Dog And Duck Are Inseparable Best Friends

COMM: Orange County-based mum Pam is owner to a rather eclectic group of pets. But it’s
her dog Barclay and pet duck Rudy who have formed a close, but rather unexpected bond. PAM: When the ducks first arrived, Barclay didn’t care about them at all. But that
all changed once he realised they have food, and their food is delicious. Barclay loves
stealing the ducks’ food. In fact, he just loves food, he stole my lunch earlier. COMM: Since joining their home in 2013, the pair formed a mutually beneficial relationship. PAM: Barclay loves sniffing Rudy’s butt and Rudy wants to roll Barclay. It’s a symbiotic
relationship. PAM: Rudy is definitely the Alpha duck. He is our official toe biter if anyone gets too
close. We have a sign that says, “Beware of attack duck”. Enough said! And the other
ducks know Barclay is his best friend. If anyone else gets too close, they better watch
out. Rudy will attack without warning. COMM: Unluckily for Pam’s other dog Izzy, Rudy is not so accommodating to all the family’s
canines. PAM: Izzy stalked the ducks when they were babies, but now that the ducks are bigger
than Izzy, let’s just say payback is sweet, if you’re a duck. PAM: Rudy and Barclay need each other. I think that’s why they have such a strong bond.
They are like the oddballs on the playground. No one else will play with them. So, lucky
for them, they found each other.

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53 Responses

  1. عاشقة bts says:


  2. Jose Moreno says:

    I would be honored to be their friend as well!

  3. Khan Ashaadujjamaan says:

    Very cute ! Love and compassion are the sweetest things that binds all lives together. We human do need to learn from animals how to spread love. Only love can heal the world !

  4. Zozy the duolingo pup Okay says:

    Duck hunt in real life

  5. Judith Nagle says:

    You found them first! Ha!

  6. VVV Kook says:

    0:4 not today

  7. Duy Nguyen says:

    I want a duck pet but I'm really concerned about poop-management lol

  8. Michelle Eidemann Görnig says:


  9. αLLoКα says:

    dolan dark has a friend? no way, that must be his cousin

  10. Георги Младенов says:

    Харесва ми мно го

  11. Ryan.p :D says:

    Now that’s the life, I pet doggo and duck. Just me and my two pets in a nice house ☺️

  12. Righteous Hate says:

    Very odd indeed… but I like it 😇

  13. enriko enrike says:

    how do you toilet train the duck?

  14. andrewalonsi says:

    Real Life Duck Hunt from Smash Bros

  15. Schwarze999 says:

    my lab would try to eat the duck lol

  16. Chris Parker says:

    Rudy is a female duck, not a drake.

  17. James Del Rosario says:

    They become best friends because
    The words DUCK AND DOG

  18. Justin Phillips says:

    There are a load of pubs in the UK called the Dog and Duck!

  19. Diane Michelle says:

    Born: Paris, Ohio, USA
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Beauty pageant, Engineer
    Years active: 1976-present

  20. Fatboi Jish says:

    I want a duck now

  21. notail nowin says:


  22. Dabomb 333 says:

    SM4SH Brought me here…

  23. Jotato says:

    0:03 duck dies

  24. motaz1975 says:

    are they both still alive? love this video.

  25. jason banas says:

    golden retrevers were duck catchers I think

  26. Threelly AI says:

    Couldn't choose a sub so this'll work

  27. HypercatZ says:

    They are like the Duck Hunt Duo in Super Smash Bros.

  28. Dane Matthews says:

    Rudy's like a Ducktator.

  29. Armani Minchaca says:

    u only need a mouse to make the micky mouse characters

  30. Meme Explorer says:

    Name a better duo. I’ll wait.

  31. FIDEALFO C says:


  32. avegale nacino says:

    Pam:Rudy loves smelling Barclays butt

    Me:*starts smelling owns butt*

  33. Defne Demir says:

    Pam is literally reading the script Barcroft gave her.

  34. Shit Post says:

    duck hunt

  35. Lizardlover2 Jhhbkybyj says:

    Aww so cute

  36. Silver_Swan 0518 says:

    Cute as fluff bro

  37. Noah JT Thompson says:


  38. sockme nuts says:

    I think the dog didn't play dog hunt

  39. Angie Rosario says:

    My sister has a golden retriveir

  40. Billy Weed says:

    Duck Hunt.

  41. Jayden Guster says:

    2013:Rollie pollies and spiders

    2017:dogs and ducks

    2018:owls and cats

    2019:dogs ducks gooses bugs giraffes elephants Mr. kool laid birds hippos fish chickens bill nye Dinosaurs cars planes boats underwear

  42. Athithan says:

    Are you sure that’s not a Goose!

  43. Happy Boi says:

    Duck hunt

  44. William Chan Chan says:

    Donald duck & Goldfield Dog

  45. Myerr says:

    Hollywood duck: Quack Quack

  46. Bill Dejean says:

    Barclay is a girl

  47. Arsenio Cleine says:

    I swear the dog never sleep because the duck really-really big mouth. Yelling all time.

  48. Surfer Rosa says:

    He was guarding the dog’s biscuits from the little one

  49. Random Person says:

    Duck hunt duo?

  50. Daz Mayes says:

    If disney got hold of them they would be a gay couple.

  51. Kristófer Birgisson says:

    Duck hunt in real life

  52. Smexywolf Boi says:

    change his name to barklay, CHANGE HIS NAME TO BARKLAY

  53. Doris Brinkerhoff says:

    cute but the butt thing is kinda gross


    I tried looking for that meme with the ducks placing a flag on the dog

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