Deadpool, Bane and Cats! – AH Animated

Jeremy: Alright, everyone on the tables! Michael: Alright hang on. Ryan: On the table, line up, we figured- Ryan: So we’ve got custom rolls now AND Ryan: We have- Ryan: Custom… Ryan: Models. Jeremy: We told you we’d figure it out eventually! Ryan: And boy was it an “eventually”. Ryan: Alright, starting down here: Ryan: “Ender Dragon”.
Jack: Hello! Jeremy: It’s Jack! Ryan: Your mouth actually moved when you did that.
Jack: Oh really? Jack: Hiii! Ryan: Yup, it flops open.
Jeremy: Yeah, it does, it flops. Ryan: We got “Oddjob”. Gavin: I’M ODDJOB! (Laughter) Ryan: It’s Gavin! Ryan: We got… “Go Figure”. Michael: That’s me. Hey what do you mean ‘go figure’?
Jack: You’re so short. Michael: I picked Banjo but he didn’t work.
Jeremy: We have “Detective Roger Deadpool”! Ryan: Detective Roger Deadpool! Jeremy: We have THAT. What is that? A Geralt in a… in a towel? Myatt: I’m a witcher. (Laughter) Ryan: “I’m a witcher”
(Laughter) Ryan: Then we got… Ryan: “Bane”. Jeremy: I’m Bane! Ryan: And-
Jack: And Lindsay! (Laughter)
Jeremy: Oh my god
Michael: Fuckin’ cat Lindsay: Meow meow motherf*ckers. Ryan: Whoa, with an accurate hitbox, Ryan: You can’t shoot anything but the cat.
Lindsay: I’m untouchable. Michael: You are “slightly” touchable. Lindsay: Ooooh! Michael: And you’re on… ice. Michael: You’re ice skating.
Lindsay: I am.
Jeremy: I’m the detective figure shit out people. Michael: Alright, Jeremy. Kill yourself. Jeremy: …No? Michael: Yeah
Matt: That would work Michael: That just… (Gun fires) Matt: Ow!
(Yelling) Jack: Aw the kitty cat!
Lindsay: Wow!
(Yelling) Jack: Oh no… Lindsay: I went inside of my own corpse- Gavin: You’re dead, shut up! Michael: Yeah, when ya dead, ya dead. Ryan: Jeremy, did you just kill all those people?
Jeremy: No I didn’t. Ryan: Did you? Jack: He’s the detective. Jeremy: No I watched someone- (Machine gun firing)
Jack: Oh, oh Link!
Ryan: I’m being shot who’s shooting me, it’s Link! Gavin: Is Michael the traitor? Jack: I murdered Link. I don’t know if he’s a traitor- (Gun firing)
Jack: Ah no it’s not me! Matt: You’re fucking shooting people, dude.
Jack: I shot Michael cause he murdered two people! Matt: You’re right, that’s a likely story. (Jack yelling) Matt: Dammit! Michael: Matt!
Jack: Did I get you Matt? Matt: Yeah, you did
Michael: Why didn’t you pick me up, idiot! Matt: I had like A health, dude. I couldn’t- Michael: You coulda revived me, you were the hypnotist! Michael: I woulda killed. Ryan: That kicked off so fast. Michael: Yeah.
Lindsay: Right? Lindsay: Too fast.
Michael: I had a big gun. Lindsay: I didn’t even know that we had officially started. Lindsay: So I was talking after death, I was like ‘Oh, that’s it?’
Michael: Yeah, that was like the role call. Jack: Alright, let’s get out there.
Jeremy: Alright. Michael: Matt?
Matt: What’s up? Michael: Hypnotize next time, man.
Matt: I thought I had to kill him to hypnotize him. Jack: Like Notorious.
Michael: No, you just pick me up. Gavin: Hey, I’m innocent. Jeremy: Shut up Gav. I’m gonna kill you. Ryan: Oh- Ah the cat! Lindsay: Who lost a kitty?

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100 Responses

  1. KaioConnor says:

    Every time Ryan is Detective Roger Davis I always think of that All That bit Detective Dan with Josh Server.

    “I’m Detective Daaaaan . . .”

  2. TheVenom54 says:

    I literally just watched this episode yesterday. Lol

  3. iwrite things says:

    oh my god yangs gauntlets i cant

  4. thedragneelswordsman says:

    Jeremy's "can he be trusted" t-shirt reference was freaking amazing 😂😂😂

  5. pocketlint82 says:

    Love the animations. Especially all the weapons.

  6. Martin Polly says:

    That’s it?

  7. Rowan Webb says:

    Gotta love how they spelt thyatt

  8. Xane Hecksunrethen says:

    Lol Jack with the RWBY Shot-Gauntlets

  9. scrappybristol says:

    Ok, ok.

    So there has to be an animation coming of Gavin killing Jack when Matt was the Glitch right?

  10. FestivusMiracle says:

    So glad this is the animator they stuck with. All the others aren't as funny or creative enough.

  11. Bean gasious says:

    Geralt in a towel…… sure this isn't the porn version?

  12. Harris O.M.O says:

    "you were the hypnotist" that drawing made me laugh

  13. dick chappy says:

    "Meow Meow Muthafuckers" Is the most Lindsay thing in the world

  14. Alex says:

    1:24 for Ember Celica

  15. Alex Martinez says:

    Shaun with the Nuginomicon and Gerki killed me.

  16. Angiki says:

    0:11 'Member Shadlez?

  17. bourne007s says:

    I still love how y'all mispronounced Shadowlz into shadlez, it made the name way more funny

  18. Angel.Rubiks says:


  19. DJ Flame says:

    1:30 Jean loading a shotgun should be a gif.

  20. Christopher Castillo says:

    I put down a comment on the video from 2012 about this video. Plz like. 4:20

  21. MyMind2015 says:

    Love the brand on the gun 😂

  22. iain rickwood says:

    1:23 Yang & Junior reference? 'Ender' Celica?

  23. Gregory munoz says:

    Why is gerki buying the nuginomicon

  24. SesshaXIII says:

    Are their shirts with Cat Lindsay on them?

  25. Life Is Crap says:

    1:30 Did Jack just cock a Double Barrel Shotgun?

  26. Evo_Winters says:

    Merging the crew with their in game skins must have been a challenge. Masterfully done!

  27. scitechian says:

    Thanks, Shaun, for animating the cool Bane and not the steroid-ridden 1998 WCW pro wrestler Bane.

  28. king ramsey says:

    I wanted to see lindsey in the elevator

  29. B0tAcH1 says:

    Oh god, I can't believe such a simple joke made me laugh so much.

  30. Lilianae says:

    I literally just had the base video pop up in my recommends and binged it today XD

  31. LeastLikelySuspect says:

    I like how clever the models look like fused with the normal person’s hair style and the Ember Celeca on Jack who was a darker version of a Sunny Yellow Dragon

  32. mkzimmer says:

    Great animation, but not really the best audio choice, at least to me.

  33. Jay Randomness says:

    this was amazing to watch

  34. Robert E. O. Speedwagon says:

    Thanks to the internet.

    Hypno has officially become the single most disgusting Pokemon and it isnt even close.

    Fucking furries.

  35. Raiven Nugget says:

    We need another full play

  36. Exodus Vengeance says:

    I feel like there was better content to pull from but AHAnime never disappoints

  37. Kaizokuoni100 says:

    wasn't Shadlez actually shadowlolz or something like that?

  38. Yukari Yakumo says:

    "Meow meow Motherfuckers!"
    I need that in her Ruby Rose voice.

  39. Tara Teater says:

    Th is lindsay cat is my favorite animation ever.. I love it

  40. Doctor Discord says:

    If they don't have it already, they need to make a "[CAN] he be trusted?" shirt.

  41. arjaae P. says:

    Was this re-uploaded?

  42. Yo Dawgz Gaming says:

    A beautiful rendition of one of their best videos of all time

  43. Charlotte Ellis says:

    Lmaoo making the dragon's mouth the same color as jack's animated beard and the glasses. I can't, Shaun is genius

  44. Charlotte Ellis says:

    THYATT i'm fucking dying y'all

  45. Vensey says:


  46. ichiJAZZ .tv says:

    Shaun doing shady behind closed doors dealings with Gerki is unsettling

  47. werr3222werrr says:


  48. KaiserXIII says:

    Was that Shaun buying some gerki from Gerki?

  49. Zamiiz says:

    I feel like Michael is Shaun’s favorite

  50. Allyce R says:

    <3 I loved this video

  51. Shadow-Wolf-2929 says:

    0:42 – ]ROFLMAO] Never change Lindsay, never change!

  52. Michael Parham says:

    My second favorite TTT video

  53. Sarah Weisters says:

    That was awesome XD

  54. Kira Tsukasa says:

    I think I may have laughed way too hard at "'member Shadlez, I 'member".

  55. nobody says:

    I just love how Lindsay is a cat

  56. Ming Jai says:

    still like that line thought "meow meow motherfucker"

  57. Sergeant_OFP says:

    I love these. Lol

  58. darter9000 says:

    Aww… they didn’t draw the gun floating above the cat.

  59. Tristen Castillo says:

    1:42 Brandeeen!!!!!!

  60. Levi Onstott says:

    "Like Notorious."

  61. Tyler Cesena says:

    When you realize that this is the 69th AH Animated:


  62. Thomastheterminator says:

    That YouTube video picture. ‘Member Shadlez? 😂

  63. MacGregor Battenhouse says:

    I liked how Jack used Ember Celacia

  64. E Ransome says:

    Gerki, what are you doing here?

  65. Rhiannon Haell says:

    That is exactly how I imagined Lindsey as a cat. Well done shaun

  66. Natalie says:


  67. bluefootwalking says:

    "we got…Odjo-"

  68. A Nobody says:

    I thought it was achievement haunter?

  69. Evilbunny622 says:

    i feel like i should be high cuase i have no idea what just happened

  70. SwiftBlade4 says:

    This is the 69th animated video.


  71. Rae Thomas says:

    "so long it was on Rooster Teeth"

  72. Lord Brick says:

    Gavin's "I'M ODD JOB!" slays me everytime!

  73. Patrick Kennedy says:

    Jack with Ember Celica… Genius… Now give Lindsay Crescent Rose, Michael Gambol Shroud and Gavin Magnhild

  74. Austin Robbins says:

    The yang gauntlets were a nice touch there

  75. Christopher Kayser says:

    This is fantastic!

  76. Shankster says:

    I miss Shadlez

  77. InfinityD4 says:

    So this brought the playlist up to 69. Nice.

  78. The RAMS says:


  79. Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy says:

    0:10 those youtube page easter eggs nice

  80. Trommari says:

    Who's the better cat: Lindsay from Achievement Hunter, or Zoe from Yogscast? Let the game begin!!😈

  81. Anne Tan says:

    Meow meow motherfuckers

  82. QuantemFear says:

    the look on michaels face when he was walking up on them cracks me up EVERY time lol

  83. Jake McConaha says:

    I love how Jack has yang's shotgun gauntlets

  84. Blocky Oxwinkle says:

    Ah that feel when you had been put of school for less than a year when they first did a TTT

  85. Chris says:

    The way the animators make the eyeballs go all fucky whenever someone stutters or has a brain fart mid sentence is amazing.

  86. Blarx says:

    Aww baby Bane

  87. Becky Fal says:

    I don’t know why but the little moment where Jack cocks his shotgun after yelling made me laugh so hard

  88. LodanSD says:

    Even with the handicap, Lindsay still dies ALOT!

  89. Jericho Wolf says:

    God I love this animator. I demand more animations to be made in this style.

  90. thegriffin88 says:

    Geralt in a towel. Mmm, I have amazing images in my head now.

  91. GameBrain Oberon says:

    Is the cat supposed to look like Lindsey? Because, to me, it does.

  92. Mr. Cub Fan 415 says:

    0:12 Thanks! You too, Shaunningham!

  93. Anthony Conner says:

    How have I missed this for almost two months? This is the most hilarious AH Animated I've seen so far!

  94. nicholas rodriguez says:

    I live for Gavin saying “You’re dead, shut up!”

  95. Patrick Kennedy says:

    Shaun and Gerki making a transaction at 1:05

  96. Tformerdude says:

    Are those Yang's gauntlets on Jack's arms?

    Ember Celica, correct?

  97. Bacon Egg and Please says:

    Lmao Lindsay so fat

  98. Arnold Roetnor says:

    So Jack cries over Lindsay's grave and then wins the entire game?

  99. Alex Boltz says:

    Shut up your dead
    – Gavin

  100. SteelWolfSentinel says:

    0:21 "D-I'M ODDJOB"

    Love Gavin's enthusiasm here. <3

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