Do You Want to Adopt a Beagle? (Frozen Remix)

Do you want to adopt a beagle? I’m giving mine away. It’s not that I don’t love him anymore, or that he poops on the floor, I just can’t stand it when he bays. We used to be best buddies, but he howls a lot. What am I supposed to do? Do you want to adopt the beagle? Please, save me from my beagle. Do you have a rabbit problem? Well you won’t for very long. He’ll try to tree all your squirrels and chased after every girl who shows up by your lawn. He might eat your drywall or your carpeting. He’ll sort through your garbage can. Do you want to adopt my beagle? He plays real well with boys. Telly likes to run and race so he can
lick their face, and he barks when they make noise. They’ll always have each other, faithful to the end… …as long as they all have food! Do you want to adopt a beagle? Maybe we should keep our beagle.

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3 Responses

  1. Breezer SSO says:

    Keep your dog! He's adorable i have a beagle and they arent annoying

  2. Lizzy Cat says:

    Guys this is obviously just a joke stop being so rude

  3. john 39clues says:

    he is so little to be adopted he might get kicked by his new owner

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