Check out Poke, Ant, Seedeng, Hyper I’m gonna see what happens when I jump in the trampoline 3 am by the way this is where I like film It’s like four stories. Tall, so I’m not sure if this place is haunted or not today We will find out if there’s actually something going on we’re gonna find out there we go But seriously if you’ve never owned a trampoline get one then just fill it up with plastic balls. It’s just gonna make her your day a lot brighter awesome Bro I am so tired man I can’t keep doing 3 a.m.. Videos cuz I can’t stay up so long. It’s so crazy You heard that too, yeah, hello Wow definitely heard something upstairs Okay, yeah, this place is kind of creepy at night because this is usually where I film I’ve never been here like after hours It just has this eerie feeling like you know when you step into a room sometimes It feels cool right other places and other rooms. You just feel like a heavy heavy presence just Shrouding your whole body. I don’t know man. It’s just It’s just eerie hey you want to see something. Oh, I learn how to play this instrument Let’s uh let’s take a little break, and I’ll give you guys a live performance this one’s uh by a guy That’s opposite from the past is the future It’s called mask off this goes out to Sean wasabi if you’re watching this I learned this from your Instagram here we go Okay Okay, it’s not cool. We’re the light side. I never stay here this late So it’s kind of like I don’t know where the lights are anymore All right No Idea hey check this out though. Um. I have this little guava thing. I haven’t turned it on in a long time looks cool Yeah, just makes everything all green and nice pretty awesome Bro come here come here come what is that? What is that? What is that? Oh? My? God, I think I got to play some mascot or something because that’s not cool What is that seriously Bro come here it it it looks like a real baby, though Seriously Marlon sometimes my cousins here, and then sometimes pranks me every now and then so I’m not sure No nope his car isn’t here Okay someone’s definitely Playing a prank on me cuz the whole day. I was like I’m gonna film a 3m video I was talking to everyone so I was like I can’t hang out with you blah blah blah Someone’s definitely playing a prank. This is this is not cool. Man. This is definitely not cool like we’re the eyeball Brah it makes noises That is creepy that is creepy Look up right now. This is it’s really scary if you just look up. It’s just weird lines and patterns going up the stairs Just so creepy What where to go where to go Thomas K. I dropped it here somewhere here. It is ah Alright so almost definitely played a prank cuz this is come on You know we feel here a lot, and then you know things happen here. I guess I could play the trampoline again Wipers pranking me please come downstairs. It’s not funny anymore like seriously like come downstairs, please It’s not cool, man It’s not cool alright. Here. You go Joe It’s not cool. Yeah Literally saw a man dressed in black going like this walking upstairs. Oh, that’s creepy not cool, bro I don’t know if that’s someone in the place, but just don’t know like if you look up those stairs It’s just like this eerie feeling This eerie silence. I can’t really Marlon What’s up there I saw you throw a ball here Who’s up there With their ball there And then I kind of just rolled because of gravity or is it just like me we need to go up there right now I’m bringing this baby booth because whoever’s trying to prank me right now. It’s not so funny, but it’s kind of creeping up The wall came like right here, I guess someone like rolled it from here, and I kind of feel like that right That’s exactly how you saw it right this floor always scares me cuz it’s just weird here come on Like if you come up here You kind of just see like dark rooms everywhere dark and the whole building sometimes that like makes weird noises I don’t know if it’s from the air condition. Anyway. Just weird. I don’t know why I have this stuff, but Well I keep forgetting Definitely not hear me. Maybe I should go first to stay right here like this is weird you Look at night. This is just almost empty sets Here I don’t know maybe I can leave this here because this is where Marlon usually filmed my cousin Maybe I can prank them by just leaving that there, so bye. I’m probably gonna see that thing in like two minutes somehow It’s just gonna randomly teleport and insecurity. Okay. There’s one last floor This one’s a little bit eerie. It’s towards the Attic I never go there, but I guess we gotta go Yeah, yeah Dude for the video has to be a good video right might as well do something scary oh Yeah, if you come up here. It gets like extremely high. I don’t you see me or not Or the lights we try to find the lights Late okay, I found the light. Oh, it’s not the Attic it’s actually the roof But the roof is kind of cool This is the roof I think – crazy right now alright guys So if you haven’t subscribed already hit that subscribe button make sure you like this video. This is the rooftop I don’t know if you guys would see it, but I know there are like lights Trying to figure out where the lights are Jewel Okay that door for real Just like locked and closed not locked But just slammed shut if we would have seen someone close it from the inside you would have seen it close It’s like you can see it’s glass all right. We gotta go come on come on I’m just like glad I don’t live here Shoot We gotta go we gotta go I’m not messing about today. If you guys remember what happened in Oregon with the solar eclipse that was creepy oh It’s still there hahaha, that’s why don’t stay here at night. It’s just so creepy man so weird All right, girl, we gotta go It’s super late right now It’s 3:00 23:28 right now Hey mask off Okay shadow says Shawn wasabi watching this let’s hang out because that my name used to be Roy wasabi oh Yeah, I forgot look he was here, I think I was he’ll make it over. Did you close the door? Alright guys, so I’m gonna call it quits right now, and I just gotta end it I can’t I can’t I can’t mess with spirits anymore. I can’t miss where’s the dog? Okey Yo, yo yo okay? Someone’s breaking me so you see this come on. Let’s go. Let’s go someone’s Up there Who’s up there like seriously like no one would do that Did you did I walked upstairs Don’t tell me it’s the dog gonna be so mad The stall bro, I don’t even know where it came from anyone in here hello Nothing’s here storage spaces empty All right y’all it’s not cool anymore. I’m just gonna throw this doll away. All right you see this dog. Goodbye oh My gosh I put it right in the dead center, that’s creepy whoever threw these balls on. It’s not funny anymore. We gotta go All right, let’s end it here. Thank you all for watching. I’m going to bounce before anything happens I’m pretty sure someone’s trying to prank me or something weird, but thank you all for watching Um if you want more 3d videos. Let me know in the comments down below Look at the time It’s three three three it’s like super demonic hour in there so alright anyways I’ll see you guys next time make sure you subscribe like button and stay juicy bye. Bye

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