Dog Breeds: “World’s MOST EXPENSIVE!” – ft. Cute Instagram Dogs

– [Charlie] This is the
most expensive dog breed in the entire world. (electronic music) Ah, interesting, it’s a tiny
little fluffy white dog. (chime rings) But uh, how much does it cost,
and what kind of breed is it? Ah, interesting questions. Let’s discuss right now. Hi there, my name’s Charlie. It’s super great to meet ya. So, let’s talk, man. How’s your 2019 going? Mine’s going alright. It’s a little stressful, you know, my eyes kinda hurt from editing videos, but you know, that’s life. Sometimes it just gets to ya, but it’s okay because
when I get stressed out I do the one thing that
always seems to calm me down. I pull out my phone and crush through some dog Instagram accounts. It’s really quite a
wonderfully calming thing. Look at this. Look at this one. Look at this guy, he’s so happy. Look at this one. Look at this guy over here. This is Tuna. He just got a new winter hat and a new pair of winter socks. He loves them. Don’t you feel a little better? I feel a little better. So cruising through these
dog acccounts on Instagram, I’m always very impressed by the variety of dog breeds out there. And being somebody who hopes
to own their own dog one day, I decided to aim high
and do some research on the most expensive dog
breeds in the entire world. (chime rings) And then subsequently, I’ve
followed those types of dogs on Instagram. Which was great. Here is what I found. Alright everybody, buckle up because, World by Charlie presents another amazing video! The most expensive dog
breeds in the entire world. There are like a million dog breeds out there, so we’re gonna do top five. We’re gonna do the top five. Let’s roll. Coming in at number five, we have (bell dings) the Akita. If you’re interested in
one of these bad boys, it’s gonna set you back about $4,500. Everyone, I’d like you to meet Malcolm, our featured Akita on today’s video. He’s also a professional dog influencer, so how about that? The Akita is a Japanese breed, but Malcolm lives in Bordeaux, France. Akitas are known for being
very poised and regal dogs, and Malcolm is known for his
favorite black rain coat, his carefree beach photo shoots, and for partnering with
brands like Casper and Cabaia. Way to go Malcolm. Follow Malcolm on Instagram
@malcolm_the_akita where he’s currently killin’
it at 70,000 followers. Way to go Malcolm. Alright, moving on to number four we have (bell dings) the Pharaoh Hound coming in at $6,500. Everybody meet Ramses, the Pharaoh Hound from
Ann Arbor, Michigan. Originating in the middle
east, Pharaoh Hounds are descendants of the
ancient Egyptian Hounds. Generations removed from Egyptian royalty, Ramses spends his time
napping on the couch and playing outside. The breed is described
as elegant and dignified. So even though Ramses ate
a slipper that one time, he felt very sorry about it. Follow Ramses on Instagram
@ramsesthepharaohhound. Wonderful, wonderful, the Pharaoh Hound is
number four on our list. Let’s go to number three. (bell dings) The Tibetan Mastiff. Clocking in at about $7,000. Everybody meet Big Joe. The Tibetan Mastiff rescue
from Flagstaff, Arizona. Tibetan Mastiffs were
originally bred to protect livestock in the Himalayas and Tibet. Just like his Himalayan ancestors, Big Joe is a fierce
protector who loves the snow. Mastiffs are prized for
their easy going demeanor, and courage, and Big Joe is prized for his unique love of fashionable headwear. Follow Big Joe
@bigjoethetibetanmastiff on Instagram. That’s Tibetan Mastiff sitting
at number three on our list. Moving along to number two we have (bell dings) the Samoyed. Costing around a whopping
nine grand, baby. Nine grand, nice. Everybody, this is Barley Smalls, the Samoyed from Cambridge, Maryland. Traditionally Samoyeds
were raised as guard dogs for reindeer herds in northern Asia. Barley was raised as the resident pup at Lamplighter Brewing Company where she even has her own lager. How about that, huh? This dog has its own lager. Like what have you done today? Do you have a lager? Because this dog does. The breed’s distinctive white
coat requires regular grooming but they are otherwise low maintenance, exceptionally good natured,
and in Barley’s case they enjoy costume parties,
open mouth smile pics, and giving high fives. You want to check out more of Barley? Go to Barley_the_Samoyed on Instagram. And finally, holding our number one spot. The world’s most expensive dog breed is (bell dings) the Lowchen. Costing a whopping 10 grand. $10,000 for one Lowchen. Ten grand. Introducing our featured Lowchen, Roo. From the United Kingdom. Lowchens are described
as a spunky French breed, often featured in paintings
from the Renaissance era. Similarly to her model
relatives, Roo portrays herself as poised, calm, and collected. Although seemingly small and fragile, Lowchens are strong
willed and arrogant pups, character traits that no
doubt help Roo hold her own when she goes on adventurous
walks with her friends. And that one time she went swimming. She also used to wear ponytails, but she doesn’t wear ponytails anymore. See more of Roo on Instagram @roo_lowchen. There you go everybody, that’s our list of the top five most expensive
dog breeds in the world. From the Akita all the
way to the Pharaoh Hound. From the impressionable Tibetan Mastiff to the eternally fluffy
and photo ready Samoyed. Finally wrapping it up with a poised, calm, and collected Lowchen. What a wonderful time to be alive for anybody who likes a dog. One quick note, all the
prices that are listed here are like average prices for the top tier pure bred show
dog version of that breed. The actual prices vary
based on the breeder and the bloodlines, so they could even be more expensive, which is absolutely madness. And the cool thing is that
some of the dogs featured today were actually rescued, like Big Joe. So you don’t need to shovel
out like enormous wads of cash to get one of these dogs. You could rescue one of these. OMG real quick we also
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