Doberman, German Shepherd and other dogs wear Walking White Dog Collar

This collar will decorate your dogs neck and allow you to have a reliable control him. Genuine full grain leather is dyed into extra white and decorated with interchanging rows of brass pyramids and sparkling nickel plated spikes. The edges are smooth and well oiled to ensure comfort of your dog while wearing. The hardware is durable. It is tested to withstand great loads. This collar looks like a beautiful necklace and lessens the risk of neck traumas due to its width.

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4 Responses

  1. Екатерина Федякина says:

    Superb! Strength and beauty in one accessory. Looks very delicate on the dog.

  2. Kate Kalmuk says:

    German Shepherd looks gorgeous wearing this white collar on!
    Love it!

  3. Нина Клафас says:

    The dog is wearing nice collar. Superb accessory I would say

  4. Ruth Williams says:

    Is the last dog a bull dog or a bull mastiff × boxer ???

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