DePoly, the start-up that chemically recycles PET plastic

At Depoly we chemically recycle PET plastic. What we do is we break it down into its main chemical components at room temperature. We don’t use any additional heat or additional pressure so we can save energy costs and we also work with environmentally friendly solvents And then what we do is the raw material we make (so the two main building blocks of PET plastic) we can give that back to industry so that they can either make new virgin plastic by using our post-consumer PET waste or they can make new things like fibres and shirts and these sorts of things. So, with our technology, because we break down PET plastic to its main chemical components, we can make the exact same building blocks for PET plastic that the petroleum industry uses. So, we have to rely less on petrol to meet our plastic consumer needs and we can basically keep a circular economy with the current plastic that we use and make it much more sustainable. So right now, what we are planning on doing is building a roughly 10kg PET reactor and what this will do is throughout the course of the day process around 10kg PET plastic. This is going to be a major milestone for us as it will be our first step from the laboratory into industry, and then once that’s up and running, once we go through any problem solving that we may need to do on the chemical engineering side, we will be scaling up to around a 1 tonne-sized plant. So, we’ve had the pleasure of being part of The Ark, and what they really do is they have supplied us with a lot of help, and this can be just general coaching, as well as things like financials, and they’ve had some courses and these sort of things. So we’ve been able to come from an academic background and learn a lot about business through them; and for some things that were kind of a little bit not sure about there is a lot of support for them to sit down and help us and explain it to us. They have really helped us to grow and be, I think, a good start up.

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