Does your dog snort, grunt or wheeze? Your dog could be suffering from BOAS syndrome

Hello, my name is Gabriella
and I’m the lead surgeon here at Streatham Hill Vets and this lovely French Bulldog is Snuffle. Snuffle has recently had surgery for a breathing problem due to Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). Brachycephalic literally means a short skull a short nose. This syndrome is due to the difficulty that breeds like French Bulldogs
English Bulldog, Pug but also Boston Terriers and Boxers can have with breathing. It may affect their quality of life
their ability to exercise, to sleep and it can become a major problem during the summer during a hot day
where they can actually collapse This is because dogs cannot sweat through their skin like we do. the only way that they can cool down on a hot day is by panting. Unfortunately, short nose dogs often cannot do this efficiently enough and they start overheating and this can potentially kill a dog quite quickly. Because of the way they look their anatomical features
they can have other problems: gastrointestinal
with vomiting and regurgitation skin problems because of the folds on the face and other parts of the body dental problems and eye problems. Due to the fact their eyes are protruding
they are predisposed to get corneal ulcers and sadly, particularly Pugs can have
chronic inflammation of the eye that is progressive but there is a lot that we
can do if we pick it up at an early stage. Unfortunately, a big problem is that owners often do not recognize the signs of the disease. They think that the snoring is cute that the head position that they assume to try to sleep is cute Unfortunately, it is a sign of obstruction and if this sign is ignored
then unfortunately, this disease can progress and become much more serious and much more difficult to treat. For this reason here at Streatham Hill Vets we offer a Brachycehalic Health Assessment Clinic the appointment will take about 45 minutes and during this period we will go through the history of the dog we will do a specific questionnaire and a series of tests including an exercise tolerance test. This will allow us to obtain a functional grading that will tell us if the dog is affected by the syndrome and how serious it is and we will discuss the medical and surgical treatment if necessary.

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