Hey guys, it’s Ro! I just wanted to make
a video because I just got these cute little sneakers. And I wanted to decorate
them to look like my shirt, with little sprinkles all over them. So today
we are gonna be making some DIY Sprinkle shoes! The things you will need, will be: A pair
of sneakers, I’m using a pink pair of sneakers, but you can use whatever color
you’d like. A bunch of different colored paint, I’m using red, orange, yellow,
green, blue, purple, pink and white colors of paint for the sprinkles. You will
also need 2 plastic paint palettes, to hold our paint, a small paint brush and,
a small bowl of water. The first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna put a little bit of each paint color onto our plastic palettes. I found this paint at the craft store, it’s
a multi-surface acrylic paint. It’s really good for indoor, outdoor use,
it’s especially good on a canvas surface, which is what my sneakers are. Because I only have 1 paintbrush, I am gonna
be painting on my colors 1 at a time so that I don’t have to clean my brush as
much. I’m gonna start with white, and I’m just
gonna eyeball it, to make it look like a bunch of sprinkles. Look you guys, we’ve got our white sprinkles
on, it’s already starting to look like my shirt, I’m pretty excited! Now I’m gonna wash off my brush, just dip
it in some water. Do a little green. Cookie, are you gonna help me? We could dip your little paws in paint, and
we could put them on the shoe and then I would have paw print shoes! And again, for the green, we’re just gonna
paint them all the way around the shoe. Because we’re doing such small details,
the acrylic paint only needs a few minutes to dry, you could wear these shoes right after
you’re done painting them! Just got done with my yellow, now I’m gonna
finish my shoes with blue, purple, red, orange and pink. Just get creative with
it! Have fun! Da-dew! Here are the DIY Sprinkle shoes that we made
today! They’re adorable! They look like I just
dropped a whole bunch of sprinkles on my shoes! Which happens you guys! So now no one will be able to tell! I think that this is one of my favorite crafty
DIY’s that I’ve done because it was really, really easy, I would say that
it is easy mode, and it was fun and affordable. And you can customize your
shoes to look like anything you want! Like, my friend the other day she painted
her shoes to look like R2-D2! That was pretty cool! Bee-ber, bee-ber, bee-berp! Ooh, I’m just getting so many ideas of other
Shoes I want to design. I will be taking lots of pictures of these
little sprinkle shoes and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. And if you guys make any DIY painted shoes,
please take a picture and send it to me. I love seeing your creations! It just makes me happy! Alright, thanks for watching, I hope you liked
the DIY! OK, bye-bye!

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100 Responses

  1. Sara Lopez says:

    it doesn't look like you painted them

  2. Hoàng Oanh Võ Thị says:

    Can u make something undertale

  3. Brenda Bustamante says:

    I love the shoes

  4. Jhonataan fernandez says:

    i readed sprinkle hoes in the title 😂😂😂

  5. Nadyah Amode says:

    At 2:00 at the end cookie is sleeping and as always looking sooooo cute

  6. Shahd Adel says:

    this is like my shou

  7. chachi queen says:

    Can you do a snapchat cake

  8. Angelina k says:

    plz do some more D I Y's

  9. Sameera mahabir says:

    I love you ro

  10. Borjan Ivanovski says:

    kan jo do a nader diy

  11. Rajni Verma says:

    Make emoji shoes

  12. heath todd says:

    SO COOL but if u can't afford paints then just buy fabric sharpie pens!!

  13. KTdesign says:

    Omg! I actually just drew The Simpsons donut on my channel a couple vids ago for a present! I drew a mashup of LOTR/Slytherin (Harry Potter)/The Simpsons/Gaming! 😄

  14. Melinda inocencio says:

    i thout she make a cake

  15. Ashlee Jiang says:

    Rosanna do you know why I didn't subclscribe to you. It's because you suck at do it yourself things

  16. Ashlee Jiang says:

    and LaurDIY is the professional at it and you are not

  17. India Mckay says:

    I made them with white shoes and put mint laces on them

  18. talalsaad216 says:


  19. DIY - Nathy Araújo says:

    Lindoooo!!! Amei!!!!!!

  20. Cissy Molina says:

    make some bb-8 shoes

  21. Ferdows Ara says:

    The person who is r2 d2 died awww😭

  22. Kyla Smith says:

    I need her shirt!¡!¡!¡!¡

  23. Star and Marco vs. Life says:

    Cookie fell asleep.

  24. Emily Franklin says:

    make something original pokemon

  25. Prince K says:

    woww awesome to you are the best YouTuber ever!!!!!!love mirror cake!!!!!

  26. Brenda Bustamante says:

    I love them they look so cute

  27. Aarthi the great says:

    Rossana can you plz do a mega funfetti cake.

  28. Trey Knight says:

    Do another DIY!

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    1;59 cookie was sleeping

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    Melanie martinz pls

  31. Jasmine beltran says:

    you should do more diy videos

  32. Gizira Leon says:

    Which paint are you using?

  33. Christie B says:

    My daughter and I both want to make these now 🙂 I was just wondering, though, do they need to be sealed in any way to make the paint last better? I've only used fabric paints on fabric.

  34. Brittney Murillo says:

    Very cute

  35. Lizza Flores says:

    can you do more clothes diy and shoes please

  36. Janae Fuller says:

    I'm going to try on my old pare of pink Convers

  37. Lizza Flores says:

    where did you get your shirt

  38. Klaire Lahaut says:

    si fait trop bizarre de manger une chaussure wesh

  39. kayla & kyles secret world says:

    pls subscribe to our channel : )

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    IS SHE WEARING A SIMPSON DOUGHNUT SHIRT? (If it is then I'm a fan girl right now)

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    lol i started laughing when she said she would paint Cookie's paws and then put them on her shoes so they could be painted paw shoes

  43. Jacqueline Leigh says:

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  44. Beanos Beanos says:

    It's crazy that their are actually shoes like that accept it's not pink it's a light blue.

  45. The best Like u son says:

    Ro should team up with Sara beauty corner

  46. Por Choua Yang says:

    how did you do it.

  47. Abigail Lunar says:

    Can i use any shoes ????

  48. ramonrangel40 says:

    do a DID speaking dog coller!!!!!!!!!toooooooooo

  49. Moto Oudom says:

    Is cookie your best friend?

  50. Millie_ maya says:

    can you use sharpies plz reply

  51. PINK Llama Vidz says:

    Do a dog paw print T -shirt 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  52. Mahathi Adapa says:

    once I flipped over a log, and there was a stick under it, and I was like… that log just had a child…

    plz I hope someone got the reference.

  53. UnIcOrNoOdLeS says:

    At the thumbnail, I thought It was a cake

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    thumb up if you agree

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    I tried it and everyone in school was like omg where did you get those

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    Color the shoe in green

  73. young artist 12 says:


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  75. Force of Death says:


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    i love your videos its make me happy

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    She's so pretty without even trying

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    You did a very good job.😁

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    Your an awesome chef and artist

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    I just love your dog so cute 😍😍😍

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