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Hi, my name is Kiley, and welcome to Dog Breeds. Woof! Do you love dogs and puppies? Is your pet a dog? Wouldn’t you love to walk around your neighborhood and be able to name the different
types of dogs you see? In this video you’ll become an expert in groups
of dogs or dog breeds. There are hundreds of different dog breeds. A breed is a group of animals that looks and
behaves similarly. When people first started having dogs in their home, they kept them as helpers around
the home, not just as pets. That’s why the millions of dogs out there
can be sorted into seven simple groups. I will give you examples and explain their differences. Dogs in the Working Group were meant to help
humans with tasks around the house and the farm. Huskies were originally bred to pull sleighs
in areas with lots of snow. People depended on them to get around, much
like we use cars now a days. Working dogs are also used as police,
military, and security dogs. They are heroes. Saint Bernards are also part of the working group. And they also happen to be the heaviest dog breed. The next group is the Herding Group. Herding breeds, like German Shepherds and
Border Collies, are the easiest to train, but they also need a lot of space. It’s good that they are used on ranches and farms. They love to run outside, and were bred to
help the herds of sheep and other livestock move to the grazing areas on farms. Just like the Herding breeds, the breeds from
the Hound Group were never put on a leash. With their good noses, they would accompany
their humans on hunts. Hound breeds, like the Beagle, can use their
incredible sense of scent to track down prey. Bloodhounds, which have the best sense of smell, have even been used to track down criminals
for over one hundred years. Because of their stamina, they can go hunting
for hours without tiring out. The fastest dog on earth, the Greyhound, is
a breed from the Hound Group, and so is the Irish Wolfhound,
the tallest dog on earth. While hounds can excellently track down prey, breeds from the terrier group can actually
dig into the ground to get their prey. In England, Terriers were, and still are,
used to accompany humans on their hunt for badgers, otters, and foxes. Terriers, like the Jack Russell, or
Yorkshire Terrier, love digging, so as pets you have to train them not to
create a huge mess in the garden. Another group used as a hunting helper is
the Sporting Group, because they are amazing trackers, which means they are really good
at finding what they’re hunting for. Labrador Retrievers belong to the Sporting Group. They are often used as guide dogs, and are
the most popular dog breed in America. That’s quite an achievement. Only the Toy Group was bred simply for the
purpose of being a pet. They’re very, very small. Some toy breeds even fit into a mug! In fact, the smallest dog breed, Chiuahuas
and Pugs are also Toy Breeds. Every other breed is part of the Non-Sporting Group. It basically just means that they were
bred for a very specific reason, and not necessarily to help around
the farm, ranch, or home. With breeds varying greatly in appearances,
skills, and personalities, this is a very mixed group. For instance, Dalmatians are a breed from
the Non-Sporting Group. Did you know that all Dalmatians are
born completely white, and they develop their black spots as they mature? I know! It’s really cute. Puppies of all breeds are born without teeth. It takes a couple of weeks before
their teeth come through. They also can’t see or hear for at least the
first two weeks of their lives. What’s really interesting is that once they can hear,
their hearing is way better than that of humans. Dogs also use their ears, in addition to their
tails and facial expressions, to show you what they’re feeling. Just like dogs wag their tails to say they’re excited, they pin their ears tightly to their heads to
show you they’re uncomfortable. And as you know now, dogs can smell a lot better
than humans, and have really interesting noses. Have you ever pressed your finger into an ink pad, and stamped it on a piece of paper
to see your finger print? Finger prints are unique, which means that you are the only
person on earth with your exact finger print. The same goes for dogs’ noses. Every dog has his very own nose print. That’s amazing! In case you’re wondering what breed a dog is, be mindful that dogs can also breed with
other groups of dog breeds. That’s why you can encounter mixed bred dogs. My friend’s dog is half Siberian Husky and
half Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is quite big, and looks like a Husky. When dog breeds get mixed, most of the time
you can still tell at least parts of their breed. Or dogs like Roofus who are a mystery mix. Well, now that you’ve learned some
new things about dog breeds, you should check out the Dog Breeds Quiz
and other fun online games. Don’t worry if you don’t match the
dogs with their correct names. Through our review options, you can repeat
the ones that you got wrong. And, if you’re really good, you can skip ahead
a few rounds and earn rewards. Until next time, woof, woof, woof! That’s dog language for, “Always be clever.”

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