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Peekapoo Friendly, affectionate, smart, and terribly
cute, the Peekapoo leaped onto the hybrid dog scene with his adorable disposition and
wondrous charm. Whether he’s on your lap or chasing squirrels,
the Peekapoo is a delightful designer dog that’s suitable for a wide range of households. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we look at the much loved Peekapoo. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
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below. 10. The Peekapoo is one of the oldest of the hybrid
or designer dog breeds. He was developed as a companion dog in the
1950s by crossing the Pekingese with the Miniature or Toy Poodle. You can find links to videos we did on both
breeds in the description. He quickly became popular as a pet for his
friendly nature and beauty. We don’t have an exact origin story on this
breed, and researchers are split between it being an accidental pairing or if the dogs
were purposely paired. No matter his origins, breeders quickly began
to develop the breed for his non to low shedding coat and pleasant nature. 9. Like many designer dogs, the Peekapoo is usually
a first generation dog with purebred Pekingese and either toy or miniature poodle parents. Breeding between Peekapoo and Peekapoo is
rare and may result in a completely different dog. But, some breeders allow crossing a peekapoo
with a Poodle or a Pekingese, which is called a backcross. Without getting too scientific, this helps
to transfer desirable traits of the purebred parent to the second generation puppies, but
sine we are talking about genetics, it does have its drawbacks. 8. The Peekapoo comes in three different sizes. From the largest to the smallest, Peekapoos
are sub-classified as Miniature Peekapoo, Toy Peekapoo, and Teacup Peekapoo. His size is unpredictable, depending mostly
on the size of its poodle parent. He can weight between 4 and 20 pounds and
stand up to 11 inches tall, although we fully expect comments along the lines of “my dog
is 12 inches tall and 30 pounds.” Remember, we are talking about a dog who’s
genetics haven’t been as solidified as the purebred dogs, so variation is the norm. 7. As a “Doodle” breed, a name given to Poodle
Hybrids, he is intelligent and responds very well to positive training methods. Occasionally you can get stubborn Peekapoos
but be firm and consistent and you can get through it without too much difficulty. Early socialization and training are important
in how he behaves, reacts to situations and people and for your sanity too! Praise him, use treats and toys and outings
to encourage him. 6. The Peekapoo is a companion dog. A loving and loyal dog, the Peekapoo is an
attentive and active member of the family. He’ll want to go where you go and loves
cuddling up on your lap anytime you sit down. Intelligent and gentle, this dog is eager
to learn and likes to be around older children, although he may find younger children offputting. He doesn’t extend his affection to strangers. It’s his nature to be suspicious of strangers. Early socialization can definitely alleviate
this problem. 5. Peekapoo can live quite happily in an apartment
or a condo. As long as you get in a vigorous daily walk,
your dog will be quite content in a smaller living space. Active and energetic, the Peekapoo needs daily
exercise to be happy and healthy. If not, he can get bored and that’s when
the misbehaving starts. While the Peekapoo may be small in size, he
can be extremely destructive once he becomes bored. He does like to be outside, but he is prone
to overheating, so he is not an outside dog. 4. The Peekapoo is not recognized by the American
Kennel Club, nor is any other designer breed. However, this breed is recognized by the American
Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, International Designer Canine Registry
and Designer Breed Registry. Despite his popularity, he has no breed club
of his own. 3. He’s a low shedder, but he needs regular
grooming to keep his hair free of knots. His hair, generally, grows slowly, so trimming
is required less often. The peekapoo is an exceptionally hypoallergenic
breed, preferred by many allergy sufferers. But, remember, no dog is guaranteed hypoallergenic
and anyone considering adopting a dog should spend time with a breed before committing. 2. Peekapoos are very sensitive to heat. Peekapoos have been known to overheat next
to a roaring fire. Needless to say, your Peekapoo shouldn’t
be left outside or exercised during the heat of the day. 1. The Peek A Poo tends to have fewer health
problems than his purebred parents. This phenomenon is often referred to as hybrid
vigor because hybrid dogs typically suffer from fewer health issues. But, he’s not immune to health issues. Health concerns that may be a problem include
congestive heart failure, cataracts, and respiratory issues. The Peek A Poo may also suffer from difficulty
with ear infections, so it is important to check his ears often. With regular check-ups, the average lifespan
of the Peek A Poo is between 11 and 15 years, with many living longer. Want more fun, fauna facts? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button and
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