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– Hey guys, it’s Dr. Mike. Today I got my green tea here. But I’m not talking to
you about tea today. I’m gonna log onto Google, and actually perform some searches that are gonna auto complete. And today’s topic is going to be about what people think about doctors, or what questions they have about doctors. You ready? (upbeat music) I think to do this in the most fair way is to go incognito. To make sure that my past search results don’t affect anything. Try searching for dinner
recipes, funny cat videos, jobs hiring near me, hd
wallpaper, dog breeds, and how to make french toast. Why those things for me? Doctors are (laughs). The first result is,
doctors are miserable. The second one is, doctors are overrated. Overpaid. Are not rich. Are quacks. Are not scientists. Are heroes. The seventh search is the one that is positive about doctors. That’s why we’re falling in the most respected professions category. For America’s doctors
the scales are tipping from satisfaction to misery. Other findings show that 87% say the business of health care has changed the practice
of medicine for the worse. I don’t want this to be
the first search result, but it’s actually true. Burn out and moral injuries
is serious, serious problem in the healthcare space. You get into the field of medicine because you want to help people. In fact, when you
interview medical students that’s the number one answer they give. But then when you start practicing, and you’re seeing how you become a slave to the technology, to the
lawyers, to the documentation, and not actually focus,
as much as you want, on helping a person. That will make you miserable. Doctors are overrated. I wanna see this one. I work in the healthcare setting, and I’m around doctors a lot. Where I work, and I’m
assuming other places are like this as well, as
many patients as possible are crammed into their schedules. So while I’m sure they would
like to spend more time with each patient, they simply
can’t and often feel rushed. Which, unfortunately, can
sometimes lead to not making the best decision for a patient, or pushing over things that
may need more attention. I’ve seen doctors sometimes
rush patients out the door. They’ll tell them, “Oh, hey,
just take this medicine. No worries, blah blah blah.” Did they ask the patient if
they can afford the medicine? Does your pharmacy even
have this medicine in stock? What happens? The patient ends up going home. They try and go to the pharmacy, they find out it’s too
expensive, or it’s not in stock, they don’t take it, their
condition gets worse, and the doctor’s like. Legally they’re covered because
they gave the treatment, but in the end that miscommunication
really just ended badly because the patient didn’t get
the healthcare they required. Are doctors the most overrated
people on the planet? Shamone. – Shamone. – Why doctors hate their computers. I just wanna click that one first. Digitization, I can’t say
that word for some reason, promises to make medical care
easier and more efficient, but are screens coming in
between doctors and patients? I’ll tell you why I hate my computer. You didn’t enter if the baby was a smoker. Click smoker, click never, which is weird that that’s even an option. Op, error, you never said if the patient ever used chewing tobacco. We didn’t sign up to work with computers. We signed up to work with
patients and to help them out. And if it meant clicking
a few boxes, that’s fine, but now our administrative tasks are so, like there’s just so many of them that we can never really
focus on our patient’s care. That not only make us feel less
worthwhile as professionals, it also takes away the
fun out of practicing. When my father was a
doctor writing in a chart he could spend the majority of the visit just being face to face with the patient. Now when I walk into a room
I specify to my patient, “Look, first I have to
stare at the computer, ask you a bunch of check
boxes, and then we can go in and have a normal human conversation.” And then they understand,
but that’s not the way medicine was intended to be practiced. And I think we really
need to find a solution for this administrative burden that we’ve placed on us doctors. My doctor has (laughs). Oh, we found gold! We found gold! Oh my God. My doctor has a cow puppet cast. How is that the number one search? Oh my God, I’m literally
tearing up on this one. I gotta click on the cow puppet cast. Oh, that’s not even fair. I was laughing for no reason. It’s because “Two and a
Half Men” did an episode on “My Doctor Has a Cow Puppet”. Can I even see this cow puppet? – Moo. (laughs) – Do doctors near me. To you that might not
make sense, but to me, because I involved in
part of this campaign, it’s actually not do
doctors, it’s D-O doctors. Doctors of osteopathic medicine
doctors near me, right? Yay! Look I’m right there. By the way, if you don’t know what a DO is I really urge you, click
the link down below in my description box where I describe all the differences between a DO and MD. But more importantly, the
similarities between the two, and how the differences
are actually shrinking as the days go by. Do doctors, still use pagers? Absolutely, we still use pagers. Nearly 80% of hospitals still use pagers, according to a study from the
Journal of Hospital Medicine. No, doctors aren’t just
stubborn about leaving the dinosaur age of communication. There are some important
reasons we use one way pagers. Pagers send high frequency
radio signals that get a range similar to an FM radio broadcast. Plus, unlike cell signals, which only go to the nearest cell tower, pagers send to multiple satellites. This redundancy increases
reliability of the message getting through because
if one tower is down, the others are usually working. So there’s a reason why we like pagers. It’s not because we’re all dinosaurs. Because I don’t like to think
of myself as a 29 year old, as a dinosaur. Next month I might, when I turn 30. Why do doctors have such bad handwriting? The most common reason
for illegible handwriting is the large number of
patients to be seen, notes to be written,
and prescriptions given in a short time. It should also be accepted
that poor handwriting has no correlation with medical acumen
or expertise of a doctor. Can you imagine, the worst the handwriting
the better the doctor? The poor handwriting thing
has always confused me. Like, I don’t have great handwriting, but I don’t think anyone’s
ever told me it’s illegible. They just always said it’s sloppy. And I think sloppy is okay for a doctor, because you’re in a rush. Illegible, that’s
dangerous for the patient. Just saying. Why are doctors paid so much? Why are doctors so bad? All right I like, why are doctors so late? So, in my office we have a
late policy of 15 minutes. Which, can be quite troubling. Think about, if you have
a 15 minute appointment scheduled with your doctor,
like a time slot for, let’s say, upper respiratory infection, you get 15 minutes. If you come 14 minutes late to that, there’s no way I’m gonna
see you in a minute. I’m still gonna give you
the 15 minutes you need, but then I have to make up that time somehow later in the day. And then, sometimes the 15
minutes I have allotted to you may require much more time. You know, a patient comes in with a cough, but I find out that
they’re actually having a really horrible COPD exacerbation. Which is Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease. They can’t breathe, they
need breathing treatments, and that’s gonna take my attention away, and cause the schedule to
start piling up and backing up. So, I know you think that
doctors run late because we’re doing something weird behind the scenes, or we’re being lazy or tardy. It’s not usually because of that. It’s usually because we’re
trying to accommodate patients, or there is an emergency
or something else going on. My doctor will not prescribe ambien. Ambien is a prescription medication, and it’s a controlled substance. And if your doctor believes that you shouldn’t be taking
ambien, for whatever reason, perhaps it’s in your best interest. For example, if I’ve
never done labs on you and all of a sudden you
have trouble sleeping, when you’ve never had
trouble sleeping before, the solution is not just to put a bandaid and give you a prescription medication. Oh, I like this one! Will doctors be automated? I don’t think doctors will
ever be replaced by algorithms. I mean, it’s always possible. Depends how far in the
future we’re talking about. Algorithms can work hand
in hand with doctors, but they cannot fully replace doctors. Being a doctor means caring for the person sitting in front of you. And that’s why there’s
already so much talk and anger about working on
electronic health records. If we bring robots into the situation, you really need to
understand a human’s emotion, their thought process,
their education level, their comfort level with you, and no person will ever be
comfortable with a robot. Could doctor’s pregnancy test be wrong? Of course, any test can always be wrong. It could be lab error, but generally that’s a
pretty accurate test. What does a doctor look like? I want to click on that,
because that’s messed up. Black doctors have responded
to medical emergencies in public spaces, only to have
their credentials questioned. One physician answers
questions on her experience, and reflects on ways to
improve the public perception. Well, first of all, it’s because we need more
diversity in medicine. Now, we’re talking about gender diversity, we already have a huge uptick in that. In fact, in some specialties
the number of female medical students outnumber
male medical students. So good, we’re getting more diversity. It’s changing. But now we need more racial diversity. I think that will only strengthen
the ability to practice on a larger scale, care for all
different types of patients. How come doctors don’t get sick? We do get sick. Doctors and nurses get sick just like you do from time to time. I think doctors do have
a healthy immune system because we are exposed to a lot of germs, but sometimes, especially
if you’re treating pediatric patients you’re
gonna get sick a lot. Should doctors, oh, tell
the truth is interesting. Traditionally the doctor
did not tell the truth lest the patient be harmed. And some member or members of
the patients moral community must be given the truth. The only times I would
say that doctors shouldn’t tell the truth is if it’s
going to be in direct harm of the patient. Very subjective in nature. So, sometimes I have a family come to me, and they have an elderly patient. This is the classical scenario at least. Where they have a patient that is very ill and they’re older, and they
don’t want their grandmother to know what the severity of her cancer is because they know that
she has very bad anxiety and if she finds out it
could harm her even more. Now in these scenarios
we can sort of give some, not lies, but sort of round about answers. Like, “Yeah, we’re working to fix this. We’re taking all the best steps.” Those instances are really
few and far between. In general, doctors should be honest, we should be forthcoming, we
should be calming, informative. The more we can deliver news in the straight forward clear approach, I think the better the
outcomes are gonna be. In fact, patients would
always compliment me, or patient’s families would compliment me on how straight forward I
was when I was discussing a Do Not Resuscitate order. Which is an order you would say
to not do chest compressions and try and revive someone,
once their heart stops. And when I tell them that it’s not in the best interest
of their family member, that we’d be doing more harm than good, and I didn’t go in this
round about way of saying it they really appreciated it. So I actually like when doctors
are very frank and honest, but still sensitive to
the needs of the patient and the patient’s family. How is a doctor who is a generalist different than a specialist? Well this is interesting. So, generally, if you wanna
become a subspecialist, and I’m saying generally
because there’s other ways, you’d go through internal
medicine residency. Where you’re trained as an intern, which is a generalist who treats adults. Then you can go into a subspecialty
where you are a fellow, and you learn that
specialty for several years, or a year depending on the type. And then, now you’re a specialist. And you generally focus
on that area of the body. So, if you’re a cardiologist, it means you did an
internal medicine residency and a cardiology residency. And then also in family medicine there’s interesting to do that. Like, you can be a family medicine doctor, who specializes in everything, and then afterwards you can subspecialize in sports medicine, or
women’s health, or geriatrics. It takes more time, but you
learn more of the in-depth study of that region. And you can treat very specific patients who are having problems that
the general doctor can’t treat. I put together a playlist of crazy doctor’s stories right here. So click that bad boy,
and I’ll see you there. Making sure you’re happy and healthy. (upbeat music)

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    Me: "oh no.. but could you?"

    I love tea. Could you talk about real benefits and herbal teas for relieving pains and symptoms? I use raspberry tea leaves for menstrual cramps and it's amazing.

    Also, could you talk about menstruation and especially pains and ways to relieve them and abnormalities. Maybe you also could invite a female doctor.

  84. Me says:

    2:37 I was real hyped there

  85. Meowmii Gooberry says:

    man i watch these as if i could trust a doctor XD

  86. Eduardo Huke says:

    „Patient cant afford the medicine“
    Is this some Murcia joke i am to Europe to understand?

  87. オリーブOʟɪᴠᴇ says:

    Me: has a stomach ache

    Google: You have brain cancer

  88. JT G says:

    My problem with doctors is just how easy they want to throw antidepressants and things.

  89. justjessking006 says:

    Why does Doctor Mike highlight text as he reads?

  90. Arch Solphire says:

    I, personally, would be quite livid if the truth of my condition were "hidden" from me.

  91. Desahn Welch says:

    Plot twist Mike actually went incognito to hide his search history… 😉😂

  92. Julie Christensen says:

    About the bots.. We (as humans) work through algorythms, based on what we learned studying and our own experience. Moods have patterns as well, that we have learned to interpret, growing up. I Guess og would take a LOT og coding, Maybe AI, but i do think that (far Into the future) it could happen 🤔

  93. Sarah says:

    I once had some issues regarding my physical appearance and I searched Google it said I had a heart disease and or cancer I went to the doctors and said that I am fine ……

  94. meem raaa says:

    Hi doctor mike. love all videos and learn smthng new everytime. I just want to know who edits ur videos?

  95. Kat says:

    I think in Japan they have robot doctors. I know they're around in the hospital there but idk how much they can do

  96. Dr. Disha P says:

    The whole truth about digitalization, implementation of computer based history taking rather than actual face to face conversation is actually hindering the doctor patient rapport in every way. It's more technical and administrative. Very well said Dr. Mike 👏🏻

    Otherwise this profession as such has a lot of ups and downs, but worth being a part of this community! Atleast better and less scarier than Dr. Google 😂😂

  97. Merchan Tier says:

    Doctor Mike in 20 years: 'they took our jobs!!! tuk o joobs !!'

  98. Gin Lin says:

    I think Dr. should be separated from paper work, they need a secretary by the Dr. just to type in what Dr. need on the chart. Back home in Taiwan some Dr. didn't even lift up there head to see the patient in front him, he would just ask what problem and keep on typing on the computer, without a min, this patient walk out with confusion " did I just see Dr? "

  99. Hajerah Malik says:

    Doctors are not always right.

  100. Wesley Townsend says:

    You are great! I have great doctors too and I realize that some folks may have bad experiences but as a patient with severe conditions I have to say that your vocation has saved my life MANY times and why would I blame my diseases progression on the one group trying to help me? I and very thankful for you all and especially my Dr., he is so busy and yet never makes me feel rushed at my appointments.
    Thank you for what you have sacrificed to do what you do.

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