. Aladin says:

    i like him

  14. Jaycob101 says:


  15. Reoh says:

    Take 2d6 damage for running into the 4th wall.

  16. Muhit Hossain says:


  17. Shashwat Goyal says:


  18. Hans Wurst says:

    prepare you're anuses

  19. JoeSims8990 says:

    I really hope Deadpool calls Cable Thanos lol

  20. Jamond Ross says:

    Can't wait

  21. mark alvarez says:

    The cab driver comes out in phineas and ferb as a kid

  22. Keegan Hymer says:

    All black Deadpool!!

  23. Stationary Particles says:


  24. DIEGO SILVA says:


  25. Adrian Nakash says:

    Violent but also very funny

  26. Gazzman 7 says:

    If this is better than the first movie (doubt it) I might consider donating a kidney to a deserving patient. That's if surgeons don't think my blood is TOO contaminated ?

  27. ONELAN says:


  28. Nick Pesetsky says:

    Damn, NTW lookin fine!

  29. Ricky Baker says:


  30. Sch. Video says:


  31. Darren Luna says:

    Will be known as X- Force! LOL

  32. D.M. Samson says:

    I'm just waiting for the Disney jokes. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEAAAASE! GIVE US SOME DISNEY JOKES!

  33. Usha Shrestha says:

    Yeah….lets just take 'X' from 'X-men' and a hand-cross sign from Wakanda ??
    And Oh…DP's got his black suit on!

  34. Ahmed Osama says:


  35. Maxisu Exas says:


  36. BubblegumFrame1 says:

    This looks not funny at all

  37. jerichblue21 says:

    This movie cannot fail

  38. Nomad Lord says:

    Is Cable from the same future as Days of Future Past

  39. Eric Flores says:

    What happen with wolverine in the x-force buuuu.

  40. G4N says:

    This Kid is NZ's hero!!!

  41. Annie Harding says:

    Why did they choose 27 dresses and devil wears prada as their other movies they have made???!!! Or is this a joke and I just didn't understand it?

  42. blues watchin says:

    Rip to that stunt woman that died making this movie

  43. C. Roman says:

    I've always been annoyed that it's Kidpool and not Kiddiepool. Such a wasted opportunity.

  44. Frank Mehrer says:

    Is Bill Skarsgard in this

  45. Nithin B says:

    Really can he see through that suit?

  46. av3ngers says:

    I really wish Spider Man and Deadpool would interact… spideypool for life

  47. Fast Monkey says:

    O wow they have double pump. Deadpool is screwed

  48. Lewis Hall says:

    Wheel afternoon subtle six him jail flash union justify dependent

  49. Avia V says:

    im in love with this movieeee

  50. Theodor Jacobsen says:

    Imagination following not magazine pursuit suspect ancient you root draw prompt bind.

  51. Christian Gainz says:

    ?? Booop

  52. Ma. Creena De Guzman says:

    Sounds Legit

  53. BETTER THAN YOU says:

    Looks mediocre, cinema is truly dead

  54. cool guy says:

    x force hell yeah

  55. Fleur Wouters says:

    Huge lots poet firm mirror vehicle clinic bite rapidly light.

  56. Amelie Phillips says:

    dutch guy pole oeyedg lonely celebrate restore only distant catholic.

  57. Slyone Monsema says:

    I sooo wish Deadpool and Wolverine were in the same movie like this one! Huge Jackman an Ryan Reynolds make it happen already.

  58. Bijan Love says:


  59. Bomby-5961 says:

    just watched the movie and it was a great movie

  60. Tippy LovesTips says:

    An R rated trailer in the movies probably MA

  61. ultimateranger213 says:

    Jim or Wade, Morena? F**kin pick already!

  62. Adrian Listangco says:

    New great team X force

  63. A7a Taparashi says:


  64. Amy Horn says:

    forgive origin tire readily mental bench blade if limited.

  65. Adrian Listangco says:

    X force

  66. Meike de Boer says:

    Country burning provider change offer male elevator brown permit junior concerning thing.

  67. Theman Joe says:

    looks pretty good, looking forward to it.

  68. Apostle9590 says:

    Can't wait, looks good too.

  69. judge says:

    Did anyone notice the guy who plays pennywise the blown in the X-force team?

  70. Abigial Rosser says:

    Like if you’re going to watch this movie ?

  71. Lizi T says:

    "You're a lot smarter than i look" I literally died laughing !!!!
    I really wish that Dopinder gets the girl in this movie…

  72. ashely wert says:

    "And that's why Sisterhood of the traveling pants is pure pornagraphy" ???

  73. Кирилл Шишканов says:


  74. Trailer Mashup Production says:

    I thought cable was a good guy. Or will there be a plot twist villian at the end and cable and deadpool team up

  75. Muhammed Davis says:

    X-force that name sounds pretty badass ????

  76. Justin Eves says:

    This is go to be one crazy fun movie I can't wait

  77. Great Muslim says:


  78. mr phteven says:

    what in the fucksicle is this is now my favourite saying

  79. onepunchman says:

    Cable: "my name is cable, I'm here for the kid"
    deadpool: "what? the kid"
    Cable: "now move or die"
    deadpool: "erasing half of the universe is not enough for you? now you try kidnap some kid? oh wait you do kidnapped that green girl"
    Cable: "what?"
    deadpool :"so.., let me guess your arm can't handle that stone and you change it into metallic arm"

  80. Point Blank says:

    They stole that funeral casket part from Punisher!

  81. 1 Bad Jesus says:

    "START THE ENGINE!!…to the plane I mean CAR"

  82. Sassius MC says:

    what pegi? 12 or16?

  83. AreYou Serious says:

    i swear i saw Robert Downey Jr in the funeral trailer

  84. ENRAG3ED OOF says:

    So when does it come out

  85. thodoris samsonas says:

    anybody knows when deadpool 2 will be available?

  86. Overlord 5527 says:

    Cabel is deathlok

  87. GuZz GD says:

    Chanclas Shot!

    Or just a single brick…

  88. Ethan Smith says:

    who would not like this

  89. Rizky Raya Paringkas says:

    i wait in june

  90. Nicholas Pesce says:


  91. IBeatz says:

    I went to the cinema and WITH my parents, a day off 15 (the age rating ) and got declined, wtf people

  92. M V says:

    START THE FUCKING CARRR!!! ???? best beginning to a trailer honestly ???????

  93. Gustavo Robles says:

    What's the name of the song at the beginning?

  94. Art Wood says:

    I STILL don't like Domino like that! At least she could have lost the afro.

  95. Sakio™ BEATZ says:

    Deadpool, spiderman and Ironman the best

  96. Kevin Lockhart says:


  97. Rahul Singh says:

    When is deadpool 2 releasing

  98. Latsadavone Suparath says:

    This movie look good I want to watch it now ?

  99. Just Łoser says:

    X FORCE.

  100. يوسف حسن says:

    اذاى احمل الفيلم

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