Designer Leather Dog Harness for Large Breeds like Pitbull

This harness is a perfect choice for those dog owners, who appreciate style, high-quality and functionality. Due to its creative spiked design, the harness looks awesome. All the fittings and decorations are made of durable brass. The harness is riveted and stitched manually for additional strength. It’s not difficult to put the harness on and off due to the quick release buckle and to fasten the leash, using the D-ring on the back plate.

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5 Responses

  1. Олена Корінєва says:

    Have just received the product from you! Must admit it looks awesome!

  2. Нина Клафас says:

    closer view shows its real durability! I like this one both for the quality and design.

  3. Алёна Гончарова says:

    So impressive harness. This is love at first sight.))))

  4. Eugenia Gordeeva says:

    oh, this dog looks just like my neighbor's Pit Bull))) maybe,should recommend him this video?))

  5. jose Martinez says:

    what size is this one on the dog ??

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