Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Official Trailer | Randeep Hooda, Kajal Aggarwal | HD

You do three shifts. What will you do by
earning so much? I have some loans to pay. “Footsteps!
How are this footsteps?” “I am listening.
Tell me.” I am Jenny. I want to shake hands.
I don’t want it. “Knock! It knocks.” “Why are these moments strange.
Tell me.” How do you look? Don’t bluff
because I can’t see, okay. Rough and tough.
-It means you don’t look handsome. “There’s something I feel sleepy.” You said you will take care. “There’s something that my
eyes are moist.” Always! “There’s something you say.” “I will die happily.” But in such cases operation
can bring back eye sight. Really? I need lot of money for it. If you want a big amount then
you have to do a big job. “Why I choose you everytime
among others.” Suraj,
the fight you are talking of.. ..six out of ten die there. Anyway, I am not alive. “You taught me to live, die.” You have seven minutes. You get ready to die. “Taught me to live.” Just leave. -Jenny! “Your love changed me.” You can’t do anything, Suraj. Except increasing my trouble. Please! Leave me alone. Suraj!

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100 Responses

  1. Paola vampi says:

    Un remake de la película Coreana Always, pero me parece que esta está más completa 🙂 igual la veré esta genial :3

  2. Sabir Khan says:

    copy of Turkish movie india Be original kuch toh apna banao real movie name is Sadece sen which was release in 2013

  3. Hareem Sajid says:

    Bilkul, sirf 2 lafzun ki kahani hai: DITO COPY!!! Turkish movie Sadece Sen! Sab kuch wahan sy uthaya wa hai, idea, storyline, aik aik scene! Is sy behtar to ye tha k wohi movie dub kr dytay!

  4. Sebastian Kams says:

    I think its a copy paste of korean mo ie always

  5. killer gamer says:

    Ramake of Korean Movie 'ALWAYS'…must watch korean movie first..

  6. asad khan Ashfasl says:


  7. Akash Gupta says:

    nice #randeep

  8. Akash Gupta says:

    bahit bahut bahut gjabb .. storie ?? nd #randeep hooda ?

  9. Vishal Kapure says:

    Bhai full movie tv pe kab aa rahe hain kya youtube pe

  10. Hassan ishangel says:

    ?????????My Favorite Randeep and kajal Awesome Movie??

  11. Mofakera says:

    Moved from the Korean film Always We want creativity, not copies

  12. Mingma Chhiri says:

    korean movie copied .. madar dhoti

  13. Muzaffar Ibrahim says:

    even the dialog you guys copied from the Korean movie… thats not fair

  14. Younus Choudhari says:

    pakau film h

  15. Amit Sharma says:

    To fir kia hua agar korean movie ki copy thi..??? Bhenchodd.. Hindustan main kitne logg korean bolte hain ??
    This movie was for Indian audience because it was an incredible story which they wanted to tell us…Period…!! Saalo har jagah apni intelligence dikhani jaruri hai kia ??

  16. Hayat. Selman says:

    the korean movie always and the turkey movie Sadece Sen and the Hindi movie ??

  17. chetan switzerland says:

    good movie


    it's a copy from Korean movie (always) 🙂

  19. Basan Limbooo says:

    trailer nai boor lagna movie kasto hola???

  20. पुष्पलता प says:

    oh same bollywood copycat.they copy korean movie ' always;.story ki kami ho gai h kya jo dushro ki story chori kar rahe ho

  21. Rohit Kadu says:


  22. Paramjeet Kaur says:

    awesome movie bcox Randeep sir is here

  23. Dana Rashid says:

    it's copy of always

  24. Sebir Moran says:

    randeeo hooda the bestunderated actor in bollywood

  25. Sara E. says:

    lol remake of film "always"….i had a nagging feeling like i already watched the movie when i was watching trailer…damn even his looks are almost the same fashion

  26. Zareen says:

    Awesome movie…..heart touching song?..its not a copy of a Korean movie its just a remake guys…both the movies r better in their own way??

  27. Dick Long says:

    Copy pasted by Deepak Tijori!!!

  28. samayra jannat says:

    copy cattttttttttttt

  29. Refaya Sowla says:

    But why would you do that to a perfectly fine K-movie?

  30. Senorita DDLJ says:

    Turkish movie " Sadece sen "

  31. Im jihan says:

    I love Randeep hooda man

  32. ismail M says:

    Copy of turkish movie

  33. Mrdev Dev3 says:

    Yes its copy of korean but they copy excat same like turkish movie…turkish and korean were best

  34. Sania Zahra says:

    Not just korean drama but “Sadece Sen” turkish film lmaoooooo

  35. Navin Tiwari says:

    Copy of korean movie

  36. Jasmine Kaif says:

    its not a copy its an official remake of korean movie always but sometimes remake are better than the original one, similarly i love the hindi version more than the korean version

  37. Areeba Aftab says:

    Armaan Malik's voice is sooo beautiful

  38. himanshu rexwal says:

    Love Korean version !
    But this one has some good music !

  39. Sattu Terwa Sattu says:

    I love muvis

  40. Monika Bhargav says:

    Nyc movie

  41. Mina Sachin says:

    Do lofzon ki kahani very nice super lovly love story

  42. Bilal Mehar says:

    Upload this movie

  43. kaushik kona says:

    Looks similar to Johnny Pawan Kalyan's movie 2003 ?. Also a korean movie taken a few yrs back

  44. Anam Farooqui says:

    nice song???

  45. Anam Farooqui says:

    I love armaan Malik all song

  46. Shikha Mehta says:

    Korean movie copy??

  47. Tapas Muduli says:

    Super movie sir

  48. cute princess says:

    Randeep hooda ?? amazing actor

  49. Entertainment of Manufactory says:

    Full movie?

  50. Shreshtha Sinha says:

    Bollywood can never make anything original, only remake of songs and movies, they copied this from Korean movie always.

  51. shweta Mishra says:

    I love this movie.
    all song are my favorite
    but I think original one (always) is better

  52. Muneeba's guild says:

    The song is so emotional <3

  53. rohit Kumar says:


  54. Sourabh Pal says:

    Yr full movie de do koi.

  55. Sudhir Kumar says:

    Do lafzon ki kahani movies

  56. deep32872 says:

    Totally copying the Korean movie always of sijog

  57. Oggy GamingYT says:

    Copy movie of always korean movie

  58. K S says:

    kajal nice??

  59. Pragya Vishwas says:

    Its a copy of korean movie "Always"

  60. Sado Khan says:

    please please please upload this movie please

  61. hrishikesh badiyar says:

    the personality of Suraj is so simple

  62. Keepintouch Kumariung says:

    I loved original Korean always


    Who is still watching this trailer in April 2019?

  64. Abcd mamu says:

    Waise bhi kaun sa zinda Hu mein ,,???

  65. Algaib Haider says:

    Plz ye full movie upload kar do bhi plz

  66. Shwetank Chaudhary says:

    And i thought no one watches Korean see this is a Korean remake

  67. Shwetank Chaudhary says:

    And they didn't even given the credit to the real movie "always 2011 " its a k movie

  68. Subham Creation says:

    Full movie upload

  69. Sujeet Kumar says:

    Mast you

  70. WALKER says:

    Movie kaisa hai
    Koi bata sakte ho

  71. aditya rajput says:

    Srk salman inn sbki movies chod k iss love story ko dekho maine dekho sacchi mst movie h

  72. Hey Dude says:

    Guys its an official remake. So dont get mad over it hope u know what an official remake is.

  73. ill mind says:

    Remake of Always only you ?

  74. Mudassar Liyaqat says:

    WTF……..This movie Story ,All dialogue
    A T0 Z Movie scene Copy by famous Turkish FILM , //Sadece Sen (2013 – HD) | Türk Filmi// release 2013 Moive also uplod on youtube channel Link …….

    In this discription Fake Movie Writing Name by Girish Dhamija…..Mother Fucker not credit to Turkish Movie Writer…….

  75. dwi a. mulyani says:

    Looks great.
    But i prefer korean version.i can feel his loneliness,her struggle,their love ..
    No offense, It's personal opinion.

  76. Zahra Qaisar says:

    Korean movie ki itni cheating yaar koi hadd hoti hai even k hero k costume or facial expression takk same hn.

  77. Aarif malik says:

    Best movie

  78. Bidisha Saha says:

    Amazing movie.. ????

  79. Poonam Singh says:

    Hey you guys copied korea movie ALWAYS… so cheap?

  80. Rana majid Hussain says:

    Ha ha ha ha Indian is always copy international movies


  81. Parshant Bachani says:

    Any body, link for full movie??

  82. Rubel Rahaman says:

    2020 ?

  83. Jawad Ahmad says:

    Upload full movie please

  84. D/O Ankamma chowdary says:

    Its a korean movie "so ji sub" ka

  85. Asif Asif says:

    Do Lafzon Ki Kahani please upload movie

  86. Tahina Noori says:

    One of the best movies I’ve watched ?

  87. Яїӡшди Кнди says:


  88. it,s Ture says:

    Kya trailor hai

  89. Alshay Andraskar says:

    Movies to dalo

  90. Gopal Dey says:

    One of the most under'rated movie of Bollywood ??

  91. uzair sidiqqui says:

    Randeep Hoda is very nice actor..

  92. JIN HIT says:

    The story is same as Korean movie "always"
    Is it a remake or copy ??

  93. Windiap Socia says:

    Copy of korean movie

  94. simson tamang says:

    plz upload this movie………

  95. Shahriar Sanjid says:

    Sweetly copied from korean drama romantic film Always (2011)

  96. Aqib Riaz says:

    Honestly speaking trailer is amazing…but movie didnt do justice….

  97. Songja Senar says:

    ????Xerox of Korean movie??

  98. simson tamang says:

    plzz upload this movie

  99. wakeel haider says:

    Anyone send me the full movie link plz

  100. Naqibullah Khan says:

    Exact copy of Korean movie "Always" released in 2011.

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