Do You Want a DOBERMAN? Check This!!

So you’re thinking about getting a Doberman. Congratulations for that! But before taking that step you need to
know when the Doberman is NOT for you! But before we go… if you want to help a
non profit organization: Uou can get the Pink K9 Duke Patch! All the money raised will go directly to Unravel
Pediatric Cancer A nonprofit organization working to spread knowledge about the grim realities of pediatric cancer and the devastating impact from the lack of funding. Duke is a Doberman working with the Menlo Park
Police Department, in California, USA. More information in this video description. Dobermans are energetic dogs and they love
to run. This is one of the reasons that they make
excellent wilderness search dogs that need to cover a lot of ground. You don’t need a huge propriety to make
a good Doberman owner, but you will need to spend some active time each day with your
dog. Without this, Dobermans tend to become bored
and possibly destructive. If you are the kind of person that don’t
go out, don’t do exercise, don’t do walks, the Doberman is not the dog for you! Dobermans are watchful dogs and as a Doberman
owner, you must be aware of the Doberman’s abilities to guard and understand the responsibility
that comes with it. You cannot assume that just because your Doberman
has never guarded before, that it will not guard when challenged, so you cannot leave
your Doberman unattended or out of your sight in a public area, such as a terrain or a dog
park. It is important that you begin
obedience training with your Doberman at a young age and establish appropriate
behaviours for greeting visitors to your home or for meeting other dogs on walks. When training begins at a young age, you can
use gentle and positive methods to encourage the behaviour that you want from your dog. If you don’t have time to teach your Doberman,
then a Doberman is not the dog for you! Dobermans are determined dogs by nature! It takes only a few moments for a Doberman
to scratch or bite your furniture or belongings, while on it’s quest to obtain a favorite toy. So, if you love your furniture more than your
dog, the Doberman is not the dog for you! Dobermans are always alert! If you live in a busy area, your Doberman
will not likely bark or otherwise alert you, unless something out of the ordinary is happening. But when it does, you must expect your dog
to let you know quite firmly, and loudly, that something is not right. If you are not prepared to have a dog that
barks loudly when something out of the normal is happening, the Doberman is not the dog
for you! Your Doberman is going to be very loyal and
would rather be with you than anywhere or anyone else. If your dog is getting plenty of exercise
and has some basic obedience training, he or she will generally choose to stay by your
side, and will follow you from room to room in your home. Dobermans are terrible kennel dogs and will
often develop obsessive behaviours if they are kept away from you or your family, so
you need to plan to have your dog in your house. If having a 60 to 100 pound dog in the house
bothers you Then the Doberman is not the dog for you! I hope this helps you to make the final decision
if the Doberman is the right dog you, of if you are the right person to have a Doberman! Write in the comments if you still want to
live with a Doberman! Thanks for watching!

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100 Responses

  1. Charity Rush says:

    great video, 100 % true. we have three Dobermans at the moment. thank you for your informative video

  2. ツRoyal Blue says:

    25% Talks about dobermans
    50% He repeats dobermans are not the dog for you
    25% Sees a doberman running around

  3. Kieren Buckley says:

    our old Doberman was a great dog he was super loving, he loved going to the beach, he loved to roll around on the grass never hurt anyone or anything I do miss Benny

  4. Exuma Water Sports says:

    This video is 99% accurate, especially the furniture part. lol He left out "If you like lots of room on your bed when you sleep, then the Doberman is not for you!

  5. AnTiDotE X says:

    The doberman is the dog for me.

  6. dab on dem haters ÙwÚ says:

    My doberman is Just so cute and i have a Maltese mini

  7. Will Rogers says:

    To the person who filmed his dog attacking a turtle, just end it all.


    I already have a german Shephrd it makes me do everything i have experiance now so i am gonna buy a puppy

  9. DarjeelingJelly says:

    Yes of course I love dobermans. I miss mine every day, I had from childhood; considering getting another one. I think these rules go for all dogs. Currently I have a shiba inu.

  10. Jack Redd says:

    Sounds like my type up buddy


    I already have a Doberman.

    I still click.

  12. ladyJ and James says:

    This video it’s not right Bo bo bo

  13. Kelly Krueger says:

    Doberman's are a wonderful breed. Please consider adoption/rescue before buying. There are plenty of beautiful doberman's that are sweet, gentle and with a big heart just waiting to be a part of a family in their forever home. And they are just as special and loving that maybe haven't had the best of starts to life as a new puppy will have. Doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with them, just their previous owners had let them down. About 6 years ago we adopted 2 dobermans (male and female adopted at different times) that want to always be with you and have so much love to give. Please look into Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus at I am not affiliated with them. That is just where we adopted ours from because we were wanting a doberman but were deciding if we wanted to get a puppy or adopt a less fortunate but still deserving dog. We are glad we made the choice to adopt.

  14. CorreaPlayz01 Nunya says:

    Lol my neighbor's doberman used to come out of the doggy door with her pillow or blanket while she was at work

  15. Cliff Campbell says:

    I've had a Doberman Pincher before and would love to get one in the future. They are exceptional animals.

  16. chill gamer says:


  17. Shamino Ranger says:

    The best trained dog I ever met was a Dobe named Uzi. Her "dad" was ex British SAS and her "mum" was a professional dog trainer. Uzi was an active participant during dog training sessions and she had an astonishing influence on the other dogs. It was as if a war-hardened Field Marshal just walked in on a bunch of Privates horsing around. There was no questioning the hierarchy. I got to know her in the home too and she had manners that would put the Queen to shame. I never met a dog that was so professional and serious on the one hand, while being such a softie on the other, (once I passed her standard of approval ). If one has the training skills, this breed responds extremely well.

  18. Warren Bond says:

    Hi guys
    If u have to give meds or CBD Oil to ur dog with a dropper or syringe plz make sure its not glass but plastic my dog bit into a glass one i bought of amazon wen i was giving her Cbd oil

  19. Ivium says:

    Also if you like dogs, don't cut their ears and tail

  20. Manal Baker says:

    Dobermans are the best rip shadow 😔

  21. Moony says:

    dont think brooke houts likes this video

  22. Liahhh Ganggg says:

    My Doberman hates water🤣

  23. PS. suicide says:

    I want a Doberman nowwwww

  24. Ioane Kirarahu says:

    Yes, this all true. Our Doberman passed away two years ago, from eating things that harmed him. But he was very, very bonded and very, very loyal to me–not quite as much to the other family members. By way of contrast, our German Shepherd was much more protective of all our family members. The Doberman's energy level was off the chart. He was not dangerous, however a couple of times he would snap at family members if he felt they were moving in on his claim to me. He loved going on walks, and it was a good way for me to keep my walking exercise up. He also loved to play "fetch" with balls, and of course eat eat eat. He ate more than all the other pets combined. I'm not sure, however, what he would do to an intruder at night, as whenever somebody would come to the door, he would always go up to them for loves and pets. I miss him a lot, and I'd like to get another Doberman, but he was such a high energy dog, that I'm not sure if we want again the high investment in energy and time. But there is nothing like the bonding and loyalty of a Doberman.

  25. larry gaddy says:

    A doberman will let you in! But if you're a criminal you aren't getting out! I assure you

  26. Zodiac Killer says:

    I really want a Doberman! Are they good with kids?

  27. CorreaPlayz01 Nunya says:

    Lol if you love your furniture period, dogs, cats and kids aren't for You! Unless mine are all just unusually destructive..

  28. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    I lived in my mom's employers house. They had a purple doberman. Was a really sweet girl. It was not an active household, just me, mom and elderly couple a young woman. I spent most of my time just running in the yard with pupper. We put her in large cage at night outside (they fear someone might throw poisoned food into the yard).

    I never saw her again after her employer died and we left.

  29. eddy mad says:

    hi, i have a big question to real doberman owners(sorry for my english).
    i lost my dog. she lived with me 15 years. its about 9 months since she die..

    now question.
    im divorced. my kids- 10, and 6 years old- come to me on weekends. almost every weekend. sometimes every 2. and now i`m thinking to get a doberman.. for me thats not a problem, i have been every size of dogs in my life. from bolonka till german shepard.

    how do you think, my kids not be in risk- if dog will grow and see them just 2 days in a week..


  30. Dusan Stojkovic says:

    this makes me lose braincells
    Why would i ever have a dog in my house

  31. vell side says:

    Is it true that dopermans are getting crazy when they are old??

  32. Saicharan Kothapalli says:

    How to train a dobby…with no knowledge about dobby

  33. Lisa Godin says:

    If I had Doberman I'd treat them like I did my passed on Chihuahua. Doting, spoiling, needing a supervisor as I did my lawn work, helping me mail bills, lounging on my couch watching TV, sharing chicken with, sleeping with being a watch dog. I don't hear good and without my Chihuahua who would tell me when someone was around I do feel uneasy. I was taken to one shelter but not a single Doberman so a Pit Bull comforted me as I was a wreck after my girl passed. But I don't have a ride any more to find a Doberman. So many scammers out there.

  34. Lisa Godin says:

    My cat doesn't follow me from room to room, I wouldn't mind a dog following me everywhere. My Chihuahua never did that unless she wanted her snack.

  35. Lisa Godin says:

    In 1981 a passed away friend took me to meet a friend of his. He had two. One was Doberman-Shepherd mix. His face looked a little German Shepherdy but his body was Doberman. Our first meeting we just eyed each other. Second meeting my late friend wanted to talk to his friend so he said stay with Leo. I said great! So we went into the backyard where I sat beside a tree. I was scratching his back and stopped and next thing I know Leo turns around and growls at me. I said very conversationally don't growl at me. I scratched his back again stopped and not one growl. I then wanted to get up and stretch my legs. Well I was about to get up and Leo rammed his snout into my throat pinning me to the tree. I told him I wasn't going anywhere just needed to stretch. Kinda hard to talk with dog snout in your throat. So I took my hand, grasped his nose pushed it off my throat and said don't you ever do that to me again. I was firm. I released him expecting to be torn to shreds. Leo didn't do a thing. I stood up, stretched and sat back down and was petting and scratching Leo's back. I made my boundaries clear. No growling no pinning me. So I got up because I was wondering how long my friend would be talking and Leo was like attached to me. We walked and to the house and the other Doberman came around me. There was something about him that made me uneasy. He didn't do anything but I didn't feel comfortable, Leo sensed it and attacked the other Doberman. Well I didn't expect that and told him to leave him alone. Leo instantly stopped came to me. I was confuses. Why did Leo get all protective? It was only the second meeting!

    Well when I heard his owner was trying to make him mean, mixing gunpowder of all things in his food well I crowed about it. I was livid! I was banned from seeing Leo because I had a problem with the owner. Leo wasn't mean by nature. But to this day I think of Leo. He never had the attention I gave him and he sorta adopted me. He's long dead by now and I miss him a lot. When I got my Chihuahua this guy was walking his Doberman in the place I was pottying my dog across from my apartment building. I asked if I could pet him. I was allowed. Max was very laid back and he tolerated my puppy. I've secretly had a crush on Dobermans since. What most surprised me was that Leo allowed me to discipline him. Me a stranger! He stuck to me like glue. I felt safe with him. The other Doberman was a little off. He just looked at me wrong I guess. Guess Leo was supersensitive to that feeling. I didn't expect an attack on the other one though.

  36. Marcus Henderson says:

    Extremely loyal and Extremely smart

  37. Judging Budgie says:

    I have a greyhound at the moment and in the long run I've been looking into dobermanns. I have severe anxiety that prevents me from leaving the house on my own and have found having a dog really helpful. I can now go to the shops, visit friends, catch the bus and generally go out and about (I've been able to take up hiking again!).
    I'd like a protective dog who'd be able to come with me everywhere and spend every waking moment with me. I love dog training and enjoy long walks.
    As much as I love my greyhound, he gets tired very quickly (even though he is the snuggliest!)
    Basic summary:
    *Plenty of energy
    *Smart and enjoys training

  38. Smoriinz says:

    what about leavin them home alone?

  39. Doug H. in VA says:

    a Dobe is a 'working breed' and that means an animal that needs a job to do every day. Nearly no owner takes a dog through 1 basic obedience class. And working breeds need constant handling and understanding. Don't pretend because the dog will be abandoned and destroyed.

  40. E says:

    The guarding thing is really true and needs to be emphasized. I work at a doggie daycare and we have a single doberman that boards on occasion. He's an absolute sweetheart but we can't pet him at all and can't let him stay still in one place for too long periods of time. If we pet and love on him too much he claims us as his and will snap and go after any dogs that approach the staff, we keep him moving so he can't claim space the same way, such as play equipment (for the same reason, keep private toys private, don't take them to public spaces). I usually pet him at the end of the day after he's left the group and gone in for bed, assuming he's been a good boy (always is as long as his staff member knows what their doing).

  41. Tailwaggers says:

    The most awesome breed, I have ever had.

  42. Kimberly Rodriguez says:

    I’m considering to get a Doberman but the thing is I have a very small house is that fine?

  43. L.A.Stars says:

    They are obstinate.

  44. Frank Plummer says:

    I never want to live without one …l

  45. ShadesofP!nk says:

    nah i'd rather get a poodle. 😂

  46. Anna Beatriz Marques says:

    Soo Dobermans are like Border Collies with lots of muscle…
    Got it haha

  47. ThcRicc #916 says:

    Yeah not going to lie, i was smoking in my back yard with my Doby cause he cant stand to be a second without me & out of no where he started barking at nothing & i was frightened lol.

  48. mwbright says:

    My Doberman passed more than three decades ago, and I'm still in mourning. I just haven't been able to get another. The agony of losing him is still too raw. I just hope I get to see him in the next life.

  49. Gunzee says:

    I think my dobe is broken, i have to guard him. He's scared of small dogs! Strange as medium or large he's really happy around.
    If you're thinking about getting one please know that from 0 to 3 years they'll be hyper as hell. Even with 2/3 hours of bike side running mine had no of switch. At >3 years they, from my experience become totally mature and so relaxed.
    I've seen two dog owners give their dobes up due to this. One actually got an ear full from me as i offered to take him more than once.
    Also these dogs are intense family dogs, they're not the ones to be left outside in the garden. They'll howl and whine all night long. My current, third dobe doesn't even let me use the toilet or shower with the door closed. If you dislike clingy dogs avoid dobes. They'll literally want to watch everything you do.
    One benefit is you'll never need a hot water bottle again. They are lap dogs and if given the chance will curl up on your legs in bed.
    One thing people don't realise is how sensitive this breed is. You never shout, berate or even train using any negativity. That really goes for any dog, but dobes can easily lose confidence if treated that way.
    Also they'll try to be the master! If you're submissive they'll quickly begin setting the rules.

  50. rem wanted says:

    you convinced me, the doberman is not for you….for me….for them dont know you twisted my mind

  51. J Fike says:

    such a short lifespan …. my first one 10.5yrs

  52. Interceptor Cop says:

    You NadeKing????

  53. Carmen Parker says:

    There was never a time growing up that we did not have at a Doberman in our family.

  54. Wayne's Jamaican Dream House says:

    I love the doberman breed, but I'm not sure if that's the right dog for me.

  55. Saicharan Kothapalli says:

    How to train them in younger age….??

  56. scoobyizlyfe says:

    Yes. These are gorgeous beasts. I hope to own 2 one day

  57. sharon De says:

    I live with two. The Doberman Guy does not lie:)!

  58. John Rutherford says:

    We rescued a Doberman/Rottweiler mix. He was just a tiny pup when someone threw him out of their truck by my house. He's 14 months and around 90 pounds (so far). He's everything you describe and more.

  59. Bouba Sow says:

    I love doberman and I will still get it
    it is my dream dog

  60. Thomas Holland says:

    I want one more now

  61. Rafael Tomas Alvarenga Alfaro says:

    Lol… your video has good information, but almost all is referring that people shouldn't get a Doberman. I think you could rename the video stating what you are showing…. like why you shouldn't have a doberman….. FYI: I have 2, I dont have any problem you state in the video, I have not trained them and they are fully obedient, don't bark without a reason. I'm thinking getting my third.

  62. MrZevv says:

    And for gods sake… do not cut his ears or tail off. Dammit

  63. Tre10 Gamer says:

    I have one:)

  64. fab lan says:

    Amazing dogs
    hard work. But they stick to you like glue

  65. Robert Hansen says:

    I like to hang out with his particular Doberman two or three times a month. My friend has one. This dog gets a lot of time outside. Inside and walks all the time. Plenty of exercise. And this dog follows me around. Yes you're right the Doberman will follow you around room-to-room. They are excellent beautiful gorgeous dogs

  66. FAITH 79 says:

    I love these dogs!

  67. Henry D says:

    Thanks.Would you put the Giant Schnauzer in the same category?

  68. Raquel Inzunza says:

    Does anyone know of these dogs would make good service dogs? Particularly for seizure alerting

  69. My Svensson says:

    My dobermann was my absolutely best friend and so loyal and gentle. She was also extremely powerful and we trained several hours every day, when we didn't we walked in the forest so overall I spend 4-8 hours each day. I will never forget her and she is highly missed but when I think about owning one again and remembering all the time I spend to solve problems and the sadest thing that also became a problem was that most ppl are really afraid of them and they of course take advantage of it. One day when I have the time I will own one of the most beautiful and loving dogs again but meanwhile I have easier breeds such as saluki and dashound.
    It's so sad that ppl doesn't understand what a dobermann needs before they get one. In wrong hands they can be dangerous, in right hands the most loving life companion.❤️

  70. Mary Berry says:

    I got one..and he is a joy but also apin kn the butt..warning they are velcro digs for sure…and suuuuoer hyper…loves to play..BUT MOST OF ALL THEY ARE SUOER SMART AND VEEEERY PROTECTIVE.


    a doberman is four me

  72. purcell ice says:

    Dogs are like cars

  73. Ted CowboyfromHell says:

    Does it work to have your doberman trained by someone else??

  74. Geronimo Junior says:

    I had a dobermann many years ago and my brother was 4yo at time when my dog was a puppy so they grew up together and he did everything to that poor dog ,he tortured it 😂😂😂😂 but that dog was a saint !!! Never had a bad reaction, even with the children of the neighbourhood , but it was vigilant and protective as well. I could have slept well at night even with the door unlocked because I knew it was there . it was a very polite , intelligent and obedient dog and many things I didn’t need to teach it because it was a natural learner I didn’t need to repeat the same thing 100 times .it was the best dog ever , I miss you ARGO Rest In Peace ❤️

  75. ꧁Bubbu꧂ says:

    Doberman is my dream dog and this video said it’s perfect for me qwq yey

  76. ashishnaruto says:

    forgot to mention easy to maintain

  77. michael cordio says:

    Dobermans are more loving than you humans.. If you want an out of control dog, buy a human..

  78. Nicky Stroud says:


  79. Anni Bunny says:

    Yes they do follow you everywhere, even if its the toilet 😂❤️

  80. Patrick S says:

    Umm no thanks to big

  81. JGphins says:

    There’s only 2 reason why I think the Doberman is not for me… I am 90% disabled due to past injuries so I can not exercise the dog. I plan on buying a cabin out in the woods soon and I’m looking for a good guard dog who will do well living outdoors on a 2 acre property. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  82. hhome hhome says:

    It's not for you!,😂

  83. Shadi Gif says:

    Run 20+ km a week ? get a Doberman

  84. Rick Johansen says:

    Right on the money, good job

  85. Lars Eriksson says:

    Most People shouldnt have animals…

  86. Damian Pascual says:

    Really want one tbh

  87. Dark Sun Bright One says:

    I want both a Doberman and a German Shepard. Or two Dobermans and a German Shepard.

  88. Melanie Emond says:

    I definitely want a Doberman 💙

  89. Jeral Smith says:

    This video was not for me 😂

  90. Bianca Ray says:

    Well I just got two a boy and a girl Black and Tan both of them and I have a little dog and highly dislikes them but my family and I have always grown up with big dogs but I’m afraid that they would harm my little dog since she doesn’t like them and she gets jealous and there isn’t really good training places around my area and I suck at training not going to lie but sorry Ik you didn’t wanna know but just felt the need to say this In case anyone has the same situation and would kindly like to give me a suggestion.

  91. ScytheReaper says:

    I grew up with a giant American bully girl named Lote. She obeys me, loves me and protects. I think im ready for this one.

  92. Dr K. says:

    Oh my gosh, they look amazing with ears and a tail!

  93. Dr K. says:

    I guess if you don't want to do these things… Just don't get any dog

  94. bum snogger says:

    At the early age of 4 my old man brought home a dob and I had a best friend and a few year's later she had pups great times . Later again she got on a bit and slowed down a bit . By this time I'd got a girlfriend and moved out but still every time I got home she still wants a fuss so from 84 to 2000 I had a great friend . Now to this day in now married and have two daughters and just have gotten a dob again the circle is complete . Except my old man comes round every day and the kids called him a doberbutt the dog not my dad btw

  95. Saša Bogdanov says:

    I love dobermans but not getting one just because of my 8 hour shift at work every day 😒…

  96. Anatoly Loegering says:

    This is one dog that I have always wanted!

  97. ph wasound says:

    good dog

  98. Manufalket says:

    Dobbermann numero 1 👍

  99. Numa Newbern says:

    Sure miss mine, he had the kiss & pencil marks, I had him professionally trained & at that time it was $500.00 for I forget how many weeks, BUT it was well worth every penny, he would charge INTO a fire he would charge & BITE the flames, I thought the first time was a fluke, but he did it again, so after that I would kennel him when I did such

  100. Nuttymeemps says:

    All true. Good video.

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