Difficult Dog Breeds to Train – 7 Stubborn Dogs

Many dogs are easy to train, but some Dog
Breeds are difficult to train There are some dog breeds who might just test the limits
of your patience while you’re trying to teach them or they might find loopholes in
your so-called rules. And it’s not because these dog breeds are
not smart. Nope. In fact, quite the contrary–these dog breeds
can be highly intelligent. Let’s find out which stubborn dog breeds just
might make you pull your hair out. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 7. Basset Hound It’s hard not to love the droopy Basset
Hound. That is until you try to train one. The Basset Hound is notoriously stubborn. This doesn’t mean you will be unable to
train a well-behaved Basset, but this breed has an independent one-track mind that takes
patience, time and persistence to get the point across. The AKC characterizes the breed as “a bit
stubborn.” Most people who’ve been owned by a Basset
would likely use less family-friendly language. Like the other dogs on this list, the Basset
won’t be easy to train for a novice owner. But, if you’re willing to put in the time,
perhaps take some dog-training classes with your companion, your Basset can be trained. 6. Dachshund Like the Basset, hounds, in general are difficult
to train, due to the independent, single track thinking required of a hunting breed. The Dachshund is no exception. These small, sausage-shaped pups are more
than meets the eye in many ways. As “big dogs in small packages,” they’re
not afraid to stand their ground, even against dogs more than twice their size. But as protective and loyal as they are, they
can be stubborn, as well as being quite mischievous. In fact, the Dachshund found itself at the
number one spot on our list of Naughtiest Dogs. The Dachshund is not a bad dog, however. Just make sure you practice patience when
training your wiener, and also make sure you take them out for exercise more than once
each day, as they are quite active little pooches. 5. Akita The Akita is a beautiful breed of dog. They are faithful guardians and protectors
of their family. But, you guessed it, the Akita is stubborn
and quite difficult to train. In fact, if an Akita gets bored with a training
session, it’ll just walk away. But, the Akita is highly intelligent and can
learn the commands quite easily. You’ve just got to keep your Akita’s attention. If you’re a novice owner, getting professional
help in dealing with your Akita’s complex attitude is highly recommended, as a well-trained
Akita is a relaxed, well-rounded dog. 4. Dalmatian Surely the stars of 101 Dalmatians can’t
be hard to train? Because of the usual and unfortunate rush
that follows a dog being featured in a movie, too many people have found out the hard way
just how stubborn this dog can be. You might assume that Dalmatians are good-natured. And, they usually are. That is until you try to get a Dalmatian to
do something that it is less than enthusiastic to do. Dalmatians are both manipulative and obstinate
and stubborness is often considered a less than flattering common temperament issue with
the breed. Without consistent training and guidance,
your Dalmatian might develop unwanted habits, such as growling, biting, jumping, or snapping. This is not to say that Dalmatians are bad
dogs just that they require a strong and consistent trainer. 3. Chow Chow The Chow Chow might look like a giant Teddy
Bear, but after a training session, you might be a bit too frustrated to cuddle your pooch. The AKC states that these dogs have “cat-like
personalities” that make them independent, stubborn, and less than eager to please their
owners. Like getting a 3-year-old child to eat vegetables,
persuading your Chow to obey even simple commands can be at the very minimum frustrating. It is often recommended that these stubborn
dogs be matched with an even more stubborn trainer. 2. Beagle Beagles top the chart when it comes to being
a cute hound dog. But, like the Basset and Dachshund, the Beagle
is a hound, which means the Beagle is stubborn, due to their independent nature and the fact
that a Beagle would rather follow its nose than your commands. People love Beagles and they can be trained. Some Beagles even work for the US Government,
sniffing out contraband in airports. But Beagles are classified by the AKC as difficult
to train, even by experienced dog handlers, saying that Beagles are at most temporarily
obedient. Add in a bit of mischievousness and it might
not be surprising that the Beagle also found itself on our Naughtiest Dog Breeds list. Before I get to number one, did you guess
that this is a German Shepherd Puppy? If so, you are absolutely correct. Thanks for commenting. Do you like this little spot in out videos,
let us know in the Poll in the card. 1. Siberian Husky Siberian Huskies are among the most beautiful
dog breeds on Earth with their piercing eyes and wolf-like coats. And, all things considered, the Siberian is
one of the most intelligent dog breeds around. But with that beauty and intelligence comes
a very strong will and a notorious knack for throwing epic temper tantrums, whining, howling
and moaning until they get what they want. You’re going to need a strong will of your
own, if you are thinking about adopting one of the glorious dogs. An untrained Siberian Husky will train you
to do its bidding. Wanna see how the Siberian Husky compares
to the Alaskan Malamute? Check out the video in the card. Are you strong-willed enough to train one
of these stubborn, but otherwise wonderful dogs? Let us know about your stubborn dog experience
in the comments. Hey, you were stubborn enough to get to the
end, congrats. You can check out some more videos here. If you’re a subscriber, thank you. If not, what are you waiting for? Click it! Go ahead. And as always, catch ya next time.

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100 Responses

  1. Anna Barham says:

    Zeus the stubborn husky, and Jack Russells can be pretty stubborn is they wanted.

  2. Abigail Hood says:

    I have had THREE huskies. And none were stubborn. So get your facts before you say things like that😡😡😡

  3. Bun bun_ Gaming says:

    Not all huskys are hard to train ……………hey just look at keyush the stunt dog

  4. Sam I am says:

    I’ve got a good story. So I have a Jack beagle mix. Anyone that’s worked with dogs is already cringing. So I decide because he’s an absolute nightmare I’m gonna put him in puppy school. FIRST DAY THERE and everyone hates him. He won’t stop barking over the teacher. He does all the commands. He just won’t shut up. So I’m just feeding him treats to stay quiet. So after an embarrassing hour or two I’m ready to leave I’m humiliated because he got all the other dogs wound up so now all the other owners are mad at me. Well because he’s a terror I had someone drive us so he couldn’t get into anything. We were in the backseat when all of the sudden he started to poop. No big deal right? Wrong. He walks when he poops. So now not only is the entire back floor of the car covered in poop. He steps in it, jumps on me and tries to climb on top of me to get to the back window. So I came home from puppy school embarrassed, covered in poop, and scratched up badly from him jumping on my chest. So for anyone considering a Jack/beagle puppy, DONT DO IT. They’re adorable dementors

  5. Amy Brock says:

    I had a dachshund yes they are stubborn , but they are very loyal and just want to hang out with their owners . Peach my dachshund was a wonderful dog I loved her dearly until she passed away at age 13 .

  6. Camilla Hansen says:

    Riesenschnauzer should be here

  7. Creative Cinders says:

    I had a chow dog and he was awesome and listened well. Training was no problem

  8. MissouriPride USA says:

    You forgot the pug. They are the royalty of stubbornness. I should know. I have one.

  9. Rick Sanchez C137 says:

    Bassett hound, “stubborn mule” of the doggie world…

  10. Vrabac 24 says:

    Just make sure you practice patience when training ur wiener guys 😌🤠

  11. khual sanchez says:

    I can hardly train my german haha

  12. lilhoneybear says:

    yeah stubborn is my bullmastiff. she takes herself for a walk i call her my escape artist. and will not come back when called. comes back when she is good and ready uuuggghhh

  13. Melissa Miller says:

    Number 11: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

  14. Beagle Called bagle says:

    Sadly I was fooled by the cuteness of a beagle and I had no clue how mischievous he would be. Now I have two extremely expensive sofas destroyed and millions rolls of toilet paper all around the house 😂😂😂

  15. Sylvia Rollins says:

    I have two huskies, an Alaskan and a Siberian. Both are very intelligent 😉 My Alaskan is very compliant, unless something catches his focus, then I have to reel his attention back to me. My Siberian is hilarious. If there is food or a treat he will do anything I ask, but when we go on walks and I give him the command to sit, he just stands there, lol. Sometimes he will slowly sit when he feels like it or I will press on his back a little as I tell him to sit and he sits. Anytime I bring a treat with me in a walk, he will sit right away. Hahaha!! There definitely is a difference in the two, even though they are both huskies. My Alaskan catches on and sits sometimes even before I give the command. My Siberian does when he feels like it, lol😉 But I love them both bunches!!!

  16. Kimberly Wojciechowski says:

    My australian cattle dog is more stubborn than my 2 German Shepherds and husky

  17. Linda Kretzler says:

    Husky big no. Never again! Bandit was beautiful and loving ,but ran away from the trainer and our only dog that broke the rule of not running off our five acres, Broke off his chain and killed our killed our cat, once. Also killed our Guinness pigs and place them on our respective beds. I loved that dog and he was great on a leash ,walking , but he came when we called him at the farm but once ran away and my husband left him at the farm .a neighbor put his food out for us and he was siitting on the drive when we came back the next week. He ran away the next weekend and never saw him again.. Had to go to doggie court for harassing neighbors and when he was loose would come most of the time but would so sometimes just run in a strait line until he got tired.
    AUSSIE YESI have now is thin haired medium and smartest dog ever! Dumped on us by a nephew this dog is the best ever! Played with my baby Maltese and he used to run up the aussie’s back and hang off his ears. I have video if you want it.
    German Shepard !!YES ,but hard to comb and gets thick hair in winter. We had a long haired ,short hair shepard girl, Cubby. Took a while to train and had a pro help, but best sweetest and gentile to other animals we ever had! She watched our big bunny outside and would herd her to the front door at night. My kids grew up playing with her and I took her to school and she followed me every where with a cockatoo on her back. ,.
    As for little dogs Carrie terriers one oil out of their back, hard to stay clean, runs through the woods a COMES when you call.
    Maltese are the only dog I’ve found that are hyper allergenic for real. O man dog though and plays with our Sherainia all the time.
    Sherainian yes! Ours has Pappion in her and has a Papion face and markings. She is smart and loves to lay on my bed roll over and gets tummy time. But she is all hair and my husband ban her from our bed. She is obedient and training as a therapy dog to take to nursing homes .So adorable, but sharp claws have to be clipped and demeled often. Smells great and never needs a bath but every Three months or so.

  18. pmarie2003 says:

    O.M.G! Got a Husky mix from a guy who was just about to sign her into a shelter. I'd never had a dog like this, but I have had plenty of dogs over the years, so I didn't think there would be any problem. It was if I didn't exist. It was like there was a wall between us. She completely ignored me, but would come for food. She jumped on everything, including the hood of my truck, attacked the leash, and bit me when she didn't get her way. I pinned her to the ground for those stunts. She never stopped running when outside. Obsessed with cats. Tried to chase the pony, but he schooled her with a hoof to her head. She acted like she had never heard the word, NO. It's the same in Spanish, and English, so no excuse for her. I could train her, but she didn't care to obey. Months later with a remote collar, she is like a new dog. Comes when called every time. Sits, downs, comes just to be petted, and brings toys for me to throw. Still acts like she has one gear: run. Right now she is pacing around the room, after running outside for a good 30 minutes with other dogs. Now I know why so many Huskies are in shelters.

  19. Missie Smith says:

    I've owned several huskies and had no problems with them. However, it was the right personality of my pups and myself.

    Most people don't know the breed and how to deal with them. As beautiful as they are they can be a handful.

    Any owner should research any breed to know what they are in for!

  20. Carolyn Medlock says:

    Corgis and GSD

  21. Esk race says:

    The right motivation is the key to all of the breeds. I think the word stubborn are a little misleading, when it comes down to the understanding of dogs in generally. Independence,intelligens and urban behaviour should'nt be compared to beeing stubborn. If you feel they are difficult to work with, it's probably because they have been smarter than you at that moment and are just waiting for you to catch up, hehe

  22. SilentDreams says:

    oh wow I want husky but figuring that they are number 1 for being stubborn I would probably give up training it myself and let someone else do it

  23. Gaia Ricapito says:

    I have a beagle and a husky😂

  24. Dimitar Gospodinov says:

    Try to train a Siberian Laika 😀

  25. Chloe Keim says:

    7.basset hound
    3.chow chow
    1.german Shepard/ Husky

    Thank me later

  26. JoannahMor76 says:

    Aside from the Akita which I'd never heard of before I began to watch dog videos on YT, I've wanted each one of the other dogs on the list, at one time or another.😄

    I had a neighbor who had two Chow Chow's. I often saw her standing in the middle of the street with her stubborn dogs and people having to drive around her.😲

  27. TheWolfHusky Luna says:

    I have a husky and she was very easy to train I love her so much 😜😂 love you Millie 🥰😂

  28. Mia Hall says:

    When I saw this video the first dog breed that came to mind is a boxer

  29. Elida Melheim says:

    i have a german shepherd puppy and she so stubborn that the only comand she listens to is to get food I:/ i thought german shepehrds were loyal and listens to their owners

  30. Colton Long says:

    What about boxers

  31. cardboard says:

    the worlds most stubborn dog is a bull terrier

  32. Septian Widhi says:

    Portuguese Podengo pequeno

    The stupidest dog breed

  33. Marla Bullard says:

    I guessed #1 would be the husky. We had one and loved her so much. We adopted Luka when she was full-grown from a rescue shelter. They found her running loose on the back roads in Arkansas. Yes, she was stubborn but she was also very intelligent. When we get another dog I'm pretty sure it will be a Siberian Husky!

  34. Sparkmeister says:

    OMG! When was the last time that shower was cleaned?!

  35. Lexus Fox says:

    My English Bulldog is extremely stubborn, I managed to teach him basics and stay, but he’s very stubborn.

  36. Anti Trumper says:

    Jack Russell…..very stubborn!!!!

  37. Cookie Moshi says:

    I knew beagles and huskies would be here lolololol I have experience training them 😂😂

  38. jackies18881 says:

    Saint Bernards are stubborn big babies.

  39. cathy brewer says:

    We have raised chow chow's since 1980. Also have had chihuahua's with them. They learn good and bad things from each other. But I have had less problems training my chows than most people. I learned a long time ago you have to change their mind to get a better direction from them. Wouldn't have any other breed of dog.

  40. Bodhi B. says:

    Definitely right about hounds rather follow their nose than you. I have a hound mix from spca. She was there twice because no one could train her. Patience, knowing when to end training session and lots of walks are key. If you have a hound got to give them their sniffing time.

  41. Countess Ratzass says:

    My border collie pup was intelligent AND stubborn. He taught me how to train a dog using his natural instincts with him, not against him. He wanted to run so he got to be a frisbee champ and went to work with me. If you don’t have time to invest stay clear of high energy dogs. I’ve used the lessons on every dog since. He trained me to train them.

  42. Melissa Vega says:

    Yup i have a Shiba Inu related to the Akita, stubborn

  43. skylordsix says:

    I had a pair of Siberian Huskies at one time. I think one of the things that makes them so hard to train is that they know they're going to be fed regardless of what they do.

  44. Bernando Turner says:

    Some dogs are toooo stupid or toooo lazy to train.

  45. feuriger Stern says:

    I don't know any dog more stubborn than a boxer. They can be very intelligent, but if they aren't interested it will take time and alot of patience.

  46. hoy bobo says:

    My husky just likes to run and play . She only listens sometime

  47. Borden Fleetwood says:

    The Siberian Husky was bred to work in harsh environments, and the dogs were out front where the danger was greatest. They would see hazards before the human, and were bred to make decisions independently, potentially saving human lives, to say nothing of countless cargoes.

    That same independent, problem-solving mind is now on the end of your lead, looking around at the busy downtown street and sidewalk. If you taught a puppy how to recognize hazards and make good decisions, you know what he's going to do. If not, then he's gonna experiment with what works best and try to find the answers, because you might be wrong.

  48. Caz Thompson says:

    I have a 11 year old Alaskan malamute and he is the most stubborn dog ever if he don't want to do something he just walks away u can't let them off the lead coz most of the time they don't come back when called when I walk nanook if he don't want to go any further he just lays down and refuses to move till I say ok let go home then he jumps up and runs back lmao his still the best dog ever tho

  49. LittleYayToast / Gacha Toast says:

    My dog is mixed and he is very stubborn

  50. trinity pascoe says:

    At number four dad says I'm number one. Woof

  51. John Harvey says:

    I have a pit. He’s a brickheaded stubborn boy and he’s very excitable.

  52. OceanPaws 04 says:

    The fact that husky is here and malamute isn’t

  53. jordan lavalley says:

    yup, my wife bought a beagle-basset-hound mix. both on the list and guess who's stuck training it? this guy!! lol

  54. K C says:

    I have a husky-lab mix. He is a piece of work for sure! His husky side over powers his lab side most of the time, making him pretty stubborn at times. I love him to death though!😥😉💜

  55. Luis Beltran says:

    Nice video , we have 2 huskys and yes they can be a little difficult but like someone memtion you mut be prepare to deal with their attitude.
    When someone approaches me witch is often , to ssk where they can get one

    1st i say do your research , read sbout them and slso be ready for the seasonal shedding.

    2nd if you are realy serious

    All doggies are beautiful and it breaks my heart to see them get dumped at the shelter just becausethey they didn't have the time , energy or patience for them.

  56. Ti-ara & Amir's WORLD says:

    You forgot Belgian malonois

  57. Diane Ruckenstein says:

    I can't imagine a dog more stubborn than an English Bulldog (or more lovable)!

  58. EvieMay Movies says:

    No greyhounds? They are super stubborn, or atleast mine is!

  59. Rhonna Marsden says:

    wiener dogs, enuf said. 👍👍

  60. John Benko says:

    Huskies are basically what would happen if you turned a teenager into a dog breed.

  61. Linda Marshall says:

    Lhasa Apso … even saw the dog whisperer have trouble … my girl is stubborn & vengeful in letting me know she is not happy with me … never seen her look guilty – EVER! Of course I love her, but …

  62. JustSilly rachet says:

    Chihuahuas they are basically just louder cats

  63. Hana Bearr says:

    My Dalmatian is easy to train but not my shih tzu

  64. Gary Barnes says:

    "Siberian Husky – Secondary text"

  65. Wikihow Illustrations says:

    No bichons?
    I mean I loved him while he live, but even after we trained him fairly well, our bichons, Newbie, barked at EVERYTHING! Still he was an awesome dog.

  66. DragonBaLL XD says:

    LoL… huskies are very easy to train..

  67. Brandi H says:

    I have two Siberian Huskies and I can confirm how difficult they are to train! But, they are worth it! My 9 year old Husky is fantastic now and very obedient, but it took long foragers into my neighborhood to track him down after he taught himself how to scale my 6' cedar fence and go exploring. Now that I have his niece, who is 2 years old, I am living the nightmare again! Haha!! Siberians are so intelligent, you just have to give them an incentive to comply with what you are asking them to do. Imagine you calling your Siberian to come inside after playing in the backyard. He will sit down and stare at you, and if he had a middle finer, he would have raised that too. Cure: bacon.

  68. Marcel Bonet says:

    Raising a Siberian husky and German Shepard at the same time… pray for me lol

  69. Madeline Ojeda says:

    I have a dachshund and beagle mix and he is ridiculously stubborn and mischievous. Although, he is the best boi in the world regardless of his naughtiness. ❤️

  70. Lakshmi Gudimani says:

    Do add Tibetan Mastiff. They have a mind of their own 🙂

  71. Manuelita says:

    Yeah tell me about it… I have a lemon beagle and I’ve tried training him with treats and then with sprinkling water on him.
    He is so naughty.

  72. John Lamb says:

    I have a very loving schnauzer but boy is he stubborn only do what he's in the mood for

  73. A'Lethia Wolfsong says:

    Koehler Method of Dog training.
    No treats involved.
    I have trained Irish Setters, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, etc with it.
    Takes about 8 weeks of DEDICATED TIME
    No cheating!
    Amazon may have the book.
    It's very old, the author trained the dogs in the Disney films.

  74. Stuart Craig Fawcett says:

    I have a male Shiba Inu. Very stubborn when he wants to be!

  75. Adventures of Zoey says:

    Can confirm that beagles are extremely stubborn. I have a beagle service dog in training currently and omg she is a mess and throws a fit anytime she doesn't get what you want. For anyone thinking about a beagle for a dog, be experienced in stubborn breeds. It is worth it in the end though. My life line is currently curled up right next to my side being the best girl. I have honestly never had a better dog. I have had a literal wolf (accidental), wire hair terrier, Aussie, peekapoo, jack Russel, min pin, and even 3 pitbulls, but my beagle is the best dog ever

  76. April doodle Bugs says:

    Yea my dog is stubborn she is half Siberian husky and hound but she is trained and behaves well when left alone. I myself is stubborn.

  77. Chavez Wallis says:

    I have 4 huskies, 1 german shepherd/husky mix, 1 dalmation…. can confirm that huskies are very independent, and they get out, thats it, you searching for the next 2 hours minimum! dalmation, super stubborn!!!!

    i also work with 2 Belgian malinois, how that dog didnt land up in this list idk… those dogs are intelligent, but even the slightest mistake and you got the doggy version of the satan to deal with. definitely the most difficult breed to work with and train

  78. Neal B says:

    I'd put beagles #1 and huskies #2. I've never found a beagle that can be trained to do anything. Huskies, OTOH, are very social and enjoy interacting with humans. They are somewhat trainable when they're not being stubborn as mules. Huskies will do anything for food.

  79. RonRonRon40 says:

    What about a Jack Russell

  80. Dani Bronco says:

    I owned Bassett hound, dashhound and a husky they are very easy but you do have to stay patient husky talk to their owners. I was a breeder and raise Bassett hound I they are very intelligent and very good kid dogs they learn fairly quickly but like most intelligent dogs you have to stay constant with them.

  81. Fire*Minx says:

    The key to training stubbornness in any breed is proper training and you have to be the alpha leader in the family, so the dog respects you and be very consistent and they need patience and routine in their life. Same as most animals. From horses , cattle, dogs, cats, any pets. No matter the size.

  82. Star Wishes says:

    I didnt train my Bassett hound. My Bassett hound trained me.

  83. Joseph Burchill says:

    I have a Belgian malinois and it's not that he's tough to train but you can't relax because he has to be doing something all the time. Otherwise he's going to find something to do to get your attention

  84. Maria Garcia says:

    I have a siberian husky girl 9 months old and is super smart and knows to follow commands problem is my husband and I spoil her like shes our own baby so yes she listens when she wants to cause she knows she can get away with anything!

  85. Lil Dragon says:

    No bulldog?

  86. Hemisphere says:

    You've missed out alaskan malamutes

  87. Theresa Ferries says:

    Yep, scent hounds and their noses will get them in trouble all the time. I've had three Basset hounds over the years, and confirm if they don't want to do it, you can't make them. Although FOOD can tempt them, it's best not to create that Pavlovian nightmare. You have to assert your Alpha-ness right away with them, and even that is hit or miss. But who doesn't love that sad, sad face?

  88. I Em Hoo I Iz says:

    My Pomeranian is pretty damn stubborn.

  89. Karen Wratcher says:

    I don't see Afghan Hounds here. MOST stubborn of All dogs.

  90. xxkaity bethxx says:

    Course beagle would be on here. My beagle’s a handful!

  91. Jay Zhou says:

    @5:25 that's some cute bitches

  92. KNOW THYSELF says:

    you deserve so many more subs. respect to you

  93. Beverly Balius says:

    Stay away from hounds and primitive breeds, like Chows, Husky’s, Akitas,,,,,, they are primitive brained in my opinion,,,,, I had a Chow for 17 years. And Hounds have a hot nose!!!! Nothing but trouble!!!! Stick with tried and true breeds that have been family type dogs for a few 100 years. The wild has been bred out of well known breeds like Shepards and Collies

  94. Lisa Johnson says:

    My stubborn boy is a Yorkie/ Maltese mix and he is King. So he thinks.

  95. Viking Dogmanship says:


  96. mimi ._. says:

    Im watching all these videos, since Im considering getting my lab a friend. Any recomendations, shes ofcourse high energy, but also knows how to chill.

  97. Raychelle Orell says:

    I have a Siberian Husky… She has, in fact, trained us all to do her bidding. 😂😂

    I love how strong willed she is though. It is just all of her personality and I don't find her frustrating. Honestly, her high maintenance nature is why she is such a good dog for me. I'd never take walks on my own, for example, but take a couple a day to suit her needs.

  98. Can I get a check mark? says:

    I have a beagle… can confirm

  99. Animal Facts says:

    Adrienne Farricelli, CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, reveals how you can QUICKLY eliminate any behavioral problem… no matter how badly you think it’s ingrained… no matter what kind of dog you have.
    https://329265zbt-m2ba16sxuf8-0c1m.hop.clickbank.net/ (affiliate link)

  100. caitlingo says:

    "secondary text"

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