Dog Care Tips : How to Make a Dog Diaper

Let’s talk about how to make a diaper for
a dog. This is needed sometimes, especially for dogs who go into heat, or dogs who may
be urinary or fecally incontinent. Generally urinary incontinent. The easiest method to
make a diaper for a dog is actually to get an infant diaper. There are different sizes
and so you have to use a size appropriate for that dog, so a little, you know, experimentation
will help. The easiest way to do it, honestly, is literally, just make a hole in the back
end for that tail. And so what you’re doing, is you’re putting the back legs through the
leg holes that an infant would put their legs through, and then the tail would go straight
through the hole, and then you would attach the straps, or the adhesive over top. And
a lot of dogs are pretty good about wearing these types of things, but check with your
veterinarian first, always, to make sure you’re doing the right thing and you need a diaper.
Because diapers with a urinary incontinence can lead to a urinary tract infections very
easily. The last concept to think about with diapers is, you know, if they’re discharging
or urinating into them, you obviously want to change them often. And so no diaper is
better than a diaper unless you just absolutely have to.

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