Do Dogs like Cooked or Raw Meat? Golden Retriever Dog Bailey

Do Dogs like Cooked or Raw Meat?

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  1. Belinda Chadd says:

    Yes 不不不不不不

  2. Awaken PakZ says:

    honestly i believe that dogs probably wouldnt care, i think that its most likely because he is used to cooked meat or because the smell is more appealing

  3. holdenmcclure says:

    I think the only reason he went for the cooked meat first is because the smell is stronger on cooked food.

  4. One Blue Boi says:

    Thats way too much! Give less meat next time

  5. Kurapati Aishwarya says:

    My dog cocker like spicy Indian meat

  6. Craig Boulton says:

    The dog went for the cooked meat got to say something.

  7. Akshansh Kumar says:

    Boy was he hungry

  8. Tejaswin Jain says:

    These plates are special ones reserved for visitor's and guest

  9. Harry pottah says:

    Omg he's like a vacumm cleaner

  10. rene woods says:

    I think I prefer the cooked but, I'll take the raw too!

  11. Ed Komasara says:

    We used to have goats. We feed the stale baked goods from Panera Bread. THE FIRST thing they would eat was the paper wrappers on the muffins. Not big fans of the bear claws too

  12. Violet Fleur says:

    I can already tell he's a good boy just by his smile.

  13. CatStudios says:

    Those plates look like they've never been used owo

  14. Naughtistic says:

    dogs like meat

  15. W K says:

    is cooked meat with oil or spices?

  16. Next Nexit says:

    How many days not eat this dog. Ofcours the dog eat all the foods. He has hungry.

  17. Gonzo Kaporal says:

    I think he saved the best for last.

  18. Kir By says:

    Dog eat anything lol , mine ate my shoe the other day

  19. MAnout - kiD iN ! says:

    It just wants meat

  20. Cindy landis says:

    Shouldn't really feed them raw meat that could kill him

  21. Olivia Howard says:


  22. I.D says:


  23. January Frost says:

    I felt like this doggy baby mightve eaten a bit too much in this one meal…

  24. zerximus says:

    Did she save the best for last or eat the best one first??

  25. Aidan Lyons says:

    I think they might like both

  26. Garth Fairfield says:

    Anyone else watch this and feel like you've seen it before

  27. Federico Palacios says:

    I never found dogs prefering one or the other. My mom's cat on the other hand prefers raw meat, but that's kinda dangerous, you can never know if it is free of bacteria.

  28. lou Cuasito says:

    The answer is both cooked or raw +巧+=.

  29. Monzi Bijleveld says:

    My dog won't even eat her food if it's not warm.

  30. Ma Ba says:

    1984 I had found a raw meat dog food being promoted as what dogs should eat. The vet said not to do that as it would be too hard on the dog's kidneys and not sustainable.

  31. arodrig4 says:

    So we learned nothing other than a dog will eat cooked 1st and raw 2nd???


    If they like sniffing bum… Then yeah… They'll almost eat anything.

  33. Ross Carlson says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this is rather stupid – of course he'd eat the cooked meat first. It has a stronger smell, more calories and FAR more taste so of course he'd eat that first – this is called evolution. His doggie brain knows these things so of course he picks cooked first – his sense of smell is THOUSANDS of times stronger than ours. Obvious clickbait is stupid and obvious.

  34. People's Front of Canada says:

    Such a beautiful dog,I called it from the start that he would eat cooked first because of smell and raw second.But I knew he would eat both plates cuz he's a dog.We have had both a golden ret. and a yellow lab and they were both treasured by us.Even tempered,friendly,silly, just all around good dogs.Good luck keeping them outta water tho.

  35. Garaga says:

    Gott ist der s羹

  36. Sana says:

    A BABY!!!!!

  37. Sonia Singh says:

    Ha ha ha,his hungery

  38. Liam Walker says:

    Well dogs also eat shit too

  39. Panyaphon Traipornrattana says:


  40. Prashant Singh says:

    I too prefer cooked dog over raw..

  41. k parab says:

    Maybe he saved the best for last.

  42. Fayza Alharthi says:

  43. Recession TO says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that its satisfying when the dog eats?

  44. Jack Hammer says:

    They prefer poop. And not necesarry their own poop. Or even dog poop. Any poop works.

  45. ClassyShows says:

    My dog only does raw meat.

  46. MAXIMUS says:

    Love how he licks the plate hehe

  47. Alex says:

    Donc… les deux. a valait vraiment le coup de faire une vid矇o !

  48. Philippa Mullins says:

    I was waiting for the big burp

  49. ranjana moirangthem says:

    Oh Bailey……lots of love from me((India). Love you sweetie.歹

  50. Jonathan Idiculla says:

    Even i like cooked

  51. Linus Behrbohm says:

    They like both!

  52. Ronnie Baker says:

    Science is amazing

  53. Pete Bristo says:

    It looks like he hasn't eaten in days

  54. No Good says:

    Now would he eat pussy though?

  55. Nola Joe says:

    I don't think they care if it's a plate full of cat turds quite frankly.

  56. Mike Smith says:

    My pit bull won't eat raw meat I've thrown her raw steak,chicken,pork chop nothing she looks at me like I'm crazy she eats only cooked meat not dog food she won't touch it I have to put veggies in mashed potatoes to get her to veggies

  57. Lakshya Dudani says:

    He likes raw meat , Good things are eaten at last 不

  58. Ruchika De Alwis says:

    It Seems Both

  59. Vidushi Shukla says:

    Bailey didn't chew anything!

  60. Andy Muench says:

    Time to go outside and puke it all up

  61. wonderful says:

    Danke YouTube f羹r die automatische bersetzung des Titels, der aber leider falsch ist!

  62. This z Bindu says:

    First she eat the cooled one…so she likes cooked meat…

  63. Laurence Kim says:

    I like the part at 0:36 where he is stuffing his face so fast the food can't stay in!

  64. Swarnima banjare says:

    Bailey eats everything he gets….cute boy……

  65. Melissa Lynn says:

    Guess he liked em both..

  66. Sree lakshmi vimal says:

    Who like bailey

  67. Darkness Silence says:

    Foodies can eat everything bud

  68. Govindaraju Ganiger says:

    Dogs will be dogs

  69. Ratheesh Kalyani says:

    Bailey Like Both cooked and raw meat

  70. Patrick O'Brien says:

    I was gonna say… Pretty sure the dog is gonna eat it all and love it either way lol

  71. Oposing Rooster says:


  72. PTS MANIKANTAA says:


  73. 95KIPPIE says:

    I think it depends on which one he smelled first. My boys love the cooked hamburger and brown rice diet

  74. 95KIPPIE says:

    Hes so cute, funny and super intelligent!! Youve got a good best friend there

  75. little creator says:

    Bailey like my dog

  76. Ondrus21 says:

    Had the plates been soft, she would've eaten them as well.

  77. Ladislaff says:

    Do dogs likes meat ? You bet ya

  78. .m. says:

    Regardless of preference, raw meat may have parasites and bacteria in it so its best to give dogs cooked food

  79. Lalit Kumar says:

    that's 44 seconds…

  80. Void Null says:

    Don't we all eat the most favourite at the end to retain its flavour in the mouth?

  81. Abigail Philips says:

    I think he likes cooked a little better. Maybe because he went for it first

  82. maker Peace says:

    one more round please!

  83. Gaetano Guglielmino says:

    Il sale gli fa male, meglio bollita ( ma se 癡 fritta non mettere la carne in olio ).

  84. Evelyn Niroshini says:

    I think he likes both

  85. piyush kumar says:

    Does bailey eat meat daily

  86. va vahan says:

    Bailey I like you,you healthy smart dog is always bailey.
    Gretings from me indonesia#

  87. laramie alfante says:

    Bailey likes it both …I love you big boy

  88. aarti phogat says:

    He both……

  89. Nalva Silva says:


  90. 撌摮 says:


  91. Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin says:

    Comments thread full of the "raw meat"" crusaders, as usual. Of course, a dogs natural diet is our scraps, cooked or otherwise, and has always been.

  92. jk1776 says:

    He could be saving the ones he likes the most for last. Hmmm?

  93. sreejeshnath ka says:

    Gib more

  94. Mirian Diniz says:

    kkkkkkkkk qui fofo ele prefere os 2 ….

  95. Tegan Leigh says:

    All depends on what theyre used to as to what they will chose or in this case just go for first

  96. Sumesh Bright says:


  97. bhavani jaishankarr says:

    I like both by Bailey lol

  98. venkata ramana sameer kumar says:

    No wonder if Bailey eats both cooked and raw meat as dogs are pure meat eaters.

  99. Camila Puga says:


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